Does the cleansing instrument really have so many magical effects?

Does the cleansing instrument really have so many magical effects?

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With everyone’s deeper understanding of skin care, it is clear that all follow-up maintenance is based on cleanliness, otherwise expensive skin care products are in vain. At this time, the general cleansing products can no longer satisfy everyone, and the cleansing instrument has begun to be loved by everyone. I believe that you should have most of your friends or you will wash your face with a cleansing instrument, no matter which brand of cleansing instrument. In the summer, the weather is always hot, the face loves oil, and there are still a few days of smog in a week. After returning home, you always feel that you can wash your face with cleanser. The cleansing instrument makes you fall in love with the discovery of the New World. It, then you will love it every day…

Olansi 2-in-1 Cleansing Importer
Deep Cleaning
 Micropulse reversal technology
 Lead reverse rotation cleansing
 Open the pores
 Take away the dirt on the skin surface
 Deep cleaning
Drive skin movement
 Micro vibration mode
 Increase skin elasticity
 Promote collagen regeneration
 Improve skin firmness
Ultrasonic introduction
 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
 Water molecule atomization
 Refine the essence into small molecular particles
 Micro vibration introduction
 Push the skin care essence to the bottom of the skin
Fat ablation
 Constant temperature heat
 Micro-vibrating skin
 Promote skin fat burning
 Thin and delicate face
UVC sterilization
 UV disinfection head
 Disinfecting cleansing brush
 Lightly cover and quickly sterilize
 Electronic battery power supply
 Intimate design
 Charging base
 Body IPX7 waterproof
 3-speed strength cleansing adjustment
 25 degree softness food grade silicone brush

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