Why is the central air conditioner more equipped with an air purifier (surprising air conditioning pollution)

Why is the central air conditioner more equipped with an air purifier (surprising air conditioning pollution)

As we all know, the central air purification system is installed in the air return and the unit. The air with pollutants in the room is purified by the central air purifier through the air return port, and then circulated to the room through the fan coil and then through the air outlet. The outdoor polluted air passes through the air purifier inside the unit and is sent to the room through the air supply duct. The central air purifier can not only purify indoor air, but also kill bacteria and protect central air conditioners from secondary pollution.
So why does central air conditioning require an air purifier? (Amazing air conditioning pollution)
In Experiment 1, a bowl of rice that was covered, after only 72 hours of blowing under the air conditioner, was slightly discolored.

A bowl of rice that was not covered, after blowing for 72 hours under the air conditioner, had long black hair and a large moldy spot.

Under the microscope, the mold is shocking.

After the air conditioner is cleaned, the molding dish is basically transparent.

China CDC, Shanghai CDC, Fudan University School of Public Health and other institutions conducted on-site household air-conditioning household surveys in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. The results showed that 88% of the air-conditioning fins exceeded the standard, and 84% of the air-conditioning fin molds. The total number exceeded the standard; the bacteria detected in the air-conditioning fins exceeded the standard by up to 1000 times.

Zhang Liubo, chairman of the disinfection branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, said that in addition to a large amount of dust, air conditioners also have pathogenic bacteria such as aphids, bacteria, and fungi. During operation, the bacteria and fungi inside the air conditioner, especially the heat sink, are sprayed out with the air outlet and enter the human body with the respiratory tract. It is easy to cause dizziness and fatigue in the human body, and even suffer from respiratory diseases such as colds, rhinitis, and asthma. Therefore, many air-conditioning diseases are not caused by alternating hot and cold, and pollution in air conditioners is also a source of disaster.
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