What are the uses of RF beauty equipment?

What are the uses of RF beauty equipment?

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In recent years, the circle of friends has set off a wave of RF beauty instruments, and many of the surrounding friends have entered the pit. What are the uses of the RF beauty instrument?

1.Wrinkle firming skin

The US NIH mentioned in the development of the Biomedical Development Path Map in 2004: ‘The RF beauty instrument is mainly used to kill cells, stimulate them to regenerate, and sensitive skin is not suitable for use with RF beauty equipment. Aging skin, Regeneration capacity is declining, even if you use the RF beauty instrument can not restore the ability to regenerate, but will cause damage to the original skin.’

2.Shrink pores

The RF beauty instrument is very effective in treating large pores. It has the effect of reducing pores, can improve the basal metabolism of the skin, stimulate the collagen somatic cells, so that the skin can be quickly improved, the effect rate is faster, and the wrinkles can be quickly recovered. It can improve the elasticity of the skin, the effect of treating acne is also better, the invasiveness is relatively small, and it can go to work after treatment.

3.Thin muscle

Radiofrequency technology can be applied to calf gastrocnemius hypertrophy and simple masseter muscle hypertrophy. The RF wave emitted by the RF transmitter enters the target tissue from the uninsulated portion of the RF needle tip. High frequency alternating current can cause tissue ions to vibrate in the direction of current flow, causing ion vibrations in the tissue surrounding the electrodes. The ions collide with each other to generate heat, that is, resistance heat, the temperature can reach 90-120 ° C, causing local high heat effect, causing the vacuoles of the muscle fibers in the local RF damage area, and then shrinking and tightening, deformation and contraction, thereby improving local muscle hypertrophy. The entire process of tissue changes after radiofrequency treatment takes approximately 3-6 months.

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