What is the use of fruit and vegetable disinfection machine?

What is the use of fruit and vegetable disinfection machine?

Fruit and vegetable machines are used in a wide range of applications, including:
Food purification, disinfection and sterilization: from pesticides and fruits in the table and the residue
And other toxic substances, remove antibiotics, chemical additives, hormones, and heavy gold from meat and seafood.
It is a harmful substance such as ions.
Preservation of fruits and vegetables: foods such as fruits and vegetables that have been cleaned can extend the shelf life by 7 days;
Washed fruits and vegetables can also reduce the appearance of odors in the refrigerator.
Beauty care: The water treated by the fruit and vegetable detoxification machine can activate skin cells and promote blood circulation.
Speed up metabolism.
Fish farming, watering flowers: water treated with fruit and vegetable detoxification machines can be used to raise fish.
The activity of fish; used to water the flowers to prevent pests and diseases. At the same time, some products are also purifying
The role of air, but the author believes that the industry has a specialization, the work of purifying the air is still left to the air
Purifier to finish it.


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