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Smog in the Indian capital, killing one person per hour

Smog in the Indian capital, killing one person per hour

room air purifier,air fresher,air purifier

According to the Xinhua News Agency, according to the Global Burden of Disease Research, outdoor air pollution has become the fifth leading cause of death among Indians, after high blood pressure, indoor pollution, smoking and malnutrition. The number of deaths from outdoor air pollution has increased from 100,000 in 2000 to 620,000 in 2010. In the capital New Delhi, an average person died every hour because of air pollution.

The Hindustan Times reported that one-third of India’s population lives in an environment where harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and particulate matter (PM10) are seriously exceeded.

‘About half of India’s airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) levels exceed the standard.’ Chandra Bhushan, deputy director of the Indian Centre for Environmental and Science, told reporters. The monitoring results show that India only has air quality standards in two cities in southern Kerala. The green coverage rate in New Delhi is very large and the industrial area is also far from the urban area. Environmental experts believe that air quality in New Delhi has deteriorated in recent years due to the surge in the number of cars.

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how to evaluate air purifier is better or not?

                                                                  how to evaluate air purifier is better or not?


Before you resort to buying an air purifier, try some simple steps to reduce indoor air irritants,including:

Vacuum often and thoroughly with a vacuum with HEPA filtration.

Ban smoking indoors.

Maintain your heating and cooling equipment and change air filters regularly.

Minimize use of candles and wood fires.

Use exhaust fans in kitchen, bath, and laundry areas.

Don’t store chemicals, solvents, glues, or pesticides near your living quarters.

If pollen or related allergies keep you from opening windows, run your air conditioner or forced-air cooling system with a clean air filter.

The Pros and Cons

Pros: They’re portable—most room air purifiers weigh from 10 to 20 pounds, have a handle, and stand on the floor or on a table, while heavier models might have wheels.

Many have a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which can capture ultrafine particles. Keep in mind: Most HEPA filters need to be replaced annually, an expense that might approach the cost of the air cleaner, but a few models are now available with cleanable HEPA filters.

Cons: Portable models that use either electrostatic-precipitator or ionizer technology could produce some ozone, a lung irritant.

Things to consider Operating costs

Keep it clean

Quietness counts

Room Air Purifier Features

Fan: Most room air cleaners use a fan to suck in air for filtration. Those without a fan (the air circulates naturally throughout your home) run more quietly, but those we tested without fans worked poorly.

Servicing indicator: A clogged air cleaner works inefficiently. This feature lets you know when the unit needs to be cleaned or the filter replaced.

Programmable timer: These controls allow you to set the purifier to run a few hours before you’ll be using a room, or turn it off automatically.

Carrying handle: Makes it easy to move unit from room to room.

Number of speeds: The unit adjusts to your air-cleaning needs—lower when you are sleeping or working and need quiet, higher when it’s prime pollen time.

Ionizer: If a unit has an ionizer (which attracts particles via an effect like static electricity), it’s important that it not produce ozone (it may say on the box or in an operation manual; you can also check our ratings). Ozone is a possible lung irritant.

Remote control: Lets you easily adjust settings from across the room.

Dirt sensor: In some room models, the unit automatically adjusts fan speed to the level of dirt or dust in the air.

Washable pre-filter: A washable—and reusable—pre-filter collects large particles; if it’s washable, it can help cut overall costs. However, many of our higher-rated models did not have this option.

Clearing the Air

What They Do Well

The better air purifiers are especially good at filtering pollutant particles such as dust, smoke from candles or fireplaces, and pollen.

What’s Not So Great

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from adhesives, paints, and cleaning products, and other types of gaseous pollutants, however, are another matter. Some portable models with carbon pre-filters are claimed to filter VOCs, but the Environmental Protection Agency warns that such filters are specific to certain gaseous pollutants, not for others, and that no air purifier is expected to remove all gaseous pollutants found in the typical home. Carbon filters also must be replaced often, typically every 3 to 6 months, or they stop working.

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Young people, we are the air purifiers that pay.

