Why does the air freshener purify the air?

Why does the air freshener purify the air?

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Industrial dust, harmful gases in the city, and the use and smoking of air conditioners in the home all have different levels of pollution to the air. With the improvement of people’s living environment requirements, it is hoped that there will be a clean and small environment in the home room, and the air freshener will come into being under such circumstances. The function of the air freshener is generally accomplished by a multi-stage dust removal device such as activated carbon, high-voltage static electricity, and dust collecting device. It drives the blades through the electric motor in the freshener to make the indoor air flow and circulate, so that the air is freshly shaken and filtered to achieve the purpose of fresh air. In addition, the air freshener is cleaned from coarse to fine in structure, that is, the air first filters out the smoke, smoke and odor in the air through the filter net, and also adsorbs the particulate dust through a composite dust removal method such as high-voltage static electricity. Finally, negative ions are generated by the negative ion generator to make the air fresh and pleasant, and the effect of air purification is achieved. The air freshener can be classified into an air purifier and an air negative ion generator according to functions. When selecting, it should be considered according to the size of the indoor space and the amount of air circulation of the air freshener. This can be selected in accordance with the 1 hour circulating air volume 3 times the indoor space. If the room of 20 square meters is 2.6 meters high, the circulation of the air cleaner should be 150 cubic meters / hour.

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