What is the use of the home air purifier? Not only provide fresh air

What is the use of the home air purifier? Not only provide fresh air

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With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, the functions of air purifiers have become more and more diversified, from traditional unity to multi-functional development. What does it do? We may only know that air purifiers can effectively purify indoor air, which is often unknown to other important functions.

Today, let us know the important functions that can not be ignored in the home air purifier.

1.Provide plenty of fresh air

The air purifier can continuously provide effective fresh air to the room during use. Even if you don’t open the window, you can enjoy the fresh air of nature and prevent the air pollution from giving people many uncomfortable feelings. At the same time, some air purifiers also have the production function of pure oxygen, which can effectively relieve the symptoms of dizziness and chest tightness caused by hypoxia, and meet the basic health needs of the human body. It is a very important tool for long-term indoor life and work.

2.Remove harmful substances

The air purifier creates a small healthy environment indoors, but in fact, indoor air pollution is always present. Because of modern urban life, the home uses a lot of materials for decoration, and a lot of furniture is placed indoors. . These items may emit a variety of harmful substances at all times, and because people often live in such spaces, the various movements and the switching of the space environment are very likely to cause some harmful microorganisms to enter the space.

The high-quality air purifier can systematically adsorb the effective fine particles in these chambers while purifying the air, and kill the harmful microorganisms and germs through strong sterilization, thus avoiding the body suffering. A bigger crisis.

3.In addition to odor

The air purifier removes the odor mainly through its continuous purification of indoor air, which can effectively prevent mold and bacteria in the air, maintain the relative air quality in the room, and prolong the service life of furniture and articles in the space. .

4.In addition to formaldehyde

Formaldehyde, adhesive sheets, textiles, etc. in the home release formaldehyde, which can cause colds, fever, limb weakness, leukemia and so on. The air purifier filter can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde. In addition, some models of the machine also have built-in sensors to accurately monitor the formaldehyde value and make the formaldehyde value change visible!

Indoor pollution is jeopardizing our physical and mental health. We have added an air purifier at home to improve the air quality of our homes and provide a good breathing environment for our families.

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