Young people, we are the air purifiers that pay.

Some people say that there is more formaldehyde and it is not necessarily leukemia. Yes, like the death of Mr. Wang, his family’s self-prosecution results, the bad review is not very optimistic, because in a similar case, the court did not support the causal relationship between formaldehyde and leukemia.

The bad judge can not be sure, it must be the death of Mr. Wang caused by formaldehyde. However, the decoration pollution of the room will have various negative effects on the human body, which is certain.

For example, formaldehyde ranks second in China’s priority list of toxic chemicals and is determined by the World Health Organization to be a carcinogenic and teratogenic substance. It can induce nuclear mutations in the nucleus and interfere with normal DNA activity, which can cause neonatal chromosomal abnormalities and leukemia. Long-term low concentrations of formaldehyde can also cause chronic respiratory diseases, causing nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumors and the like.

IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer believes
Formaldehyde can cause a high risk of cancer and leukemia

Moreover, not only formaldehyde, but also aromatic hydrocarbons, that is, volatiles such as benzene and toluene, are highly volatile in the 3-6 months after the renovation, and the academic literature clearly indicates that it will cause leukopenia. , thrombocytopenia, can cause acute myeloid leukemia. To say that formaldehyde is still a bit controversial, this is nailed on the board.

There is an old saying in the decoration industry, “No aldehyde is not glued, no benzene is not lacquered”, freely used in the apartment’s table, the wardrobe is a composite sheet, which contains a lot of industrial glue, furniture surface and a variety of metal lacquer wood paint.

Free sample room

It is safe to say that they use e1 grade plates and are qualified. These plates are used as the whole plate at the factory and have been treated in the surrounding area. Only a small amount of free formaldehyde is leaked out during the test, which is naturally qualified.

However, once the furniture is made, there will be formaldehyde leakage on the cutting surface. During the aging process of the glue, the free formaldehyde will continue to emanate, and the evaporation period can be up to 15 years. At this time, you will pass the test, who believes?

China has a low requirement for the emission value of formaldehyde. The “Limited Quantity of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials” stipulates that the amount of formaldehyde released in wooden furniture should be less than or equal to 1.5mg/L, and the requirements of the United States, the European Union, and other countries. It is much stricter than ours.

In addition, under the circumstance of capital, long-term rental apartments rushed all the way. In order to quickly withdraw funds, the industry’s default unspoken rule is 10 days of renovation (non-blank room), rent out within 7 days, and no time for pollutants to evaporate. It is strange to not exceed the standard.

There are a lot of houses in big cities that are packed in long-term rental apartments such as eggshells, and such long-term rental apartments are indeed better than general housing in terms of facilities and decoration styles, so they are very popular among young people.

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Is the air purifier really useful? Still psychological?

Is the air purifier really useful? Still psychological?

Seeing that the moon is approaching, the smog seems to be full of blood and mouth, step by step.

An aerosol system consisting of tiny water droplets or ice crystals;
Niobium is a collection of particles such as dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and organic hydrocarbons in the air.

There is no doubt that it is harmful and not too shallow.

When the haze gradually approached the city, some people screamed and some people closed their doors.

Before, a friend who was not familiar with me asked me a very sharp question, saying:

“You old let me open the window to ventilate and smell, is the smog coming over?”

Me: (I just returned to Chengdu soon) “Is Chengdu smog serious?”

“That can be dripping, in the winter, the gray outside, the whole follow-up of the coal kiln, black smoke.”

Me: “Is the purifier open?”

She: “Is that awkward thing?”

The official explanation is products that can absorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.) and effectively improve air cleanliness.

However, the best quality room air purifier may be a gimmick, is it really useful? Will it be just a psychological effect?

However, the best large room air purifier was not invented because of smog.

In 1823, in order to prevent firefighters from being exposed to smoke during firefighting, John and Charles Dean invented a smoke protection device, which is the prototype of a modern air purifier.

After a long time, a warrior named Hans Tenghaus, after many attempts discovered that charcoal could filter out harmful gases in the air and used it on the air purifier.

