You know where formaldehyde is hidden in the new house. You can buy an air purifier.

You know where formaldehyde is hidden in the new house. You can buy an air purifier.

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It is well known that formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body, but it is usually caused by olfactory disturbance, irritation (irritation, tears), pulmonary dysfunction, excessive formaldehyde inhalation caused by prolonged exposure, and various chronic respiratory diseases. Nasopharyngeal, colon and infant chromosomal abnormalities can also lead to memory and mental deterioration in adolescents and leukemia.

As far as formaldehyde is concerned, many people think it has something to do with the decoration and building materials for new houses. Because of this, such as “carcinogenicity of formaldehyde”, the relationship between formaldehyde and decoration is unilaterally misunderstood and understood.

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In terms of decoration and formaldehyde, everyone’s reaction is usually synthetic wood and building materials. When we see “zero formaldehyde” in the choice of decoration, it is easy. You can use “zero formaldehyde” boards and furniture to inhibit formaldehyde at least to some extent, but this is harmful.

In fact, formaldehyde is not something to be used for decoration, it is only hidden in the paint and adhesives used in the construction process. Although it is used for decoration, a urea-formaldehyde resin containing formaldehyde is the necessary adhesive for decoration.

In other words, as long as adhesives are used, even if all purchased materials are “zero formaldehyde”, they are also exposed to the “main body” of formaldehyde. The amount of formaldehyde remaining in the process of making urea-formaldehyde resin is called free formaldehyde. This part of free formaldehyde is released when the coating flattens and solidifies, which is the direct harm of formaldehyde decoration.

There are too many places to use adhesives in decoration, such as putty, paint, adhesives, wallpaper, hardened wood flooring, particleboard, MDF, and even solid wood. I don’t need formaldehyde in the process of home decoration.

All we can do is to minimize the formaldehyde content of each product because it is inevitable! For example, try not to use wood flooring, composite materials or as few layers as possible! The formaldehyde content is as low as possible… as long as the formaldehyde content is within a certain range, it will not be so bad!

As mentioned above, formaldehyde is acceptable in a certain range of indicators, but it promotes the volatilization of formaldehyde, i.e. high temperature when it occurs in our daily life.

According to the investigation, the volatilization point of formaldehyde is 19 C, and the temperature rises by 0.4 liters every time, especially in spring and summer, the temperature rises faster and the concentration is more than three times as high as usual.

Originally, in winter, the temperature dropped and the formaldehyde emission decreased, but due to the need to heat the house, such as the north’s ground temperature and the south’s air conditioning, the formaldehyde in the room was hidden by paint, floors, and furniture. There will be a lot of releases.

In fact, formaldehyde can not be completely eliminated. The methods of removing formaldehyde on the network can be divided into several types. The public and the public husband say that women are reasonable, and then let’s see what their truth is…Contact us for more products and discounted prices
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