What method does the air purifier apply, and the turbid air becomes fresher?

What method does the air purifier apply, and the turbid air becomes fresher?

In today’s air quality is so bad, the most mentioned word is PM2.5, the so-called PM2.5 refers to particles in the atmosphere with a diameter less than or equal to 2.5 microns, sometimes referred to as lung particles. Although it is rare in the atmosphere, it carries a long time to carry viruses and harmful substances and has various transmission channels, which is harmful to the human body.

So you can see that for health, more and more people on the street choose to wear masks. However, when they return home or in the office, no one will be willing to continue to endure the sultry air with a mask. However, the air quality in the home is not necessarily good. If the window is opened, the air of poor quality will be ventilated; if the window is closed, the air in the home will be quite stuffy. Therefore, more and more people choose to buy an best room air purifier for allergies for their homes. After closing the windows, they can enjoy fresh and healthy air.

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Analysis of empty net cast

Some people may wonder if a device can convert polluted air into the fresh air. Let’s take a look at the magical spells of room air purifiers for allergies today.

First of all, air purifiers can be roughly divided into three categories: passive adsorption filtration, active, active purification and passive purification. The active mode of operation is that the device actively releases the purification and sterilization factor into the air to purify the air so that the air can be purified as much as possible without any dead angle. However, due to the fact that most of the purification factors on the market will cause the problem of excessive ozone emission, it will not be described in detail here. Most of the hot air purifiers on the market now use a passive purification mechanism. The air is pumped into the device through the fan to filter the air through the built-in filter, which can effectively filter dust, odor and toxic gases. And killing some bacteria. Now some new air purifiers add a little technology to the position of the air outlet, generate negative ions, and send them out with a fan to form a negative ion airflow, which achieves the purpose of purifying air efficiently. The combination of active purification and passive purification is referred to as dual purification. As the name implies, it is a combination of the above two types of purification. However, the active purification will lead to the problem of excessive ozone, so it is not discussed.

What is the net clean?

The structure of the passive air purifier is not complicated. The core is divided into: motor, fan, filter and air quality monitoring. The motor and the fan are responsible for circulating the air flow, so that the unpurified air enters the air purifier, and then the purified air is sent back to the environment; and the filter screen is responsible for the purification work, and the filter type is divided into the particulate matter filter. There are two types of nets and organic filters, which are equivalent to categories for physical filtration and chemical filtration. Filtration of particulate matter can be subdivided into coarse filtration and fine particulate filtration; while organic filtration appears to be highly targeted, for example, in addition to formaldehyde, deodorization, etc., there are corresponding filter supply options. The air quality monitoring is responsible for detecting the air quality near the device, so as to be fed back to the user and in the smart mode, the corresponding purification mode is activated according to the detected result.

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The individual air purifiers have a water tank or even a negative ion generator. The former adds a humidifying function based on the air purification work, which can bring a lot of extra points to the air purifier. The latter acts on the air outlet of the air purifier, which increases the amount of negative ions and sends them to the air with the wind, allowing the air to be further purified. A lot of negative ions can make people feel comfortable, which is why people feel good after thunder and rain.

The air purifier is complicated and not complicated. It is simple and simple. It mainly captures the aversion of people’s aversion to polluted air, so it drives more and more people to install an air purifier for their home or office. However, the air purifier is only an expedient measure to cure the symptoms. To improve the air of the big environment, it is necessary to consciously and loving each other, increase the pollution of greening and reduce pollution to purify the land.

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