what is Formaldehyde removal filter ?

what is Formaldehyde removal filter ?

Rich in formaldehyde removal granules

Full Contact Reaction with Formaldehyde Molecule
Research and development for formaldehyde removal
Recommended replacement cycle of filter: 6 months

Editorial discussion of formaldehyde filter
Formaldehyde filter is a special filter used to filter formaldehyde. Usually, it can not be used alone, but must be installed in other equipment to filter and absorb formaldehyde in the air. In addition to the function of absorbing formaldehyde efficiently, some composite high-efficiency norformaldehyde filters can also filter other volatile organic compounds in an instant, and can also filter allergens and bacteria effectively.
Mainly used in air conditioners, air purifiers and other products, suitable for various formaldehyde filtration, adsorption requirements, adsorption efficiency is usually more than 90%, of course, these are pure theoretical data detected in the laboratory, in the actual use process, due to the purifier itself design, sealing, air flow and other factors will be The purification effect of the product is affected, and the actual use effect varies greatly.

Service life editing
According to the use environment and material, the product life varies from 1 to 5 years.
Product Feature Editor
Direct filtration, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable accuracy, no leakage, good regeneration performance, fast regeneration, easy installation, high efficiency, long service life.
Product Category Editor
Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon filter is the first generation of formaldehyde filter. Its main material is honeycomb-like high-density activated carbon. Compared with the coconut shell activated carbon bag, which is commonly used after decoration, activated carbon filter has stronger adsorptivity and more durability. Today, this product is still found everywhere in the market.
Similar products of the same period are zeolite gas filters (Note: Zeolite is a natural ore, mainly used to make desiccants, which can absorb most pollutants in the air, including formaldehyde), but because of the limited durability of such filters, there is no way to prolong the life of products, and the use cost is high, such as Now it has been basically eliminated.

Product features: Most air conditioners or air purifiers with formaldehyde removal function now use activated carbon formaldehyde filter, which has a service life of about 1 year. Usually, they are used alone. However, some air purifier manufacturers can extend their service life appropriately through the combination of other material filters. The removal rate can reach 92%.

Microfiber filter
This is commonly known as the second generation filter, the main material is microfibers, a little similar to the filter element material in the filter water purifier, better than the first generation of activated carbon filter.

Product features: In order to protect the filter, it is usually necessary to cooperate with the pre-filter screen and dust removal screen to block large particle pollutants. The product life can reach about 3 years. It is generally used in multi-layer filter air purifier, and the formaldehyde removal rate can reach 96%.

Compound High Efficiency Filter
This is the latest third generation filter. The material is the combination of the first generation of activated carbon and the second generation of microfibers. With the addition of enhancers, formaldehyde adsorption is stronger. It is usually used in a new type of air purifier.

Product characteristics: The biggest breakthrough of the third generation composite enhanced norformaldehyde filter lies in “enhanced adsorption” and “multi-layer integration”, according to the use environment, the product life can be up to 5 years, the removal rate of formaldehyde as high as 99%.

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