Plasma beauty instrument for sensitive muscles

Plasma beauty instrument for sensitive muscles

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Twenty-two years old and young, many people may think that the skin of the little girl should be youthful and invincible, but what kind of beauty instrument, but the skin is a little sensitive, closed acne will not break, especially in the season, these problems will be aggravated.

OLANSI beauty instrument is a beauty instrument that can protect the sensitive muscles from the skin and rejuvenation. Especially for the skin problems of closed acne, it can quickly kill many germs that cause skin diseases through low temperature plasma. Help the absorption of follow-up skin care products, and do a few things. The first feeling of getting the hand is light, the instrument has a good texture, the design curve is better, and it fits the curvature of your face.

Tip: It is normal for the sound of dripping and metal to appear during use. It is a natural phenomenon caused by high-speed particles colliding with each other.
Note: Be sure to clean the scanning surface after using it~

Plasma beauty instrument
Elimination of bacteria: active oxygen atom sterilization, oxygen molecule sterilization, plasma sterilization
Repair the skin: enhance the skin’s ability to moisturize and avoid dry skin itching
High energy permeability: activates the epidermal cells of the skin, increases the hydrophilicity of the skin, and helps the absorption of the essence.
Improves wrinkles: Balances skin’s ionic position, tightens the skin’s dermis, reduces wrinkles, and inhibits skin aging
Brighten skin tone: promotes sufficient cells, promotes collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, breaks down melanin, enhances skin tone
Other functions: stop bleeding, purify the air, remove odor

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