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Indoor air pollution can not be ignored, the baby becomes the main victim, and purifying the air is serious!

Indoor air pollution can not be ignored, the baby becomes the main victim, and purifying the air is serious!

air cleaner,home air cleaner,home air cleaner

Since the hazards of PM2.5 have been successively popularized, it has caused widespread concern about air quality in the whole society. Mothers have paid attention to the damage of outdoor air pollution to the baby. Therefore, in order to avoid air pollution, the baby is often kept at home or indoors (such as playgrounds, classrooms).

According to a survey, urban residents spend 2.35 hours a day studying, working and living indoors, accounting for 92% of the whole day. It can be seen that our indoor activities are much higher than outdoor, and there is really no indoors. Is the air polluted?

According to research published by the World Health Organization and the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollution levels are generally much higher than outdoor environmental pollution, usually 2 to 5 times, and in extreme cases more than 100 times. The main targets of this hazard are elderly, infirm, pregnant women and children, especially babies are more vulnerable than adults, so indoor air pollution is also a warning to infants and young children.

The harm of air pollution to your baby, you never think of it.

Minors, especially infants, breathe more air than adults (according to the amount of breath/weight ratio), so they contact and inhale more indoor pollutants. Why do you say this way? Because the baby’s body is in the developmental stage, the metabolism is fast, and it is relatively active, so the respiratory rate is faster, the breathing volume is 50% higher than the adult weight, and at the same time, the baby’s body defense system is not fully developed, therefore, in the air Contaminants have a greater impact on your baby’s health than adults.

■ Chemical pollutants in indoor air

Baby’s breathing rate and metabolism are faster than adults, but their immune system is not perfect, so when inhaling dirty air, your baby is more vulnerable to health risks. For example, sulfur dioxide in the air can cause the lumen of the trachea and bronchi to shrink, making the baby difficult to breathe and even induce asthma; the baby is more sensitive to PM2.5 than adults, and can cause damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems; The absorption rate of lead in harmful air is 1.6~2.7 times that of adults. Excessive blood lead will lead to ADHD, learning difficulties, short stature, anemia, and emotional instability.

■ Indoor air pollutants brought by decoration

The main source of indoor air pollution is the decoration of the house, especially the pollution hazard of the new house decoration is particularly serious!

Formaldehyde: strong glare and colorless gas, release time for up to 15 years, has carcinogenic effects;

Benzene: special aromatic odor, mainly including benzene, toluene, xylene, etc. Mild pollution can cause neurasthenia-like symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, and apathy; long-term exposure to low doses of benzene can cause aplastic anemia, which can lead to leukemia in severe cases;

Ammonia: Strong odor irritating odorous gas. Can cause tears, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, bloodshot, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and can be accompanied by dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., when severe, pulmonary edema can occur;

Radon: Radioactive inert gas, colorless and odorless, with an incubation period of 15-40 years. Strong carcinogens recognized by the World Health Organization, especially lung cancer;

TVOC: refers to volatile organic compounds, divided into eight categories: alkanes, aromatics, alkenes, halocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones and others, is a general term for all volatile organic compounds in the room. TVOC evaporates into the air at room temperature. Its toxicity, irritation, carcinogenicity and special odor affect the skin and mucous membranes and cause acute damage to the human body.

Nearly 70% of newly renovated houses are unqualified for air testing, and children’s rooms are more polluted.

Parents usually pursue aesthetics for children’s rooms, and strive to give children the most attractive and childhood color design, so more decoration materials will be involved in the decoration, and the layout will be more colorful. But whether the decoration materials are environmentally friendly is not something that parents can control – paints, paints, plates, wallpapers, etc., will emit more than 500 kinds of toxic and harmful compounds.

To avoid pollution, my mother must do the following

Start with diet and improve your baby’s immunity

■ Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins;

■ Eat more fungus, Sydney, white fungus, lotus seeds, lily and other lung foods;

■ Give your baby more detox foods such as carrots, garlic, figs, grapes, cucumbers, and cherries;

■ Give your baby more foods such as Flammulina velutipes, jujube, and rough glutinous rice to enhance immunity and anti-allergy;

■ Eat more green onions, garlic and other foods that can be sterilized in the body. For example, when you change seasons, you can give your baby some raw garlic, which will effectively prevent influenza and respiratory diseases.