Later, when World War II broke out, the US government did not allow them to be exposed to radiation and other substances in order to protect the scientific research workers, so they developed a HEPA filter.

In the 1950s and 1960s, HEPA filters were very popular.

HEPA filter: interwoven with very fine organic fibers, the capture particles are extremely strong, and can remove at least 97.00% of the airborne particles 0.3-micrometer diameter.
The development of the industry has intensified the deterioration of the air. At the end of the 20th century, the air purifier began to turn, and the home air purifier began to appear. The function began to become diverse. Before World War II and before, the main function of the purifier was to remove the stench in the air. And harmful chemical gases, etc., and now the purifier function has been greatly expanded, bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, mold spores, formaldehyde and so on.

The air purifier can be said to be an indoor artifact, of course, the premise is that you have to buy a regular quality-assured product.

First of all, your attention to the following concepts:

CADR value: refers to the amount of clean air. The air purifier provides the clean air rate of the air purifier according to the parameters of the target particulate matter purification ability under the rated state and the specified test conditions.
In other words, it is the ability of this machine to purify the air.

CCM refers to the cumulative purification amount, that is, the total amount of target pollution of the cumulative purification treatment when the clean air volume of the air purifier is attenuated to 50% of the initial value.
In other words, it is how much air is purified when there is only half of the machine’s working capacity.

Clean energy efficiency: The amount of clean air produced by the unit purifier of the air purifier at rated state.
In other words, it is to consume the same amount of electricity, to see who is cleaner.

Applicable area: Based on the CADR value indicated by the purifier, derived from the F algorithm, it can meet the (maximum) room area applicable to the purification requirements of particulate matter.
In other words, in other words, this room is suitable for a large room.
There are also several common pitfalls.

Misunderstanding 1: The larger the air volume of the air purifier, the more effective it is.

The air output is only one of the parameters of the air purifier. It is not the effect that the larger the air volume is, the more effective the air purifier is. The performance evaluation index of the air purifier is CADR (clean air volume) = air volume × purifier purification efficiency, so the purifier The effect is also dependent on the amount of air output and the single pass removal efficiency of the contaminants.

Myth 2: The air purifier bought once and for all, no need to clean

As with the regular maintenance of air conditioners, air purifiers also require regular cleaning and maintenance. When the air purifier is used for a long time, it will absorb some substances such as dust and fluff in the air, so it should be cleaned at the air inlet, fan, etc.

Misunderstanding 3: Open the air purifier before entering the house

If the purifier is turned on when entering the house, the effect of the short-time air purifier is not good. There are many air purifiers in the market that support remote booting, preferably open in advance.

Myth 4: Too much dependence on air purifiers

In the case of the good air outside, it is possible to open the window and ventilate, or even open the air purifier. In addition, many air purifiers have a limited effect on formaldehyde, and ventilation is also essential.

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air purifier humidifier

Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

Air purifier purchase, see these 4 values is enough!

