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OLS-H3 hydrogen water maker from olansi factory

                                                             OLS-H3 hydrogen water maker from olansi factory


hydrogen water maker

Olansi hydrogen water jar OLS-H3 got very popular selling in USA,spain,korea,indonesia etc market.

Below share the details:

Product Item :Hydrogen Water Machine

Color: White or Customized

Size: 210*182*336mm

Net Weight: 2.7KG

Volume: 1.6L

Water temperature:1-50℃

Hydrogen Content:Above 1000ppb

Material:PC(Pitcher), PP(Filter’s housing), generator(Titanium platinum), ABS(appearance), silica gel(sealing element)

Filter:Calcium sulfite filter remove the Residual chlorine


Power: 15W

Feature:Hydrogen comes flush buttons, freedom of choice, use more convenience.

hydrogen water maker

Benefits of hydrogen water:

Hydrogen water can neutralize ROS, Reactive Oxygen Species which are notorious for destroying normal cells or distorting DNAs. Besides, you can also enjoy helpful minerals dissolved in hydrogen water.

Hydrogen-Rich Water or hydrogenated water contains active hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants in your body. The ions help eliminate oxygen free radicals that contribute to the development of illness and ultimately are responsible for the aging process. if you want to know more, pls contact

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Olansi New Product Hot Sale Product Mist Fan Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer for Skin Care

Olansi New Product Hot Sale Product Mist Fan Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer for Skin Care

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Olansi helps you install and design hydrogen-rich RO water purifier for free

Olansi helps you install and design hydrogen-rich RO water purifier for free

Olansi Tomimizu RO water purifier

Three-stage Purification and Fuji Hydraulic and Hydraulic Solution

A PAC Combination Filter

It can remove large particles of pollutants, such as sediments, iron, and particles, remove odors of different colors, and remove chlorides.

2RO membrane

Remove bacteria, microbes, blisters, and other small pieces.

3 Carbon-rich filter

Absorption color is not good, smell more, increase the taste of water to clean water.

4 Rich Water Electrolysis

High concentrations of hydrogen can change water quality

Unique Profit

Plug-ins can be used to design it cheaply.

Three-stage purification: PAC combined filter + RO membrane + carbon enrichment filter.

Hydrogen-rich water filter electrolysis, hydrogen content: 2000 ppb (from data)

My own laboratory.

Small molecule water.

Negative forces.

Weak alkaline water.

Freshly boiled water heated rapidly for 3 seconds at infinite temperature

6-liter water tank

About  Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd was founded in Guangzhou in 2009.

We are a manufacturer of industrial air purifiers, water purifiers, and other health products for more than ten years.

OEM of high-quality products such as Nori, Nishiya, and TATA.

Ten product lines are launched each year, and all 5 million air purifier products are sold.

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Olansi new product W11 RO hydrogen water dispenser

Here we would like to share with a new product: functional W11 RO hydrogen water dispenser ,

in the market only Olansi unique is developing and producing this advanced product.

Hydrogen water production technology:

Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology for hydrogen production Higher and more stable hydrogen concentration

Hydrogen production concentration up to 2000ppb  (Self-test laboratory test data)

Electrolysis technology promoting hydrogen gas and water more stable combination


  1. PAC composite filter

Filter out large particle pollutants such as sediment, rust, colloid, etc., absorb heterochromatic odor, residual chlorine, etc.;

2.RO Reverse Osmosis membrane

Filter out tiny impurities such as bacteria, microorganisms, scales.

3.Rear carbon rod filter 

Further adsorption of heterochromatic odor, enhance the taste of water, make the water sweet and delicious;

4.Electrolysis hydrogen water 

High concentration hydrogen production, change water quality


3:1Low wastewater ratio

More economical compared with the traditional 1:1 wastewater ratio

Improved water production efficiency, cost savings, and improved water quality

6L large water tank

Change the water once, Enough for 6 persons to drink for a day


Function Advantages:

Visible hydrogen production

When power is on, the built-in lights let you see the bubbles produced by the electrolyzed hydrogen-rich water at a glance.

Temperature Adjustment Button

Temperature range: Warm water mode 50°C~60°C Water boiling mode 80°C~100°C

Fresh boiled water 3 seconds

Fast heating

Automatically turn on cleaning reminders every 60 times

Regularly clean the electrolyte can extend the service life.