■ Drink plenty of water, this principle is almost always eaten!

Go to the green park for outdoor activities

When the weather and air quality are good, you must bring your baby to outdoor activities, and there are fewer particles in the air. If possible, take a child out of the country once a month, thoroughly clear the lungs, which is good for health.

Ensure that the air entering the room is clean and fresh

Conventional ventilation and ventilation methods are no longer practical. In some cities in China, the number of heavy pollution days has reached half in one year, and the outdoor is foggy. Is ventilation not ‘leading the wolf into the room’? In order to prevent a large amount of dust from accumulating indoors and affecting the baby’s breathing health, the mother needs to choose a professional new fan for the children’s room to exchange oxygen and oxygen to ensure that the baby breathes clean and fresh air every day.

Place air purification products indoors, especially in children’s rooms

The methods mentioned above have certain limitations. What if you need to stay indoors and maintain a certain temperature? For example, there is heating or air conditioning, so it is not suitable to open the window. Therefore, it is necessary to equip the children’s room and even all rooms with air purification products. The good purification system can not only filter out most of the particulate matter in the air, but also remove formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, giving the baby a healthy growth environment.

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Background and current situation of indoor environmental pollution

Background and current situation of indoor environmental pollution

air cleaner,allergen removerair purifier,air cleaner model

The health problems caused by indoor air pollution have become a health threat together with traditional diseases such as high, obesity and high cholesterol. According to a survey of air pollution, nearly 30% will induce respiratory diseases, 20% will produce different types of chronic diseases, some will have tracheal and bronchial verification, and severe will be replaced with cancer. The problem of indoor air pollution can not be underestimated.

Indoor environmental pollution is serious

In recent years, China has successively formulated a series of standards for indoor environment, from the use of building decoration materials to the limitation of pollutant content in indoor air, to strictly monitor the indoor environment to ensure the health of the people. Therefore, people often think that the living conditions of modernization are constantly improving, and indoor environmental pollution has been controlled. In fact, people’s harm to indoor environmental pollution is far from enough.

It should be noted that at the same time of rapid economic development, indoor environmental pollution caused by construction, decoration and furniture has become a major killer affecting people’s health. According to the data provided by the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, the annual number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution can reach 111,000, the number of over-examinations can reach 220,000, and the number of over-exposures can reach 4.3 million. Severe indoor environmental pollution not only caused people’s health losses, but also caused huge economic losses. In 1995, the economic losses caused by indoor environmental pollution in China were as high as 10.7 billion US dollars.

From the current analysis and analysis, the main sources of indoor air pollutants are as follows: construction and interior decoration materials, outdoor pollutants, combustion products and human activities. The pollution of interior decoration materials and furniture is currently the main aspect of indoor air pollution. The National Health, Construction and Environmental Protection Department conducted a spot check on interior decoration materials and found that 68% of the materials with toxic gas pollution, these decorative materials will evaporate more than 300 volatile organic compounds. Among them, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, toluene, xylene, volatile organic compounds and radioactive gases, etc., can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, difficulty breathing, etc. after repeated exposure. Repeated exposure can cause allergic reactions such as asthma and allergies. Prolonged exposure to rhinitis and dermatitis can lead to cancer (lung cancer, leukemia or abortion, fetal malformation and growth retardation).

Experts have found that the use of materials containing harmful substances in the home decoration will increase the degree of indoor pollution, which has a greater impact on children and women. Relevant statistics show that there are about 2.1 million children who die from upper respiratory tract infections each year in China, and the deaths of more than 1 million children are directly or indirectly related to indoor air pollution, especially some newly built and newly renovated kindergartens and home indoor environments. The pollution is very serious.

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Can the purifier be sleeping?

