Why did the hospital start to install water purifiers and provide direct drinking water?

Why did the hospital start to install water purifiers and provide direct drinking water?

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The hospital is the place to save the wounded and dying, and it is the center of medical research. Safe and clean drinking water is the objective demand and important symbol of modern hospitals.

I remember that when I was hospitalized due to illness, my family would take a Kettle to the water room to open the water. Of course, whether it is a hospital or a family member, I would never dare to drink tap water directly from the patient.

People’s immunity declines after getting sick, and if they don’t pay attention, they are more prone to problems.

The World Health Organization has also said that 80% of the diseases are caused by unclean drinking water. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may really get worse.

To give an example of life, after drinking and vomiting, if we drink tap water directly, it is very likely to have diarrhea. Because after drinking alcohol, the body’s immunity is getting worse. At this time, if there is a problem with water quality, viruses and bacteria can easily enter. However, it is reasonable to say that the strict filtration and disinfection of tap water through the water plant should be safe and clean. Why is there a safety hazard?

After the clean filter element of the water purifier has been used for a period of time, where is the contaminated contaminant coming from?

The first is the water pipe network. After the tap water is delivered from the factory, it will be transported or stopped for a long distance through the water supply network, and various problems will occur when it arrives at the user. In particular, long-term tap water pipelines will inevitably cause aging corrosion problems after long-term use. The water yellowing, sediment and rust problems in many areas are water pollution caused by water pipe aging.

This is followed by pollution from secondary water towers and water tanks. If the water tanks of some high-rise communities are not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of pollutants will be stored. Long-term accumulation will lead to heavy pollution of tap water, and the tap water delivered to each household will not meet the standard of direct drinking.

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