Anti virus antibacterial HEPA filter

First: Removal of  formaldehyde particles

Second: Activated carbon

Third: H13 grade HEPA filter


Anti virus antibacterial coopper-silver ion antiviral PET H13 HEPA filter for air purifier

Anti-virus Anti-bacterial Air Purifier Air Purifier

Cu2Ag + antibacterial/anti-virus filter

Strong Triple compound filtration

*Copper-silver ion antiviral PET skeleton
The latest research and development of Cu2Ag+Antibacterial and antiviral technology,using PET framework as the carrier,and synergistic effect with medical H13 grade HEPA filter,to play the best effect of bacteria isolation,sterilization,antivirus,third party testing confirmed the SARS,H7N9(avian influenza,coronavirus),H1N1(respiratory influenza virus) and other virus removal effect is obvious.

*H13 Medical Grade HEPA

h13 Medical grade HEPA filter accuracy is less than 0.3 micron,can capture and reduce 99.97% of airborne particulates,such as pollen,pullutants,allergens,and reduce the carrier of bacteria and viruses in air.

*Modified activated carbon
Modified activated carbon can filter out formaldehyde/VOCS and other gas pollutants,keeping the air fresh.

Anti virus antibacterial HEPA filter

Anti virus antibacterial HEPA filter

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