what’s the most cost effective air purifier humidifier? OLS-K02

what’s the most cost effective air purifier humidifier? OLS-K02

We should try our best to avoid outdoor sun exposure during the summer, especially the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay more attention to heat prevention, more rest to ensure adequate sleep, and choose to do some moderate low-intensity exercise. The diet should be heat-clearing and dampness-removing. We can eat some food such as Coix chinensis and porridge to Nourish Qi and Yin and nourish the body. Also, don’t forget to turn on OLANSI humidifier OLS-K02B to help you get rid of moisture worries.

Strong core force, automatic dehumidification
OLANSI OLS-K02B humidifier can automatically detect indoor humidity, and according to the preset humidity range, automatic switch dehumidification function can make the room always in a dry and comfortable state. There is a continuous dehumidification mode, which can run continuously and dry clothes quickly in humid environment. The machine core is made of copper condenser, professional compressor and evaporator. It is fearless of heat and humidity in summer season. The room humidifier is strong, fast and efficient.

Care for 15 safety devices
It not only has two dehumidification modes: automatic dehumidification and continuous dehumidification, which can be easily switched according to the environment, but also has a wide-area three-dimensional air outlet design. It can also dry clothes easily in summer days and enjoy the sunshine-like dryness at home. The high density air filter on the back of the fuselage can also filter hair and dust during dehumidification. In order to prevent all kinds of potential safety hazards caused by thunderstorms and heavy water and air in rooms, up to 15 safety devices have been added to ensure the safety of use. Multiple fire-proof and fire-proof devices can effectively prevent potential fire hazards. They also have anti-dumping safety devices, which can be used at any time and anywhere.

Details highlight ingenious design
OLANSI OLS-K02B humidifier has made humanized design in many details for the convenience of the whole family and the better dehumidification effect. Easy to understand the operation panel, so that the elderly at home can also be accessible to use. There are also portable handheld with portable roller, study, bedroom, children’s room can move freely. 2.5L large capacity visual water tank, the daily dehumidification requirements of heavy summer rainstorm days are also adequate.

Small body, super energy, good dehumidifier in summer season, let OLANSI OLS-K02B humidifier and you guard the health of your family, dry and carefree, prevent the injury of summer dampness.



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