What is the experience of having an air purifier at home?

What is the experience of having an air purifier at home?

Air pollution is getting worse every day. Many friends have always felt that the best air purifier for office is a waste of money. It doesn’t have any practical effect, and some friends can’t live without it. Shouldn’t you buy a specific home, let’s see what our used friends say~

Netizen: Jia Jia Jiayin Peas

It’s not that the effect of using more abuses is that it is better than not using it;

Netizen: Tao Tao

My family has never bought it before. Last winter, the smog was too serious. The family’s nephew was not comfortable. I bought one online, and the effect is still there, but the disadvantage is that the volume is a bit large;

User: + +

When you wash and wash the dirty things inside every month, think about your lungs, you know if it is useful;


I used to think it was useless. I bought one for the children. After using it, I found it super useful, but there are a few points to note. First, pure physical filtering, pure physical filtering, pure physical filtering (important, three times!) All the additional features that you can’t understand, because there is no fart! The second amount of air is best to have more than 500! 750 is not bad, just a little louder, can’t sleep! The third clarifier particle value should have more than P4 (more than 12000 is p4. Some can reach more than 40,000, so the water is large! But it can not reach the direct pass of p4);

User: DadaChan

The purifier should be useful. I can buy the air quality, temperature, humidity, and remote control. It means that after a long time, he will turn around and squeak, like lack of lubricating oil, I don’t know if it is a common problem;

User: Liu

There are fresh air systems and the best indoor air purifiers in the house. However, I feel that the fresh air system is useless, and the purifier is not bad.

Netizen: Liu Wei

It is still very necessary, once cooking at home is particularly spicy, the kitchen is not good enough, open the air purifier for a while!

Netizen: A lot

It is very useful to think that it is very useful, especially when the smog is serious during the heating period. Everyone in the house can feel the obvious gap. The newly bought house has a fresh air system, but it is installed by the developer. I am afraid that it is not reliable, so I plan to continue to use the purifier;

Netizen: leaving thinking

Useful, my bed is wood, formaldehyde has a taste when the air purifier is turned on, the red light keeps flashing. After ten minutes of blowing, the indicator light is normal! If you don’t use it at all, you won’t have this product!

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