It’s all in 2019. Does anyone still know about the new air purifier?

It’s all in 2019. Does anyone still know about the new air purifier?

To deal with indoor air pollution, fresh air systems and air purifiers are the main choices. Around the two, the most common question for users is that there is a difference between fresh air and air purifiers? How should I choose?

In our home,
There are a lot of hidden pollutants hidden.

Polluted particles that penetrate into the room outdoors,
Carbon dioxide exhaled from daily activities,
Long-term release of formaldehyde from decoration materials…
They are all “invisible killers” that endanger our health.

Although indoor air purification is used,
The best sale Air purifiers are more familiar.
But compared to the fresh air system,
Air purifiers have certain limitations.

Applicable area

Although the cheap and best air purifier is small and exquisite,
But only for one room,
Once the applicable cleaned area is exceeded,
The effect will be greatly reduced.

Less type of purification

Up to 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected indoors.
Only rely on the filter in the air purifier to filter or adsorb,
Can only deal with some of these substances,
For long-term volatile formaldehyde and other pollutants,
The purification effect is also slow and limited.

No fresh oxygen

The air purifier belongs to the inner loop.
It can only purify the polluted air inherent in the room.
Not exchanged with outdoor air,
Unable to reduce carbon dioxide concentration.

It can be seen that even if an air purifier is used,
There is still a need for regular window ventilation.
But this way,
It also makes outdoor noise and dust awkward.

The central fresh air system,
Able to meet the new wind demand of the whole house,
Discharge all polluted air at a time,
Introducing fresh air outside,
Purified and transported to the living space.

No need to open the window,
It is able to ventilate continuously,
Ensure that the air is rich in oxygen and clean,
Really solve indoor air problems,
Take care of the breathing health of the whole family.

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why you need a vegetable and fruit cleaner ?

Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

Which is safer for air purifiers with different purification modes?

In recent years, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm caused by air pollution, and gradually use air purifiers to improve air quality. However, in addition to smog, there are many sources of pollution in life. The most harmful to people is formaldehyde, and now the cheap and best air purifier can not only absorb smog but also absorb formaldehyde. What technologies are used in the air purifier on the market in addition to formaldehyde? Xiaobian has made some sorting out.

The principle of the air purifier is to promote the air circulation flow through the ventilation system, and the air to be filtered flows into the filter net from the air inlet, adsorbs and decomposes the formaldehyde molecules in the air, and reduces the formaldehyde content in the air through continuous circulation. Finally, the purpose of purifying formaldehyde is achieved.

At present, there are many air purifiers on the market, mainly through the activated carbon filter to remove formaldehyde. It only adsorbs a variety of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and toluene in the air and then stores them in the filter, which cannot be decomposed. After the purifier is used for one or two years, the filter should be replaced. Otherwise, when the filter is saturated or encounters high temperature, the adsorbed formaldehyde will be released into the air to form secondary pollution.

Xiao Bian learned in the Gome Air Purifier store that one of the double-faced air purifiers, in addition to other purifiers, added a filter, using a double filter design, greatly increased In addition to the work efficiency of the purifier, in addition, the chemical bonds of organic pollutants such as formaldehyde are opened, and the UF00 decomposes the formaldehyde module to decompose it into carbon dioxide and water.

Also learned at the Lekman store, its purifier is also a combination of two technologies, using a filter + negative oxygen ion hybrid purification mode. One of the Magic Net K9 purifiers uses an innovative formaldehyde decomposition technology and ultra-microporous activated carbon adsorption technology to decompose formaldehyde. I believe that friends who have studied chemistry know a chemical equation, HCHO+O_2=CO_2+H_2O It uses this principle.

At present, the city’s air quality has been significantly improved. People buy air purifiers not only for removing cockroaches but also pollutants such as formaldehyde and second-hand smoke are threatening people’s health all the time. Therefore, all manufacturers have let air purifiers with time. Advance, using physical + chemical technology for air purification.

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Interpretation of air purifier ozone threat

Interpretation of air purifier ozone threat

What is ozone?

After the rain, when you walk in the woods, you will usually smell the very fresh air, and this taste is ozone.

