What is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

What is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

Stop the water! There is no water at home. . .

It’s coming, the water is so turbid, it’s disgusting. . .

But why does the water in the house usually look like there is no problem;

And when it comes to water, it will become filthy after coming back to the water?

First, let’s take a look at a short video from CCTV. This will give us the answer.

Our pipes are also the same as the water tanks. Usually, a small number of impurities will flow into our homes;

However, when the water is stopped, the water pressure becomes larger when the water is supplied; then the impurities previously deposited in the pipeline are washed out, thereby causing the water in the house to become smashed!

Another is that sediment and other substances enter the water because of the rupture of the water supply pipeline;

Of course, the tap water pipeline should be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the tap water in the home is even more terrible;

In fact, our water will be polluted more or less after passing through pipelines and water towers;

Just look at the frequency of cleaning, and the amount of impurities in the water is less;

Tap water is a necessary source of water for our family’s life if this water source cannot be guaranteed;

Then our health will be threatened!

Is the water purifier needed?


Because we have no way to effectively solve the secondary pollution problem of tap water.
Water; as the source of life, is a precious resource for human survival and development. Our lives are inseparable from water resources, and all chemical reactions taking place in the human body are carried out using water as a medium. Without water, nutrients cannot be absorbed; oxygen cannot be delivered to the desired site; nutrients cannot reach its site of action; waste cannot be discharged; metabolism will stop.

Water pollution, the use-value of water caused by harmful chemicals is reduced or lost, polluting the environment. Acids, alkalis, oxidants in sewage, and compounds such as copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, organic poisons such as benzene, dichloroethane and ethylene glycol will poison aquatic organisms and affect drinking water sources and scenic spots. When the organic matter in the sewage is decomposed by microorganisms, the oxygen in the water is consumed, which affects the life of the aquatic organism. After the dissolved oxygen in the water is exhausted, the organic matter undergoes anaerobic decomposition to generate an unpleasant gas such as hydrogen sulfide or mercaptan, which further deteriorates the water quality. Water pollution is really there. Even if you don’t look at water pollution reports or news about water pollution, you can’t guarantee that the water you drink every day is clean. Humans can no longer hide their ears.

So what is the relationship between water purifiers and water pollution?

Due to the development of society, the destruction of human activities has seriously polluted the water on the earth, and people’s domestic water has attracted serious pollution. According to the survey, one-third of households worldwide have difficulty using water every year. There are 45 million people who are assessed to suffer from water pollution each year and continue to grow each year. The number of deaths due to water pollution is 30 million, most of them children. For China, most cities have water safety hazards. In recent years, factories have gradually shifted to rural areas, and some rural drinking water problems have been seriously polluted. Therefore, the health hazard of water pollution is imminent and must be resolved.

Water pollution has prompted the birth of water purifiers. Water purifiers can be said to be essential household appliances to ensure the safety and hygiene of household water in this era of pollution. According to the principle of filtration, the water purifier can filter the tap water from the filter through the filter, which can effectively remove acid, alkali, oxidant, copper, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other compounds, benzene, dichloroethane, Organic poisons such as ethylene glycol; sediment, rust, bacteria, etc. in ordinary water can be easily removed.

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