What is the original intention of our purchase of air purifier? Nothing is that these points.

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With the development of society, we learn more and more knowledge platform, the solution to the problem is getting better and better, but many times life also showed a good flower is not often, do not always come to the state to sharpen us , Air pollution is a good example, of course, many people have begun to use their wisdom and found that many plants can purify a small amount of air, but more often you have to live at home a reliable air purifier to give yourself a Peace of mind. And what is the original intention of buying air purifiers? Nothing more than to solve the following problems.

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  1. Remove particles such as PM2.5 in the air

PM2.5 has long been the people of the most familiar with the word, thanks to it to promote the entire air purification industry booming.

The HEPA filter in the air purifier is made of very fine organic fibers, the ability to capture particles is very small, the pore size is small, the adsorption capacity is large, the purification efficiency is high, and the water absorption is carried out. The particle purification rate of 0.3 microns Reaching 99.97%. It is very effective in filtering particulate matter and is therefore widely used in the manufacture of air purifiers.

  1. Remove the decoration of formaldehyde and other decoration pollutants

Different air purifiers claim to have a lot of technology to remove formaldehyde, such as activated carbon filter, photocatalyst coating, UV and so on … but the most effective is the activated carbon.

To remind you that the activated carbon will be because of the long time and the adsorption force decreased, resulting in “adsorption saturation” problem, theoretically half a month to be replaced once. If used to remove the decoration after the formaldehyde, then means that you want to replace the high frequency of air purifier filter, the cost is very high. So in addition to the air purifier, you’d better prepare some of the activated carbon bag at home more reliable.

Another popular formaldehyde removal technology on air cleaners is the “photocatalyst coating”, which catalyzes the degradation of harmful gases in the air under the action of ultraviolet light. But this way the need for harmful substances in the air and its surface contact to react, the need for air purifier has enough power to drive air flow in order to improve the chance of reaction.

  1. Remove allergens such as pollen and pet hair

Pet hair and pollen are 10-100 microns in diameter large particles of material, than PM2.5 4-40 times more than most of the air purifier can be removed. And we have to worry about is that the filter when the filtering efficiency is not high.

Of course, in addition to these main pollutants, there are still many small pollutants, but those harm to the human body can be ignored, and the function of the air purifier also happens to solve these problems, so this is not an example The As the saying goes, smart people are most afraid of what is afraid of being smart mistake. In the treatment of indoor air pollution, the opportunistic approach is only for their own irresponsible excuse, so choose the air purifier be correct and reasonable solution.


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