The air purifier quiet large room can purify most of the harmful particulate matter in the air to a certain extent to achieve the effect of clean air. As more families value indoor air quality, air purifiers are almost a must for families.
How to choose a quiet room air purifier if you want to achieve the best indoor purification effect?
Look at the CADR value
CADR (clean air delivery rate) means “clean air output efficiency”, that is, the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. It is an internationally valuable data indicator for purifying air purifying capacity. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The CADR value determines the core performance of the air purifier and is the most important indicator when purchasing an air purifier, but it is not the only indicator.
Look at the CCM value
CCM (cumulate clean mass) is the cumulative purification amount. The air purifier’s consumables will decrease in performance as the use time increases. CCM means that CCM refers to the cumulative purification of pollutants (particles or The total weight of formaldehyde). The larger the CCM number, the longer the cycle of replacing the filter material, which means that the longer the filter life, the more pollutants the filter will purify during its lifetime.
Look at noise and energy consumption
It is very important that the air purifier is quiet when working. The excessive noise will cause trouble to the daily life of the room. The new national standard divides the noise limit of the air purifier from low to high into 4 files, which will be marked directly in the machine’s outer packaging and in the conspicuous position of the manual.
Users do not blindly pursue the CADR value of the product when purchasing the air purifier. In addition to the air purification efficiency, the high-quality air purifier, the sterilization detoxification ability, the running noise and the maintenance cost of the air purifier itself are also A key factor in determining the quality of an air purifier.
Buy four steps
☑ First think about your purification needs;
 Select the empty net value of the corresponding CADR according to the area;
 Compare CCM to understand the empty net filter life (long-term cost of use);
 Compare noise conditions, especially sleep silence.
In order to give full play to the effect of the air purifier, pay attention to the correct method when using it.
Placement position
The air purifier is best placed in the middle of the room without affecting the aesthetics of the home. Try not to rely on walls or furniture, or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from use. In addition, since some purifiers also generate traces of harmful gases around them, do not place them too close to the human body.
Open as long as possible
The purifying function of the air purifier takes a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air and to open it for a long time if conditions permit. Some purifiers with timing function can also more conveniently and effectively control the use time of the purifier. In use, the length of the specific opening is determined according to different usage areas.
Replace the filter in time
In the specific use process, the user also needs to pay attention to the purification effect of the air purifier in time. If the purifying effect of the air purifier is found to be reduced, or the odor is turned on after the air purifier is turned on, the filter should be replaced in time. The time for replacing the filter material should refer to the recommendations in the instruction manual, and it is usually better to replace it every six months. In addition, the replacement cycle should be adjusted according to the frequency of use and the severity of air pollution.
Choose the air purifier that is most suitable for the home environment, to ensure the cleanest air quality and create a cleaner home life.
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Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

Due to the continuous increase of haze weather in recent years
Many cities PM2.5 values ​​frequently burst table
Plus new home decoration, purchase furniture, formaldehyde, etc.
In order to breathe clean air
More and more people are starting to buy large room HEPA air purifier
So is the air purifier really useful?
The large room HEPA filter air purifier can detect and control indoor air and formaldehyde pollution, bringing fresh air to our interior.
Which includes
1) Settling particles in the air to effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles in the air such as dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities, shavings, pollen, etc., to avoid causing allergic diseases, eye diseases, and other diseases.
2) Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air, effectively kill and destroy bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surface of objects, and remove dead dandruff and pollen from the air to reduce the spread of diseases in the air.
3) Effectively eliminate odor, effectively remove the strange smell and polluted air emitted from chemicals, animals, tobacco, oil smoke, cooking, decoration, garbage, etc., and replace indoor gas continuously for 24 hours to ensure a virtuous circulation of indoor air.
4) Rapidly neutralize chemical gases, effectively neutralize harmful gases emitted from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, insecticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, and paints, while at the same time reducing the discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases.
So, can the air purifier really eliminate pm2.5?
Air purifiers have become a must-have home appliance for many families. They have a small role in indoor air purification. They can detect and filter PM2.5 in the air and effectively protect the family’s respiratory health. In the smog weather, the indoor anti-mite air purifier can not be less.
Is the air purifier effective for removing formaldehyde?
First of all, we must understand that formaldehyde is produced by decoration and raw materials, and it cannot be removed for a long time. To solve the problem of formaldehyde permanently, it is necessary to remove the pollution source of the decoration or raw materials from the source. Otherwise, it can only be treated by formaldehyde, but if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, then the treatment can not be completed. The air purifier is an auxiliary means, it is recommended to open 24 hours, which has a certain elimination effect on formaldehyde.
So what is the best way to remove air purifiers?
Most of the air purifiers are composed of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. HEPA is mainly used to purify solid pollutants such as dust and PM2.5. The activated carbon filter is mainly used to adsorb volatile gases such as formaldehyde and odor.
There are two necessary conditions for indoor air quality to meet certain cleanliness standards.
First, it must be ensured that the indoor air reaches a certain number of air changes, that is, the fan built in the cleaner has a certain amount of air.
Second, the purification efficiency of the cleaner must be relatively high. Clean Air Volume (CADR) is the physical quantity that quantifies the two necessary conditions above the cleaner.
In general, the larger the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. That is the clean air output ratio, which directly affects the purification efficiency. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier and the larger the applicable area. It can be seen that CADR is an important indicator to measure the excellence of an air purifier, but note that this is not the only or dominant indicator.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing an air purifier?
The brand, function, performance, design, and price of the air purifier are very different and dazzling. Consumers are advised to purchase products according to their actual needs, not as many features as possible. For example, for consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to choose an air purifier with an outstanding PM2.5 purification capability. Newly renovated homes can focus on air purifiers that have outstanding formaldehyde and toluene capabilities.
At the same time, when purchasing, try to choose a big brand, the quality will be more secure.
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Is the fresh air system still an air purifier? Both can have both

