Why do we need an air purifier? How to choose an air purifier?

Why do we need an air purifier? How to choose an air purifier?

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Nowadays, air pollution is very serious. There are fogs and car exhausts outside. There are pollution sources such as formaldehyde, benzene, dust, odor, dust mites and bacteria in the room. It is polluted inside and outside, and it is really hard to prevent people. Therefore, we need an air purifier to improve the indoor environment. Many people don’t know if we need an air purifier, and who needs the air purifier most. I will give you a brief introduction below.

  1. The newly renovated house. More or less decoration materials will cause some pollution, resulting in increased indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. At this time, an air purifier that can remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde is needed to help.
  2. Bedroom. For many office workers, the bedroom is the longest room in the day and at home. If there is not enough time or ventilation during the day, the air quality in the house can be imagined. Therefore, in the end, you can put an air purifier in the bedroom and try to provide your family with a fresh air sleeping environment.
  3. Children, pregnant women, the elderly or rooms with patients with respiratory diseases. The high-risk groups of the above four types of personnel PM2.5 pollution hazards must do a good job in pollution prevention and control for the room in which they are located.

The powerful air purifier can purify the indoor air quality within a few minutes. Once the purification speed is less than the indoor pollution rate, it will never reach the standard of purification. CADR is one of the most important indicators to measure performance. Currently, the mainstream air purifier CARD value is basically between 400-800. The CARD value of OLANSI K15B gas purifier can reach 800. In addition to the CADR value, other air purifiers Provide a variety of product features and services, and occupy a market share. However, as an air purifier, the more powerful the CADR value can not only quickly purify the indoor air, but also can be applied to a larger area of ​​the building space. The long-term opening can make the filtered air infinitely close to saturation, so that the cleaning effect is better. Still one of the most important indicators for the purchase of air purifiers.

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