ORLANSI Injection molding factory

Using the injection molding machine with leading technology and stable performance from famous brand HAITIAN, daily capacity of injection molding products is 50 thousand pcs.

Injection molding machine


ORLANSI Injection molding factory 

4 full-automatic filter producing line Annual capacity of 3 million units.
Independent develop the domestic leading modified activated carbon and composite filter technology. Achieve full-automatic manufacture of filter with the highest integration.

Filter production workshop

Paper cutting machine

ORLANSI filter element workshop

Monthly capacity of filter element workshop is up to 2.5 million pcs.

Filter element workshop

Filter element packing

OLRANSI Air Purifier Workshop

4 automatic production line. Annual capacity of 0.9 million units.

Automatic production line

Product aging line

ORLANSI Water Purifier Workshop

Monthly capacity of water purifier workshop is up to 40000 units.

Filter assembly

Water purifier assembly