What is the water purifier? What are the functions of the water purifier?

What is a water purifier? What are the functions of the water purifier?

Water is the source of life. We have to drink water every day, so the quality of drinking water is closely related to our health. The function of the water purifier is to filter out floating objects such as heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses in the water. So, what is the water purifier? What are the functions of the water purifier? Let’s take a look at the knowledge of the water purifier!
How is the water purifier good?
1, the water has no pollutants
Common pollutants are mainly bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, organic matter, inorganic substances, cyanobacteria, red worms, colloids and so on. The main function of the water purifier is to filter out these harmful substances to ensure the safety of the water.
2, effectively remove residual chlorine
The main disinfection process in the waterworks is to make chlorine into the water, which is why tap water has the taste of bleach. Residual chlorine is not pollution. The country requires that the tap water to the household must contain chlorine. However, residual chlorine will produce carcinogen chloroform in the water, and the taste of the bleaching powder will also affect the taste of the water. In addition to the general form of residual chlorine in the water, the purifier is activated carbon adsorption, then the quality and service life of the activated carbon determines the adsorption effect.
3, no secondary pollution
Whether the water filtered by the water purifier can be drunk depends on whether the water purifier itself will cause pollution, so the choice of the material and filter material of the water purifier is particularly important. For example, as mentioned above, the quality of activated carbon has been exceeded by many domestic models of water purifiers. The main reason is the use of wood charcoal and coal charcoal. The activated carbon used in the water purifier is preferably coconut shell charcoal, which is processed from the coconut shell and is more expensive. In addition, some manufacturers promote their products with the addition of medical stone, which can increase the minerals in the water. This is nonsense. Products with such substances cannot pass the national quality inspection.
What are the functions of the water purifier?
1. Remove the sediment and rust from the water.
Most of the tap water comes from rivers, and there are naturally some river sands in the water. The wide-scale filtration of the water company is impossible to completely remove the sediment. The rust is derived from the oxidation of the tap water pipe, and the filter element of the water purifier filters out 0.01 UM of impurities, which can be completely filtered out through the water purifier.
2, remove organic pollution in water
Organic pollution in tap water is very serious in industrial cities, and these organic pollutions are quite harmful to the human body. The water company does not have such large equipment to remove this organic pollution, and the activated carbon adsorption filter of the household water purifier can completely remove the organic pollution.
3. Soften tap water and remove heavy metal ions from water
There are a lot of heavy metal ions in the tap water, and the human body ingests too much heavy metal, which will bring human life to life. RO reverse osmosis household water purifier can completely remove heavy metal ions in water and reduce the hardness of the water.
4. Remove bacteria from tap water
Due to the extensive filtration effect of the water company, it is difficult to ensure the filtration effect. Therefore, before using tap water, the tap water must be filtered through secondary filtration to completely remove all the bacteria.
5, remove chlorine from tap water
Water companies usually use chlorine gas in the water for disinfection and bleaching. However, chlorine itself is a toxic gas that dissolves in water and forms a health hazard. If a household water purifier is installed, the activated carbon adsorption filter in the water purifier can remove chlorine from the tap water to eliminate health hazards.
Water is very important to health. The contents of how the water purifier is good and what functions of the water purifier are introduced are introduced here. Friends who are interested in knowing may wish to refer to it, I hope to be helpful!

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