You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

You may never have thought of this toxic substance in an air purifier.

Under the smog, many families have purchased air purifiers, hoping to bring a small environment for families, especially the elderly and children, to breathe safely.

As the PM index on the air purifier continues to drop, you will feel a little comfort in your heart. Many people regard the air purifier as their last respiratory guardian.

But the following news may cause you to have doubts about the air purifier in your home.

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On July 20 this year, the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Korea broke out that OIT (octylisothiazolinone), which is harmful to the human body, was detected in the air purifiers and air-conditioning filters on the Korean market. OIT-containing products cover most of the brands on the market, with up to 84 models.

What is OIT? OIT is an antibacterial, mildew-resistant, oil-soluble chemical. On some filter screens marked with “sterilization” type purifiers, manufacturers use OIT, an anti-fungal agent to sterilize and prevent the strainer from becoming moldy. However, this chemical is harmful to the human body, it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms, and causes an allergic reaction in the human body in direct contact or through the air. The anti-mold agent component enters the human body together with the exhaust of the purifier and the air conditioner.

The Korean Ministry of the Environment has conducted a risk assessment and believes that OIT, an antimicrobial ingredient, poses a potential risk to human health. For public health reasons, the Korean Ministry of the Environment has asked major manufacturers to recall all air purifier filters containing OIT components.

According to a report by South Korea’s International Broadcasting Station (KBS) on July 22, the list of 84 air purifiers and air conditioners containing the toxic substance OIT announced by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, some of Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Cuckoo, and other companies. The product is impressively listed.

The filters of these companies are produced by two international brands.

Subsequently, 3M apologized for the detection of toxic substances in the air purifier filter and immediately began recalling the product.

Metal texture dividing line

So, is the current domestic purifier brand concerned about OIT?

Taking science home to investigate the current air purifier products in China, we found that with the exception of a few products, most brands did not explicitly indicate that they did not contain OIT ingredients in the product description.

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