Is the fresh air system still an air purifier? Both can have both

There are many types of indoor air pollutants, among which PM2.5, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide are the most harmful, causing the most attention. In order to improve air quality, users usually install an air purifier or a fresh air system. The user’s awareness of the fresh air system is still lower than that of the air purifier.
The best type of air purifier for allergies can adsorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants and rapidly reduce the concentration of indoor air pollutants; the fresh air system can exchange indoor and outdoor air and filter the pollutants in the air during the exchange process. The air purifier is essentially an inner circulation of air. The dirty air is filtered and returned to the room. The fresh air system is essentially an outer circulation of air, which can continuously exchange indoor and outdoor air. The fresh air system can continuously extract fresh air from the external environment while removing indoor air pollutants, and there is almost no noise during work. These are the advantages that the air purifier does not have.
Although the user experience of the fresh air system is better, the user’s awareness of the fresh air system is far less than that of the best air purifier for mold and dust allergies, which directly affects the sales of the fresh air system.
The function of the fresh air system seems to be the same as that of ventilation. However, under the premise of more pollutants in the air, ventilation and ventilation will introduce dirty air into the room, while the fresh air system will filter the air while entering the air. , disinfection, sterilization, aeration and other operations to ensure the quality of the air.
The fresh air system is divided into two types: ducted fresh air system and non-pipe fresh air system. The non-pipe fresh air system is easy to install and suitable for home use, which is much simpler than the user-imagined installation process.
Although the price of the fresh air system is slightly higher than that of the air purifier, the filter replacement frequency of the fresh air system is lower than that of the air purifier, and in the long run, the fresh air system may be more affordable.
Fresh air systems and air purifiers are not fish and bear’s paws, and the two will work better together. Users who live in smog, dusty and even noisy places can choose to install a fresh air system. The fresh air system can keep the air fresh and provide a better user experience without the user opening the window for a long time.
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The original function of the air purifier is so powerful!

The original function of the air purifier is so powerful!

