Why use an air purifier? Teach you how to choose the right air purifier

Why use an air purifier? Teach you how to choose the right air purifier

Today’s air pollution is very serious. Life is full of harmful substances that threaten our health. There are automobile exhausts outside, formaldehyde, dust, and bacteria in the room. Therefore, we need an indoor air purifier to improve the indoor environment. The household air purifiers on the market are full of choices. How to choose an air purifier becomes a big problem. At the same time, different groups of people have their own purification needs. For some people who have just moved into a new home, the newly renovated house has more or less harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. At this time, you need an air purifier that can effectively purify harmful substances such as formaldehyde. For office workers, the longest time in the house is the bedroom. If there is not enough ventilation during the day, the air quality in the room can be imagined. Children; pregnant women, the elderly and people with respiratory sensitivities are at high risk of PM2.5 pollution hazards, and their rooms must be cleaned. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose an air purifier that suits you. Xiaobian here recommend everyone an air purification fan – Dyson TP04 air purification fan can help you solve these problems at one time so that you no longer entangle how to choose an air purifier.

The LCD screen displays the type and level of pollutants monitored in real-time so that you can know the environmental conditions of your home. The built-in sensor utilizes laser technology and precision algorithms with precision close to outdoor large air quality monitoring equipment. It can also detect harmful gases, such as formaldehyde and paints, perfumes, cooking fumes, etc. that are common in life.

The professional HEPA filter, high purification efficiency, clean air throughout the journey. The Dyson TP03’s activated carbon filter has tripled the amount of activated carbon compared to its predecessor. It can purify formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful gases and 99.95% as small as PM0.1. It has ASL (asthma and sensitization health-friendly) certification. So that you don’t have to worry about the residue of harmful substances, purify the air and reduce allergens. There is also an advanced sealing and purifying system that protects dirty air from leaking back into the room.

The patented AirAmplifierTM technology ejects a long-range, gentle airflow for a full 350-degree cycle. The indoor air is effectively circulated and circulated so that the clean air covers the entire room, and the machine has a small footprint and can be freely placed in any space. It can be used as a fan while purifying. Two airflow modes, the air is cleaned throughout the year, and the spray mode provides powerful jets of clean air for a comfortable cool breeze; the diffuse mode can be turned on when there is no need for cool air, and the soft airflow is released in a ring shape.

In addition, the DysonLink app can view local air quality in real-time via a mobile phone, generate and store various data logs, and remotely control your machine. Even in the company, you can monitor the air quality in the room in real-time. You can open it remotely before going home, so you can feel the fresh and clean air environment as soon as you go home.

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