Winter water purifier keep warm

Winter water purifier keep warm

The north wind sneaked into the quiet, the unproductive autumn has entered the winter
After experiencing a wave of superficial cooling
Heavy snowfall in many cities in China
Even the southern region has generally begun to cool down!

In such cold weather
We are doing our own warmth
Don’t forget that home appliances also need your protection!
Especially as a water device
The maintenance of winter water purifiers is particularly important

Every year, due to the “cold” cracking of the water purifier is too numerous to enumerate
Xiao An reminds everyone here:
Do antifreeze work in advance to avoid property damage

The optimal operating temperature of the water purifier:
Applicable water temperature 5 ° C -38 ° C
Ambient temperature 4°C-40°C
How to prevent freezing of the whole machine
Winter water purifiers are strictly prohibited from being placed outdoors.
If it has been installed outdoors, it is necessary to close the inlet ball valve, drain the water from the Chinese best water purifier, and transfer it to the room. If it cannot be transferred, it must have anti-freezing measures, and it should be wrapped with cloth and other materials for heat preservation. If there are no anti-freezing measures in winter, the filter bottles and membrane shells may be cracked.
The water purifier must be stopped at temperatures below 0 °C.
Since the volume of water will expand during the solidification process, if it freezes, it will directly cause the water purifier pipeline, filter drum, filter membrane shell, etc. to burst, resulting in machine damage and water leakage.
It is recommended to turn off the top-rated water purifier during the winter night.
In winter nights, the temperature is lower than in the daytime, and the water is less, the water flow in the pipeline is weakened, and the water is easily frozen. For this reason, it is recommended to close the sluice or water purifier at night to minimize the pressure on the machine caused by the water pressure. It is best to empty the water remaining in the water purifier to prevent freezing at night and low temperatures.
Especially for new homes, families that have not yet stayed in, it is necessary to close the water purifier and drain the remaining water in the machine.
What should I do if the machine freezes?
Suspend use first, and then observe the leak after natural thawing.
In case the water purifier has already frozen, the machine must be placed in a room above 8 °C (do not bump), and it can be used for 48 hours after it is thawed. During this period, the mechanism of water should not be forced to open. Check whether there is water leakage after starting the machine. If there is any water leakage, please re-tighten the parts or contact the after-sales service.
Treatment after the water stop
Close the inlet valve, put the clean sand and re-enable after passing the water.
Due to the low temperature in winter, the tap water pipe is prone to burst. If the tap water supply pipe is cracked or stopped, please turn off the water inlet valve of the water purifier. After the water supply is restored, it is necessary to ensure that the impurities such as sediment in the tap water are cleaned, and then the water purifier inlet valve is opened to avoid excessive impurities in the tap water, resulting in a decrease in the flow rate of the produced water or a blockage of the filter element.
When going out for a long time or when not using it for a long time, you should first close the water inlet ball valve, drain the water in the water purifier, and then cut off the power supply of the machine to prevent the water hammer from colliding and causing water leakage.
a phenomenon that is prone to occur in winter
1, the water production decreased
The lower the temperature, the greater the decrease in water production. Since the viscosity of water is affected by temperature, the water production of the reverse osmosis membrane will decrease. Usually, the water temperature of the reverse osmosis membrane drops by 3% for every 1 °C decrease in water temperature. About 50% of summer water production.
2. Increased wastewater
As water production is reduced, the flow rate of the wastewater will increase accordingly, and the wastewater ratio will increase. This is a normal phenomenon. After the temperature rises, the wastewater will decrease and the water production flow rate will increase.

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