What is the purifier purifying?

What is the purifier purifying?

Drinking water is a compulsory course for everyone because the body needs to add enough water every day, and when there are pollutants in the water when we become sick, we can’t stand by! But why didn’t we worry about this problem before?

When they were young, every household used a teapot to boil water and rushed into a thermos to keep warm. Regarding the cleanliness of drinking water, at the time, we felt that it could be sterilized when it was boiled.

Later, there was a water dispenser, and the streets and alleys were covered with bottled water. Regarding drinking water, at the time we felt that the bottled water was cleaner, healthier and more convenient.

Later, with a water purifier, you can install straight drinking water at home. Merchants also have exaggerated propaganda, saying that they drink unpurified water, which is dangerous to pregnant women and children. However, in the news, we also heard about the decline in the quality of domestic water supply.

So, what is the purifier purified? Can be roughly divided into the following:

1. Suspended solids such as rust and sediment brought by underground water pipes.
2. Residual chlorine. For tap water production, it is necessary to undergo steps such as dosing and coagulation, chlorination and disinfection, etc. Chlorine and organic substances in water are prone to chemical reactions to form pollutants.
3. Microorganisms, bacteria and other substances.

The best price water purifiers on the market are available in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and RO reverse osmosis, corresponding to the following substances that may be contained in tap water. The filtration capacity is as follows:

Different impurities are imagined as fish of different sizes. Different filtering methods are fishnets with different hole sizes. The expression is as follows:

Therefore, considering the current water pollution is so serious, the existence of water purifiers is still necessary!

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