What is the role of the water purifier?

What is the role of the water purifier?

The function of China’s best water purifier is to perform water treatment for deep filtration and purification treatment of water quality according to the requirements for the use of water.

The core of the technology is the filter membrane in the filter element device. At present, the main technology is derived from the ultrafiltration membrane and the RO reverse osmosis membrane.

The water purifier can effectively remove rust, sand and gravel, colloids and chemical reagents such as residual chlorine, smell, color and pesticide in the water.

It can effectively remove impurities such as bacteria, germs, toxins, and heavy metals in water.

The application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water makes the phenomenon of “unacceptable soil and water” soon become history, effectively solving the local diseases caused by excessive harmful substances in groundwater in many places.

Extended information:
The working principle of the water purifier:

First stage: Microfiltration membrane: Microfiltration membrane removes various visible objects/dust and impurities in tap water. This particulate matter comes from pipe aging, rust, secondary pollution of roof tanks, and so on.

Second stage: Compressed carbon: Compressed carbon removes chlorine and organic impurities such as harmful pesticides. It also absorbs the odors, colors, and odors of organic compounds in water, which are derived from the disinfection by-products of tap water.

Third stage: Ultrafiltration membrane: Ultrafiltration membrane can remove bacteria, viruses, and spores from water.

The fourth stage: the filter life indicator: the inside of the device is designed for the gear structure. As the water flows through, the gear rotates to move the inner one axially until the water outlet is blocked, and the water flow cannot pass, that is, through the design. The itinerary calculates the total amount of water in the water purifier to ensure that the water is safe.

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