Many people think that the best quiet air purifier is not useful, because the air can neither be seen nor touched, and the purification effect of the air purifier is difficult to be directly felt by us. In fact, the role of the air purifier is still very large, can help us to remove some of the fine particles and harmful gases that are harmful to the body.
First of all, indoor pollution can be roughly divided into two categories: excessive particulate matter and volatile organic compounds exceeding the standard.
Among them, there are many kinds of particulate matter, such as dust particles brought in from outside, as well as PM 2.5, allergenic pollen, bacteria, viruses, swarf keratin, pets and so on. If the particles are inhaled too much and deposited in the body, it may cause respiratory diseases and even increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. Bacteria and viruses can cause skin irritation and illness.
Volatile organics, also known as VOCs, are mainly derived from combustion products such as coal and natural gas, smoking, construction and decorative materials, furniture, household appliances, detergents, and the body’s own emissions, as well as paints used in decoration. , coatings and adhesives.
The hazard of VOC is obvious. When the concentration of VOC in the room exceeds the standard, people will feel nausea and headache. If it is serious, it will be comatose because it will damage the liver, kidney, brain and nervous system of human beings.
So what is the recommended best quiet air purifier?
The S40 is equipped with the Olansi full-speed ultra-fast filter system for 400m3/h particulate CADR and P4 CCM for heavy indoor pollution. At the same time, in order to solve the formaldehyde super phenomenon that often occurs in modern homes, S40 also provides up to 300m3 / h formaldehyde CADR and F4 grade CCM, long-term removal of formaldehyde.
The measured data shows that the formaldehyde purification rate is 99%, and the TVOC purification rate is more than 98%. Excellent performance with this sleek and generous design also makes it better integrated into the home environment, is a purifier and also an ornament.
Olansi is a healthy home appliance brand that focuses on the smart home ecology. It is committed to creating a beautiful life for people with technology and human care with the concept of “human text”. It integrates design, research, and development, production, sales and service into one. The young design concept and the people-oriented brand values ​​provide users with fashionable and reliable health appliances such as air purifiers and water purifiers.
With the promulgation of the new national standard, consumers can further understand the meaning of the various indicators of the new national standard, and select the most suitable products according to the actual needs of individuals, measuring the purification area, filter life, and other comprehensive factors. For brand manufacturers, not only need to deepen the needs of users, and constantly improve the product functions but also need to make the new national standard related specifications more concise and complete, easy to understand, which helps consumers to actively choose the right products.
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Air purifiers “life and death”: Internet companies push hard to launch black horses

Air purifiers “life and death”: Internet companies push hard to launch black horses