When cleaning, the display button and the tank light flash at the same frequency and stop at the end.

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Overseas Manager
Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd. (Olansi Water Treatment Equipments Co. Ltd)
OEM/ODM air purifier, water purifier, hydrogen water maker
Add: Gaosha Industry District,Panyu,Guangzhou,China
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skype/wechat: 15989419070
what's hydrogen water?

What’s Hydrogen Water?

What’s Hydrogen Water?

what's hydrogen water?

what’s hydrogen water?

In twenty-first Century, with the development of science and technology, medical technology advances more and more doctors, more and more large, people pay more and more attention to their health, but the type of disease but does not reduce, the disease incidence rate is more and more high. As a kind of rare cancer diabetes before, but now we meet the eye everywhere. With around the development of modern industry and the pace of life of people, a significant change in the eating habits, chemical toxins contact every day more and more.

Accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in a large number of free radicals, which lead to excessive oxidative stress, resulting in oxidation of human cells, resulting in damage to the human body, resulting in aging and a variety of diseases.

The people gradually understand to the toxin free radical, a large number of antioxidant products into our life. So what is the most effective antioxidant products? At the beginning of 2007 Japanese university medical research geriatric Institute chief professor Tada Nario, after nearly 4 years of painstaking research, prove that hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, can neutralize human toxicity free radical. In recent years the world experts joined the study of hydrogen molecular biology, found that the penetration of hydrogen diffusion, easy absorption, and very safe.

February 3, 2016 CCTV discovery channel broadcast a film called “the sword of the hydrogen – > antioxidant science documentary, let many people aware of the importance of maintaining hydrogen oxidation, human health. With the study of biological hydrogen, hydrogen products gradually ask the world.

Because the human body every day need to replenish water, hydrogen dissolved in water, water intake to the body through hydrogen became hydrogen uptake in the most convenient way. This is called the hydrogen rich water, and hydrogen rich water. Because the hydrogen in Japanese is called “water”, so it is also called “water hydrogen rich water plain water. The hydrogen rich water products on the market are mainly filling (bag) with hydrogen rich water, magnesium rod hydrogen, hydrogen rich water and hydrogen rich water machine. In the face of so many types of products, how do we choose? First, to see whether the principle of hydrogen production equipment, to ensure the purity of hydrogen. Second, to see the concentration of hydrogen rich water, the higher the concentration of hydrogen on human health better. In addition to the overall price, market reputation and use is convenient to choose.

Olansi W11

Explore the therapeutic effect of hydrogen-rich water on gout

Explore the therapeutic effect of hydrogen-rich water on gout

Olansi W11

Hydrogen-rich water has little research paper on gout, but the anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen has been affirmed by many scholars, and there is a clear clinical study on rheumatoid arthritis. The results of research on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with hydrogen-rich water are also very clear.
Hydrogen is so amazing that it is almost freely available. Gout patients are worth trying to use hydrogen for health and prevention.
A recent study in Japan showed that hydrogen has a significant therapeutic effect on rheumatoid, especially early rheumatoid. The study was a non-double-blind, small-scale clinical study with limited credibility.
1. Study and select 20 patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
2, the treatment is to let patients drink 530ml of high concentration of hydrogen water every day, the entire treatment cycle is 12 weeks.
3. Treatment First use hydrogen water for 4 weeks, then stop for 4 weeks, then drink hydrogen water for 4 weeks.
4. Indicators: Octahydroxyguanine in blood and urine is used as an indicator of oxidative damage, and C-reactive protein is used as an indicator of inflammatory response.
The results showed that after 4 weeks of treatment, both the urinary oxidative index and the inflammatory response index decreased significantly. After 4 weeks, the above indicators continued to decline (cause?). After 4 weeks of treatment, the urine oxidation index decreased further, and the urine oxidation index was lower than the normal level, but there was no significant decrease. Most surprisingly, all five patients with early onset (less than 12 months of onset) had significant relief, and 4 of them completely disappeared after treatment.

Olansi W11

Hydrogen-rich water can relieve gout
1, Hydrogen-rich water dissolves 21.3 mg of uric acid per 100 ml, which is more than twice that of ordinary drinking water. Regular drinking can lower blood uric acid levels.
2, during gout treatment, generally need to drink enough water every day to ensure that the daily urine volume is not less than 2000ml so that uric acid is fully excreted.