Can the purifier be sleeping?

negative ion air purifier,air purifier,air cleaner

The environment in which people live is getting worse and worse. In order to be able to breathe healthy air, many families choose to install an air purifier indoors to regulate indoor air. Due to the first use, there will be many problems during use. For example, can the purifier be able to sleep? It is ok. How to use the indoor purifier to sleep? Let’s take a look at it.

Can the air purifier sleep?

The air purifier can be turned on while sleeping. And it is recommended to drive more healthy during sleep. People also need a good environment when they sleep. High quality air is more conducive to the quality of our sleep, so it is necessary to open the air purifier. The noise of the air purifier is not large, it will not affect people’s sleep when used, and the power of the purifier is only about 80w, even if it is open 24 hours a day, it only costs more than one yuan per day.

How to use the air purifier when sleeping

1.Tune to sleep mode

When you sleep at night, you can turn the air purifier to sleep mode, so you can use the energy saving. The air purifier can’t be too noisy at night, otherwise it will affect people’s sleep, so the most important thing to choose a purifier is to watch it sleep. The mode noise is not big, if it is big, even if it works better, it is not recommended to buy.

2.Close the window when using

The air purifier is not suitable for window use. If the window is opened while sleeping, the outdoor polluted air will continuously enter the room, causing the air purifier to work all the time, which not only wastes electricity, but also does not achieve the purification effect. If you must open it, it is recommended to open only a few windows and let it breathe.

3.Pay attention to the placement position

The air purifier should be placed in a place where the bedroom is not ventilated, and the position should be lower, but not near the wall. This is not only inconvenient for air circulation, but also causes some pollutants in the corner to be sucked into the purifier, if in the summer or When using air conditioners in winter, it is recommended to put them in front of the air conditioner, and close the air inlet to the air conditioner to clean the air.

The above is a related introduction of ‘Can the purifier be open to sleep?’ I believe that everyone has learned that after reading it, the human body’s revolutionary cost, physical health is often the most important. In the use of air purifiers in life, you need to pay attention to the position, and when using the purifier, pay attention to ventilation in the room, otherwise it will not achieve the purification effect and consume electricity.

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Purification Of The Air Purifier Technology

                                Purification Of The Air Purifier Technology

With the changing environment, the indoor air environment has attracted increasing attention. The air purifier is effective in improving product purity of the air, now to clear the indoor air pollution, household cleaners and air-based business. Air filter in a variety of techniques and media to give air clean and safe. Commonly used technology for purifying the air are:

Low temperature plasma technology for purification, asymmetric, low-temperature plasma asymmetric forms allows high-voltage, high frequency pulsed plasma discharge in an asymmetric electric field, so that a level in the airspace between the large number of plasma to produce a series of reactions physical, chemical and hazardous and toxic gases from live viruses, bacteria and other rapid degradation, which is a powerful anti-virus, sterilization, the smell of smoke, dust and toxic substance is formed.

Air anion is a negatively charged ion gas with sedatives, hypnotics increases, diuretic, appetite, decreased blood pressure. Negative ions can be recovered from the atmosphere of air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, produced by cigarettes and other reactive oxygen species (free radicals) to reduce excess cash reactive oxygen in the human body in the air and positively charged particles without charge after the settlement, purify the air.

Molecular complex technology, which is an internal contamination with formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants before lock Molecular Complex, and then through the formaldehyde scavenger composition and decomposition of complex water to formaldehyde gas and short chain material is ammonia quickly turned into an irreversible solid long-chain complex, and the decomposition of ammonia salts, sediment in the water tie a clear distinction between the issues of clean air, eliminate indoor pollution.

Ozone (activated oxygen technology), the reaction of ozone to inactivate the bacteria are always made very quickly. Effect of ozone virus first body shell viral protein coat four polypeptide chains and RNA damage, in particular the formation of protein. Phage oxidation with ozone, electron microscopy shows that their skin is divided into several parts, many of which release of RNA, interfere with its absorption into the body storage.


