Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

In recent years, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm caused by air pollution, and gradually use air purifiers to improve air quality. However, in addition to smog, there are many sources of pollution in life. The most harmful to people is formaldehyde, and now the cheap and best air purifier can not only absorb smog but also absorb formaldehyde. What technologies are used in the air purifier on the market in addition to formaldehyde? Xiaobian has made some sorting out.

The principle of the air purifier is to promote the air circulation flow through the ventilation system, and the air to be filtered flows into the filter net from the air inlet, adsorbs and decomposes the formaldehyde molecules in the air, and reduces the formaldehyde content in the air through continuous circulation. Finally, the purpose of purifying formaldehyde is achieved.

At present, there are many air purifiers on the market, mainly through the activated carbon filter to remove formaldehyde. It only adsorbs a variety of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air and then stores them in the filter, which cannot be decomposed. After the purifier is used for one or two years, the filter should be replaced. Otherwise, when the filter is saturated or encounters high temperature, the adsorbed formaldehyde will be released into the air to form secondary pollution.

Xiao Bian learned in the Gome Air Purifier store that one of the double-faced air purifiers, in addition to other purifiers, added a filter, using a double filter design, greatly increased In addition to the work efficiency of the purifier, in addition, the chemical bonds of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde are opened, and the UF00 decomposes the formaldehyde module to decompose it into carbon dioxide and water.

Also learned at the Lekman store, its purifier is also a combination of two technologies, using a filter + negative oxygen ion hybrid purification mode. One of the Magic Net K9 purifiers uses an innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology and ultra-microporous activated carbon adsorption technology to decompose formaldehyde. I believe that friends who have studied chemistry know a chemical equation, HCHO+O_2=CO_2+H_2O It uses this principle.

At present, the city’s air quality has been significantly improved. People buy air purifiers not only for removing cockroaches but also pollutants such as formaldehyde and second-hand smoke are threatening people’s health all the time. Therefore, all manufacturers have let air purifiers with time. Advance, using physical + chemical technology for air purification.

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