Why is the indoor PM2.5 larger than the outdoor?

Why is the indoor PM2.5 larger than the outdoor?

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Why is the indoor PM2.5 concentration greater than outdoor?
This is because, as we usually say, PM10 refers to the concentration of fine dust particles of 10 microns; PM2.5 refers to the concentration of fine dust particles of 2.5 microns, and such small particles in the room are suspended particles. Every day, we open the window to ventilate. Under the horizontal action, the larger the diameter, the greater the force in the horizontal direction, and the moving speed is faster than the small diameter. Thus, the larger particles can be quickly removed from the outside. The small diameter will remain indoors. On the other hand, the particles of human nighttime metabolites are mostly less than 0.3 microns, which are not easy to diffuse, and will accumulate more indoors. After a long time, there will be a situation where the indoor inverse ratio is higher than the outdoor PM2.5 concentration. In the case of raging fog, everyone is hard to be alone, and the way to shut down the door, regardless of the window, is self-deception.

What should I do for the health of my family and children?
1. Persevere in mopping the floor and keep it three times a day
Practice has proved that mopping the floor can increase the relative humidity of the air, and at the same time, the negative ions neutralize the precipitated particles to form larger particles to settle on the ground. If not treated in time, under the movement of the air, it must be lifted again and must be as soon as possible. Removed.
2. Install an air purifier
Our air purifiers have multiple filters to remove PM2.5.

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