As economic and social rights, better living standards and increase public awareness of the environment, various municipal facilities, commercial buildings and residential air quality problems, drew the attention of more and more. Clean air environment, improve air quality has become an urgent desire to requirements.

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Olansi new products 2019 innovative product room portable ionized home air purifier with humidifier healthy air cleaner

Olansi new products 2019 innovative product room portable ionized home air purifier with humidifier healthy air cleaner

Name Air Purifier K08AVoltage 220V/50Hz
Noise <=34.4dbCADR488m³/h
Anion 20 Million pcs/cm³MaterialABS
Gross Weight  15.5KGNet Weight 12.5KG
Dimension400*230*620mmPackage Size460*298*695mm
PM2.599%Application Area31-54 square meter
UV Lamp 365nmPower 85W
Filter 1. Aluminum Filter (washable)

2. Cold Catalyst Filter

3. Antibacterical Filter

4. Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

5. High Efficiency Hepa Filter

Function 1. Filter Replacement Reminder

2. Children Lock

3. PM2.5 Display

4. Touch Screen

5. Intelligent sensor system

6. Wifi function

7. Humidification

Control Operation Panel Buttons + Remote Control

intelligent WIFI air purifier

intelligent WIFI air purifier

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Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

“Pure natural zero formaldehyde”, “0 formaldehyde decoration is staying”…
There are more and more so-called “zero formaldehyde” home improvement products on the market.
There are more than formaldehyde companies, which claim to be able to remove formaldehyde at one time.
But is there really “zero formaldehyde” furniture?
In fact, “zero formaldehyde” is the psychology of some merchants using consumers’ fear of formaldehyde.
Marketing means

If you have a new house but don’t dare to live, how can you really prevent formaldehyde?
First of all, we need to recognize that the prevention and control of formaldehyde are not immediate.
And need long-term war

Because in theory
Furniture or various home improvement materials within 3-5 months of opening the package
The amount of formaldehyde released will reach a peak
After half a year, it will enter a slow, small release state.
However, the formaldehyde release cycle is long, and many factors affect its release.
So in real life
“The longer the time, the less the amount of formaldehyde” is not necessarily true.
There have been testing cases indicating
After 1 year of house decoration, the indoor formaldehyde content is higher than half a year ago.

So don’t feel that your house has lived for many years.
There is no need to pay attention to “indoor air quality”
Formaldehyde can be released for up to 3 to 10 years
Part of the best and cheap air purifier has a function of removing formaldehyde
But people who have bought know
In fact, the household air purifier can only act on local space.
Really want to radiate to the whole house, at least 2 to 3 units are enough

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Air pollution in the office, an air purifier is easy to get

Air pollution in the office, an air purifier is easy to get

For office workers, the most commonplace to stay in a day is not the home but the office. Working overtime or even overnight in the office has become one of the norms of modern people.
In fact, there are many indoor pollutants that we don’t know in the seemingly clean and tidy office. Indoor pollution has become a “health killer” in the invisible. For the office we are looking forward to, maintaining the indoor air quality is the most important. Where do these pollutants come from?
Indoor dust
Indoor dust is also one of the pollutants in the office. In addition to the dust that does not clean up the accumulated dust during the regular period, there are air conditioners and photocopiers that cause indoor dust. People generally do not want to clean electronic equipment in the office.
When copiers, air conditioners, etc. are working, they emit a kind of dust that people can’t see with the naked eye. This dust contains a lot of toner and iron powder. Once people inhale for a long time, they will cause lung damage. It causes respiratory diseases and various inflammations and so on.

Interior decoration pollution
The sources of indoor air pollution in China mainly come from three aspects: the pollution caused by the building itself. For example, some building materials have radioactive contaminants due to the high radioactive background of raw materials; the pollution caused by interior decoration materials and processes, such as plates Chemical fiber carpets, wallpapers, etc., especially low-grade materials, pollution is more serious; pollution caused by furniture and home appliances, such as the release of formaldehyde from panel furniture, fabric sofa spray tape to benzene pollution.
In the initial stage of decoration, choose various decorative materials, plates, furniture, soft decorations, as much as possible to buy large brands of environmentally-friendly products, to control decoration pollution from the source, to minimize indoor formaldehyde pollution sources. Avoid pollution of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. in the decoration materials. But the office is not home, it is difficult to ensure that environmentally friendly materials are used everywhere.

