What is the role of the RF beauty instrument?

What is the role of the RF beauty instrument?

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The role of the RF beauty instrument is to use the RF wave to directly penetrate the skin and use the impedance formed by the skin. The RF wave can also generate strong resonance rotation (on the order of millions of times per second) of the cell molecules to generate heat energy to achieve collagen tissue heating. And the purpose of heating the fat cells, so that the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin rises instantaneously, the stimulation of the dermis layer will produce the principle of immediate collagen tightening and stimulation of collagen regeneration.

With the effect of lifting firming and wrinkle-reducing face, collagen will gradually proliferate and reform in 2-6 months after treatment, so that the sagging or loose skin can be lifted and tightened, completely surpassing and replacing the laser in many aspects, IPL (color light, photon). RF technology is used to fill wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and shine, dissolve fat, slimming and more.

RF beauty positioning tissue heating, promote subcutaneous collagen contraction, while cooling the skin surface, the dermis layer is heated and the epidermis maintains normal temperature, this time will produce two reactions: First, the skin dermis thickens, wrinkles follow Lightening or disappearing; second, the remodeling of subcutaneous collagen, resulting in new collagen, the skin becomes more compact after a treatment.

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