What is a cleansing instrument?

What is a cleansing instrument?

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The cleansing instrument is the latest cleansing method in recent years. The cleansing cleansing instrument is placed on the wireless charger, and the brush head can be dried by the self-contained drying system, so that the consumer will still use the clean brush head next time. With a non-porous design, it is easy to clean and prevents the growth of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and mites. Reasonable use of cleansing instrument will help to improve skin pores and blackheads. It can help facial cleanser form a high-density uniform foam, thoroughly cleanse the face and achieve beauty care.

Olansi 2-in-1 Cleansing Importer
Deep Cleaning
 Micropulse reversal technology
 Lead reverse rotation cleansing
 Open the pores
 Take away the dirt on the skin surface
 Deep cleaning
Drive skin movement
 Micro vibration mode
 Increase skin elasticity
 Promote collagen regeneration
 Improve skin firmness
Ultrasonic introduction
 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
 Water molecule atomization
 Refine the essence into small molecular particles
 Micro vibration introduction
 Push the skin care essence to the bottom of the skin
Fat ablation
 Constant temperature heat
 Micro-vibrating skin
 Promote skin fat burning
 Thin and delicate face
UVC sterilization
 UV disinfection head
 Disinfecting cleansing brush
 Lightly cover and quickly sterilize
 Electronic battery power supply
 Intimate design
 Charging base
 Body IPX7 waterproof
 3-speed strength cleansing adjustment
 25 degree softness food grade silicone brush

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