Perfume or other odor
We all know that perfume is also a chemical reagent. Although perfume does not release some toxic gases, perfumes are also “poisonous” for people who are allergic to perfumes. Especially in a closed environment such as an office, a little bit of air pollution can cause a drop in indoor air quality.
In addition to the perfume, the smell may also be mixed with other odors, such as the smell of take-away, coffee, tea and other odors, a variety of odors are easily mixed together, resulting in indoor air pollution.

At this time, people often want to put an indoor best air purifier in the office to purify the indoor air.
So, what kind of air purifier is suitable for use in a small space like an office?

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How to use the most effective household air purifier

How to use the most effective household air purifier

Look at the product indicators you bought before buying.
One of the most important data for an air purifier is the CADR value, which refers to how much clean air is output per hour. Maybe the shopping guide will mention this value with you before the purchase, but it was not taken care of at the time. In fact, you may wish to take a closer look at the CADR value of your home air purifier, which is a key indicator of the performance of the air purifier. In addition, you can use this CADR value to calculate the area of ​​the air purifier as a reference.
The location of the air purifier is important
It is recommended that the air purifier should be placed in the middle of the room to achieve the best effect without affecting the appearance of the home. Try not to rely on the wall or furniture, or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from use. In addition, since some purifiers also generate traces of harmful gases around them, do not place them too close to the human body. The air filter of the first air purifier is made of activated carbon filter cotton, which can effectively block large particle pollutants, hair and insects, adsorb toxic and harmful gases and oil mist in the air, effectively protect the HEPA filter and extend the HEPA filter. life.
The purifier is activated as long as possible.
The purifying function of the air purifier takes a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air, so the indoor air purifier can be turned on 24 hours when conditions permit. Moreover, some purifiers have also introduced timing functions. With this function, we can also effectively control the use time of the purifier. According to the different use area of ​​your home, it is usually 3-4 hours or so to effectively purify the air.
Serious air pollution must close the window
The main principle of the air purifier is to use the fan to take in the air in the room, purify it through a filter and other devices, and finally send the fresh air out. It is recommended to close the doors and windows to make it a closed environment in the case of serious air pollution so that the use of air purifiers can ensure better purification. However, in fact, the use of an air purifier in a closed space for a long time may cause secondary pollution, so when the atmospheric air quality is improved, there is no need to open the air purifier for a long time, and natural ventilation should be the best choice.
The filter material should be replaced in time.
In the specific use process, the user also needs to pay attention to the purification effect of the air purifier in a timely manner. If the purifying effect of the air purifier is found to be reduced, or the odor is turned on after the air purifier is turned on, the filter material should be replaced in time. If the signal indicator of the purifier is on, it means that the dust collection is full and the dust collector needs to be replaced. When we replace the filter material, we should refer to the recommendations in the instruction manual. Usually, it is better to replace it every six months. In addition, the replacement cycle should be adjusted according to the frequency of use and the severity of air pollution.
As a model of the air purifier industry, Daoyi Technology uses a 14-stage HEPA filter to effectively filter PM2.5, particulate matter, dust, and other floating materials, while unique ion polymerization technology and special activated carbon impregnated with rare catalysts. The organic pollutants are decomposed while adsorbing, and the harmful organic pollutants such as formaldehyde are completely removed, and the service life of the activated carbon and the like is maximized.

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Why can an air purifier remove formaldehyde?

Why can an air purifier remove formaldehyde?

