Portable Active Rich Hydrogen Water Maker

1000ppb hydrogen content hydrogen rich water maker

Capacity: 1.5L

Color: White

Size: 210*182*336mm

Weight: 1.6KG

Material: ABS and PC

Function: Maker Hydrogen Rich Water


What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water namely the water be rich in hydrogen.

For a long time, biologists agree that hydrogen is physiologically inert gas, hydrogen itself is one of the most natural antioxidants, so that added hydrogen water has a strong reduction function, neutralize the blood and the cells of reactive oxygen species( radical ). Hydrogen-rich water that has more than all the vitamis A, C, E, green tea and other antioxidants known to man, the negative potential to achieve surprise-500mv, comprehensive removal of human malignant reactive oxygen species( free radicals).


Safety Performance In line with CCC standardsVoltageDV24V
Hydrogen ContentAbove 550ppbCapacity1.5L
PackagePE+EPE+Gift boxMaterialABS, PC



1.Filter change: Exchange calcium sulfite filter to adsorb residual chlorine in water.

2.Low power consumption, high efficiency: Power12W, Power supplier DC24V.

3.Hydrogen strong: Uses newly developed hydrogen generator, production capacity of more.

4.Rinse a key: Hydrogen comes flush buttons, freedom of choice, use more convenience.hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker hydrogen water maker



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