To be precise, the best era of air purifiers appeared in 2014, when the empty net products were full of mystery in the eyes of consumers, and Internet vendors brought a lot of focus to a single story.
After three years, the prosperity of the empty net market seems to be re-enacted. The little-known 352 environmental protection technology has won the largest financing in the air net industry so far. The painful transformation of Jumei has extended one foot to the air purifier, and the ink weather, hammer and so on have also seen the dividend of the empty net market… …
But on the other side of the coin, the Olansi air purifier was taken to the altar, but it fell into the “quality gate” several times; Fu Sheng, who claimed to be “a patient with dust allergic rhinitis”, was close to his “leopard meter”. People’s vision disappeared. Now that Internet companies are once again building up a net market, are they ready to face a “life and death”?
Barbaric growth under the bonus
Even after three years, the dividend in the net market does not seem to be exhausted. In 2016, the market size of domestic net products reached 5.74 million units, and the retail volume and retail sales achieved year-on-year growth of 19.3% and 23.6% respectively. Some people have calculated an economic account. The market penetration rate of empty-net products in the United States and Japan has reached 27% and 17%, and South Korea is as high as 70%. In contrast, the domestic market is only about 1%. The potential market space is not mentioned. And Yu.
In addition, according to the estimation of China Industrial Research Institute, the sales volume of air purifiers in China will continue to grow at a rate of 30%-35% in the future. It is expected that the sales volume will reach 100 billion yuan in 2017 and 300 billion yuan in 2020. A new market of 100 billion.
The rise of the empty net market is inseparable from two major incentives. One is that under the influence of a series of marketing renderings, the idea that air purifiers become “necessities for life” has gradually gained popularity, especially the promotion of consumption upgrades and the growth of the new housing market in recent years. Directly promoted the market demand for empty-net products;
The other is the rapid maturity of the empty net upstream and downstream industries. Up to now, there have been more than 700 air purifier brands in China, including overseas imported products, also transformed home appliance manufacturers, and entrepreneurs and Internet companies across the border.
However, most of the empty net brands rely on products, not products or technology, but capture the consumer’s “psychological appeal” marketing strategy. From the end of 2012, PM2.5 began to become seasonal news. Focus, every autumn and winter season, the media will expose PM2.5 related burst numbers, arousing consumers’ fear and empathy.
Perhaps at this time, there are already many net brand nets stealing music. “Fear” is a very magical phenomenon. Even if you know that buying an air purifier may not solve the air quality problem, at least there is psychological comfort.
From the perspective of an empty net manufacturer, this is the so-called dividend, which is especially true for Internet companies. The pricing of foreign brands such as Philips and Aegis is generally more than 3,000 yuan. The price of 352 series air purifiers sold in Jingdong, Tmall, and other e-commerce platforms is more than 1,000 to 2,000 yuan.
Internet vendors have keenly realized that this price will undoubtedly entangle some consumers, and they want to occupy the “secondary consumption power” market that these brands cannot cover, so whether it is Olansi Or Leopard, the price is below 1,000 yuan.
However, a good set of imported air purifier filter cores cost nearly 1,000 yuan. The performance of the machine below 1,000 yuan and the quality of professional air purifier brands are still quite different. Therefore, because some of the consumption stocks in the market do not have the ability to identify, the figure cheaply buys a “psychological comforting” air purifier, and this part of the consumption stock will eventually be selected again with the poor experience of use, returning to the market and becoming empty. Net new consumption power.
The mysterious empty net market
In March of last year, the National Standards Committee approved the issuance of the newly revised “Air Purifier” national standard, the CADR value (the higher the value, the higher the efficiency, the larger the applicable area), and the CCM value (the larger the value, the longer the filter life. The better the quality of the filter, the energy efficiency rating and other indicators are clearly defined.
However, the higher industry threshold still fails to stop the entry of Internet companies that are “all-powerful”. Jumeiyou, Ink Weather and Hammer Technology released news of air purifiers
At the APE air product launch conference, Reemake Air One and Reemake air one plus have CADRs of 1000 and 2000 respectively. Compared with the CADR value of Olansi Air Purifier 406, several times of advantageous crushing has been formed. Coincidentally, the CADR value of the ink air purifier reached 450. In order to match the price of 2,999 yuan, I have always compared myself with international big brands in marketing and publicity. What is curious is that the first air purifier of the hammer, how will Lao Luo sell his feelings?
Still, the hardware product is not a simple data overlay. After all, it is not a matter of software knocking a few codes than data, but a comprehensive performance. Internet brands cross-border, often fall into the marketing thinking of “word games” and “digital games.”
For example, the Olansi air purifier has been questioned a lot. The so-called 406CADR can only be achieved in high-speed mode, but the noise has reached 75 decibels, which is close to the limit of human ear comfort. Under normal conditions of 40 decibels, The CADR value is only around 200-300, which does not provide basic suction power. Olansi is still like this, and the empty net products of other Internet brands can be imagined.
In contrast, the performance of professional brands in the industry is more pragmatic. Take the second product X83 air purifier released by 352 Environmental Technology as an example. The CARD value of the particulate matter reaches 750m3/h, and the applicable area of ​​the machine is 52-90 square meters. The sound power level noise is only 64.4dB, and the lowest sound power level noise is 34.5dB, which is close to the decibel number of the leaves (30dB).
The savvy capital circle sees the true face of the empty net market before consumers who are still in the ignorant period. 352 environmental protection has been a positive signal from the investment of 200 million yuan such as Bertelsmann, Jingwei Venture Capital and Huatai Fund. The capital is concerned not only with the brand volume but also with consumers’ secondary purchases and user reputation, which can highlight product competition. The force factor, 352 environmental protection is precisely the data that gives a bright eye on these factors.
Shuffle is inevitable
The mature development of any industry is inseparable from three stages: panic buying, comfort buying, and rational buying. Perhaps the vast majority of consumers in China have not yet reached the stage of rational purchase, but this does not stop the trend of the industry to shuffle.
At least for now, there have been three incentives that are not conducive to “speculators”:
1. The new air net regulation will be introduced soon, or the standardization of the empty net market will be accelerated. According to media reports, the two industry standards of “Filter Filter for Air Purifier” and “Electrical Dust Filter for Air Purifier” have entered the final stage, and are expected to be officially introduced in 2018. Different from the “new national standard” that pays attention to the overall energy efficiency standard, the two new standards have more detailed specifications on the filter life and purification capacity and also mean that the technical threshold of the industry is once again improved.
2. Market resources began to tilt, and the entry threshold for empty-net markets increased. At present, the domestic net air market has formed a three-pronged pattern, namely, the household appliance giant represented by Philips, the Internet cross-over represented by Olansi, the professional air net manufacturer represented by Yadu and 352 environmental protection technology. In addition, Gree, Midea, TCL, and other comprehensive appliance giants are also entering the empty net market, leaving opportunities for emerging Internet brands increasingly narrow.
3. The homogenization of the empty net market and the proportion of hidden competitiveness increased. Like mobile phones and air conditioners, air purifiers are also facing the convergence of appearance and technical parameters, especially the entry of a large wave of OEM OEMs and Internet brands. The value of dominant competitive factors such as technology and products is weakened, brand and supply. The hidden factors such as the chain and the internal optimization ability of the enterprise will influence the final pattern of the industry. For example, it is not the air castle that is famous for the implantation of “Ode to Joy”, nor the old company such as Yadu, but the 352 environmental protection technology that is not known because of its products, technical barriers, and supply. The advantage of the chain end.
In addition, with the maturity of consumers’ awareness of empty-net products, they are also testing the full strength of the manufacturers. For the 352 environmental protection technology that has just received financing, it has begun to launch a small space air purifier X50 for small-sized or shared people. The footprint is similar to that of an A4 paper. The CADR value of the particulate matter is still higher than the general air purifier on the market, taking into account the dual elements of the volume and performance of the purifier, and fully taking into account the strict requirements of the small space for mute, basically do Go to “No Disturbance Mode”.
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Shared air purifiers from independent goods to the shared economy:

Shared air purifiers from independent goods to the shared economy:

Since the word haze has received attention in 2015, people’s attention to the environment has become higher and higher. This led to a series of anti-fog masks, new fans, air purifiers, and other commodities. Among them, the introduction of the shared air purifier solution is more convenient for those who work in the northern cities.

There is not much difference in performance between a shared air purifier and a normal air purifier. Just in the business model, ordinary air purifiers are just the sale of goods, while shared air purifiers exist in a rental process. Although, buying an air purifier of your own is, in a sense, more practical than a shared air purifier. But for those who work outside, it costs a lot of money to buy an air purifier in a rental room.

In addition, the biggest advantage of the shared air purifier and the common purifier is that the shared air purifier is not limited by time and space. It can be placed not only in public places such as KTV, cafes but also in hotels, offices and other places. Let users breathe fresh air in their work and life. So from the perspective of a shared air purifier solution, is there a market for shared air purifiers?

The market for shared air purifiers can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

1. The development of the sharing economy
Last year, 2018 was rated as the winter of the Internet. In this year, not only many Internet companies are facing bankruptcy, but also shared economic projects such as shared bicycles are also facing a big impact. The dilemma of sharing bicycles has caused people to ponder over the development of the sharing economy.

In fact, the dilemma of sharing bicycles is foreseeable. Because it has many drawbacks in the venue and profit model, it is doomed to go a long way. From the shared air purifier solution, the shared air purifier has a fixed placement site, thus avoiding unnecessary cost waste. In terms of profitability, shared air purifier sharing projects have a clear profitable approach. In addition to the basic rental use income, there are advertising revenues.

Therefore, the failure of a single shared bicycle project cannot deny the development of the entire sharing economy. Conversely, from a shared air purifier solution, shared air purifiers have certain advantages in terms of placement and profitability.

2. Government policy support

In recent years, with global warming, the air quality of the human living environment has also been greatly affected. To this end, China has introduced relevant incentive policies in environmental protection. The shared air purifier solution, as a highly intelligent device that can be used indoors to purify the air and improve air quality, can naturally be supported by government policies.

It is understood that the government departments have introduced relevant legal provisions and clearly stated: “To strengthen environmental health risk management, promote the protection of public health concepts into environmental protection policies, and promote environmental health management to a new height.” This provides an important guarantee for the development of shared air purifiers.

In summary, from the solution of the shared air purifier, the shared air purifier can be developed rapidly and stably, which is the inevitable result of the development of the market economy.

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