It is reported that the World Health Organization has already identified formaldehyde as a class of carcinogens, and a cancer event such as leukemia caused by formaldehyde poisoning is strong evidence for this conclusion! With the frequent occurrence of formaldehyde poisoning, our fear of formaldehyde can be said to be deep into the bone marrow. Therefore, in order to control formaldehyde and improve indoor air quality, most households will choose an air purifier to remove formaldehyde, then the air purifier can In addition to formaldehyde? What is the way to remove formaldehyde?
As we all know, the purification ability of the air purifier is mainly reflected by the filter screen. Under normal circumstances, the filter screen of the air purifier is roughly divided into a primary effect filter, a HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. The primary filter and the HEPA filter are not mentioned for the time being. The activated carbon filter is the filter used to remove formaldehyde. Of course, the composite filter is the same. It relies on the activated carbon inside to absorb formaldehyde!

The principle of activated carbon adsorption of formaldehyde is to rely on its own developed pore structure and surface area, can contact the surrounding air to a large extent, passively adsorb some pollutants into its own pores, so the larger the surface of activated carbon, the more the pore structure The stronger the developed adsorption capacity. However, activated carbon has a fatal disadvantage, that is, the dust holding capacity is too small. Under normal circumstances, the activated carbon will reach saturation in about 15 days, and then secondary pollution will occur. The volatilization period of formaldehyde can be up to 15 years, which means that we need to replace the activated carbon filter frequently, which not only increases the cost of use but also causes negligence, which will cause irreversible consequences. The air purifier of the activated carbon filter to remove formaldehyde is not reliable!
So why do many people think that air purifiers can remove formaldehyde? This is because, unlike traditional air purifiers, there are a number of brands with advanced technology and excellent quality, such as the Olansi air purifier. In order to solve the drawbacks of activated carbon filters, a new type of nano-mineral filter is adopted. The pores of the nano-mineral crystals are nano-scale, and the pores have polar characteristics and have strong adsorption effects on nano-scale molecular-sized polar gas compounds. Be aware that indoor gas pollutants such as formaldehyde are polar gas compounds!

In addition, the pore surface area of ​​the nano-mineral crystal is 6-9 times that of ordinary activated carbon, which directly increases the contact area with formaldehyde, in other words, the efficiency of adsorbing formaldehyde is increased by 6-9 times, the adsorption rate is faster, and Due to the large pore area, the dust holding capacity is far greater than that of ordinary activated carbon. In order to better control formaldehyde, the Olansi air purifier has also developed MSD formaldehyde decomposition technology, which will decompose formaldehyde into carbon dioxide and water while completely adsorbing formaldehyde, completely eliminating secondary pollution.

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Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can a household air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

On a hot afternoon, Mr. Zhang, who was sweating, returned home from the outside. I was about to turn on the air conditioner. Suddenly, a pungent smell came over and it felt a bit like formaldehyde. Mr. Zhang wondered: The house has been renovated for a long time. At that time, it did not smell any special taste. Where did the smell come from now? Mr. Zhang decided to find the source of formaldehyde. I recalled that a friend bought a formaldehyde tester two days ago, so I immediately called to ask my friend to borrow and test it myself.

After getting the formaldehyde tester, Mr. Zhang hurriedly turned on the tester switch. The value on the tester instantly climbed to 0.15 mg/m3, and the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air of residents was 0.08 mg/m3, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of Mr. Zhang’s home has exceeded the standard.

Unexpected Mr. Zhang held a formaldehyde tester and read the “seeking the entanglement of the dragon, the entanglement is a heavy pass”, and continued to search for the source of formaldehyde. When passing through a cabinet, the value was found. Suddenly increased – this is the cabinet he bought six months ago.

At the moment when the door of the cabinet came, Mr. Zhang, who had come to the smell of formaldehyde, burst into a cough and a heart. This cabinet is a display cabinet, usually not open very much, plus the indoor temperature in summer is high, the study does not often open air conditioning, a large amount of formaldehyde accumulates in the cabinet. Mr. Zhang pinched his nose and put the tester in the cupboard, and then carefully closed the door. A few minutes later, Mr. Zhang burst into tears and found that the formaldehyde reading on the instrument was stable at 1.76 mg/m3, and the reading was even as high as 2.08 mg/m3, which was a serious explosion. The cabinet that Mr. Zhang asked to come back half a year ago is a gas cabinet.

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