Rich Hydrogen Water Mist Sparyer

Product Name: Hydrogen Rich Facial Sprayer

Hydrogen content: ≥1000ppb

Negative Potential: -200 -0mV

Charging Time1-2h

Full power electrolysis time: 20 times

Electrolytic sheet material: Titanium platinum

Body meterial: ABS

Product size: 31*31*136mm


Rich Hydrogen Water Mist Sparyer

 Product Name  Hydrogen-Rich Facial Sprayer  Hydrogen content  ≥1000ppb
 Negative Potential  -200 -0mV  Charging Time  1-2h
 Full power electrolysis time  20 times  Electrolytic sheet material  Titanium platinum
 Body material  ABS  Product size  31*31*136mm
 Model No.  BOH-B2  Spray method  Press-type spray
 Rated power    1W  1 Electrics time  2min
 Charging Time  1-2 H  Battery Capacity  400 mAh
 Water Capacity  15ml  Net weight  68g

olansi B2

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