Worship! Make-up residual muscles; Hey! Clean ceramic muscle

Worship! Make-up residual muscles; Hey! Clean ceramic muscle

2 in 1 beauty facial cleansing machine,ultrasonic infrared massager,face brush facial cleansing

Olansi Cleansing Importer
1. Set cleaning / massage / import as one of the multi-functional care
2. Micro-pulsation inversion technology, the guide head reverse rotation cleansing
3. Micro-vibration mode to drive skin to exercise
4. 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
5. Atomization of water molecules, refine the essence into small molecular particles
6. Micro-vibration introduction, pushing the bottom layer of the skin
7. UV disinfection head, disinfection cleansing brush
8. 3-speed strength cleansing adjustment
9. 25 degree softness silicone brush
10. Host IPX7 waterproof
11. The charging stand is not waterproof, the UVC head is not waterproof
12. Humanized grip design

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