What is the role of the air purifier?

What is the role of the air purifier?

At present, there are two kinds of so-called air purifiers on the market, one is the filter type air purifier and the other is the ionized air purifier. In the end, I have not asked if I believe that the consumers will know it after using it.
The disadvantage of the filter air purifier is that the cost of consumables is high, the replacement of the filter screen is inconvenient, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution.
The disadvantage of ionized air purifiers is that they are prone to ozone, and the so-called negative ion diffusion is almost ineffective.
Why does the filter air purifier cause secondary pollution? In fact, this is not difficult to explain. It consists of a motor, fan, air filter and other systems. The motor and fan in the machine circulate indoor air. The polluted air passes through the air filter inside the machine to remove or adsorb various pollutants. The harmful substances are adsorbed on the filter net, and the harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, ozone PM2.5, PM0.01, PM5, and PM10 are very high. Then, if it is not applicable, it will evaporate twice as the temperature changes. Therefore, it is necessary to change the filter frequently to form a high cost of consumables.
So why does the ionized air purifier say that the diffusion of negative ions is slow and easy to produce ozone? This is actually adding a so-called negative ion generator to the tuyere. The approximate effect is the same as the filter type.
“Forest air (negative oxygen ion) manufacturing system (machine)” that simulates the natural ecological environment. Designed in accordance with the principles of “Nature Ecology (Photocatalytic Nanotechnology), Lena Effect and Water-borne Waterfall”. In the “nano-photocatalytic chamber”, it produces a vitamin-rich negative oxygen ion that is rich in people’s vitality, reaching or exceeding the levels of “negative oxygen ion” in many mountains and forests.
Then what is negative oxygen ion? Negative oxygen ion refers to obtaining one or more electrons with negatively charged oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions, known as “air vitamins”, are beneficial to the body’s physical and mental health. It mainly affects the human body’s physiological activities through the human nervous system and blood circulation.
Without a filter, the generation of negative oxygen ions is produced by the three cores of photocatalytic nanotechnology, Legal effect and water-loaded waterfall, and oxygen in water and air. It can photolyze organic pollutants and some inorganic pollutants in air or water at room temperature, directly decompose them into harmless and odorless substances, and can destroy the cell wall of bacteria and kill bacteria, thus achieving sewage and waste gas. The technology for the purpose of treatment and sterilization, and finally the formation of negative oxygen ions.
Negative oxygen ions
It has a good effect on the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and immune system.

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