About the procurement of air purifiers by governments around the world

About the procurement of air purifiers by governments around the world

As the variant new coronavirus has made the world’s epidemic situation worse, daily preventive measures have become more important. Countries around the world have successively introduced measures to close cities to reduce the deterioration of the local epidemic. However, when the closure was lifted again, governments of various countries began to pay attention to the air quality in key places.

The German government introduced policies to improve school air quality and invited tenders to purchase air purifiers. Many businessmen took this opportunity and placed orders for air purifiers. With the changes in the epidemic situation, governments around the world will also issue a series of policies to purchase these anti-epidemic products which use in public places.

OLANSI K15 air purifier is very suitable for use in schools, offices, and commercial places. The high CADR value and matching H13 filter can give people a healthy and clean space. If you are also optimistic about this market opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us. Once the local businessmen won the bid, they need a lot of air purifiers in a short time. Therefore, placing your order in advance will keep your inventory sufficient.


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