Olansi W11 RO Hydrogen Strontium Water 3s Fast Heat Water Dispenser

The world’s only four-in-one water dispenser with a hydrogen production capacity of up to 2000 ppb, including 3s rapid heating technology, reverse osmosis water purification and rich strontium filtration to meet all the water needs in your healthy life.
Choose Olansi and choose healthy living.

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Olansi hydrogen water

Hydrogen Water Machine Produces Clean And Germ-Free Water For Healthy Living

Hydrogen Water Machine Produces Clean And Germ-Free Water For Healthy Living

Olansi hydrogen water

There are found many ways with regard to the molecular hydrogen vitamin antioxidants by professionals, but they will not have anyhow then a hydrogen drinking water machine was discovered. The hydrogen machine is completely distinctive from a water ionizer machine. This machine does indeed not divide the square into two parts or breathe out the wastewater at virtually any time.
A hydrogen drinking water machine is a practical machine that may assert molecular hydrogen inside our drinking water. This machine has excellent potential power to battle and prevents harmful fancier constantly. A hydrogen drinking water generator or a hydrogen water machine does a good electrolysis process, in this kind of process oxygen and hydrogen are divided, and normal water allows the only hydrogen in it. Permissive hydrogen-dissolved water has a large electron concentration.
Science reported that water is the particular primary source to be a person healthy or sick mainly because water is the key component which can enter in our body directly. Our own body needs 70% of the water from all the needs anyhow. Impure or even unhealthy water contains debris, sugar, and other hazardous chemicals, but through hydrogen, water machine can create this toxic water directly into a healthy by driving out these toxic elements.
There are hundreds involving electronic companies which happen to be making hydrogen machines with regard to our health care. A new hydrogen machine is an automatic machine which wants electric power due to its functioning. In the market, a person will have a comprehensive portfolio of hydrogen machines, but all equipment is designed for some sort of primary purpose to help to make our drinking water high-gene along with hydrogen.
Some sort of a couple of years back I saw an ad of a hydrogen water equipment. For your first, it seemed to be quite difficult to think. After a few days, I got in a market plus did find a dash in an electronic shop. When I entered typically the store then observed that will many people are getting hydrogen machine. For my personal satisfaction, I have inquired the vendor he discussed me about this equipment and told me some great benefits of hydrogen machine. Without spending my time, I have got brought a hydrogen device. From till to these days my loved ones and I happen to be using this hydrogen normal water machine, and we each and everyone is getting high-gene water with good well being.
If some are unhealthy and not eating appropriate food by not possessing true hunger, then he or she must have to make use of safe and mild water. Light water to drink may produce only in a new hydrogen machine. This device will make your normal water into the secure and light water together with a good reference for you.
hydrogen water generator

Hydrogen Water Machine Produces Fresh And Germ-Free Drinking Water For sound Living.

Hydrogen Water Machine Produces Fresh And Germ-Free Drinking Water For sound Living.

There were discovered numerous ways for the sub-atomic hydrogen cancer prevention agents by experts, however, they couldn’t have at any rate then a hydrogen water machine was found. A hydrogen machine is totally unique in relation to a water ionizer machine. This machine does not partition the water into two sections or breathe out the wastewater anytime.

A hydrogen water machine is a well-planned machine that can state atomic hydrogen in our drinking water. This machine has a great potential capacity to battle and maintain a strategic distance from the destructive radicals constantly. A hydrogen water generator or a hydrogen water machine completes an electrolysis procedure, in this procedure oxygen and hydrogen are partitioned, and water permits the main hydrogen in it. Lenient hydrogen-broke down the water has a high electron focus.

Science proclaimed that water is the essential hotspot for being you solid or debilitated on the grounds that water is the primary segment that can enter our body legitimately. Our body needs 70% of the water from every one of our needs in any case. Debased or unfortunate water contains salts, sugar, and other hurtful synthetic compounds, yet through hydrogen, the water machine can make this poisonous water into a sound by pushing out these dangerous materials.

There are many electronic organizations which are making hydrogen machines for our human services. A hydrogen machine is a programmed machine that needs electric power for its working. In the market, you will have a wide scope of hydrogen machines, however, all machines are intended for a basic role to make our drinking water high-quality alongside hydrogen.

hydrogen water generator


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