Ozone is present in forests and urban outdoor environments. Its stability is extremely poor. Under normal temperature and pressure, it can be quickly decomposed into oxygen quickly within half an hour. If the ventilation is good, the decomposition rate of ozone will be faster.

Ozone has strong oxidizing power. When the concentration is high, it will cause harm to the human body. As long as the safe use of ozone can completely protect people’s health from harm, and when breathing ozone below 0.1PPM, it will have health effects on the human body. The bacteria in the body may be killed by ozone. For more than 100 years since the application of ozone, there has been no death from ozone poisoning in the world.

The role of ozone

Ozone is a recognized high-efficiency air bactericide with strong oxidizing power. It can disintegrate bacteria from the inside, or directly interact with bacteria and viruses to kill bacteria and viruses. By adding 0.4 mg of ozone to one liter of water, the sterilization effect will reach 98%. When the concentration of ozone in the air reaches 0.15 mg, ozone can destroy 99.9% of the bacteria within 30 minutes. Therefore, we can see that ozone preservation and disinfection have become very common methods in the fields of preservation of many fresh foods and the disinfection of medical devices.

Ozone damage

The right amount of ozone can make people comfortable, but when the ozone concentration increases to a certain extent, people will feel the irritating effect of ozone. When the concentration of ozone in the air that does not flow per cubic meter reaches 0.1 mg, people’s throat, nasal cavity and other organs will feel irritation. When this concentration reaches 0.2 mg/m3, respiratory diseases will increase and the eyes will feel irritation. When ozone becomes scarce in the atmosphere, it loses its important function of blocking ultraviolet rays to protect the earth’s living things, but when it is too concentrated in the troposphere, its effects on animals and organisms are like toxins, which not only make plants Oxidation of leaves can also damage the respiratory system of humans and animals.

Interpretation of domestic and international ozone emission indicators

In 2007, the California government officially banned the sale of cheap and best air purifiers with ozone generating functions and electrostatic precipitators, and required other products to have an ozone emission standard of less than 0.05 PPM, while the US federal government standard was 0.075 PPM. The California Welfare Air Resources Board (ARB) classifies air purifiers into two categories at the time of certification. One class uses physical filtration and usually does not produce ozone. One type is classified as “other” technology, which may produce ozone but has been tested. Less than 0.05 PPM.

Next, let’s take a look at the ozone standards in China and the United States. The US standard is 0.075 PPM, the Chinese standard is 0.16 mg/m3, and the PPM is 0.075 PPM. It can be seen that the Sino-American standards for ozone are consistent. In addition, China’s AQI standard is: ozone concentration <0.1mg/m3 (ie 0.05PPM), the index is excellent, the ozone concentration is <0.16mg / m3 (ie 0.075PPM), the indicator is good.

In summary, when the ozone concentration is less than 0.05 PPM, that is, 0.1 mg/m3, it is safe. In fact, people’s perceived concentration of ozone is generally 0.02 ~ 0.04PPM, which is 0.043mg / m3 ~ 0.086mg / m3, which means that as long as you do not smell ozone, the product has reached the standard.

Which technologies are used to produce ozone

Ozone purification technology

Ozone purification technology generally uses an ozone generator to produce ozone to purify the air. The ozone generator is a process that converts oxygen into ozone using the principle of high-pressure discharge. This technology can effectively kill bacteria, microorganisms,mycin, etc., but it is easy to produce excessive ozone. This technology has been eliminated in foreign countries. It is recommended that consumers carefully understand whether their ozone indicators have reached national standards before purchasing.

Flat electrostatic dust removal technology

The flat-plate electrostatic precipitator technology is a kind of gas dust removal method. The electrostatic field is used to ionize the gas, generate a large number of electrons and ions, move to the two poles under the action of the electric field force, and encounter the dust particles and bacteria in the airflow during the moving process. It is charged so that the dust particles are electrically attracted to the electrodes. This technology is accompanied by corona discharge, which inevitably produces a small amount of ozone. Before purchasing, the ozone index of the selected model should be recognized. As long as it does not exceed the standard, ozone is not harmful.

Negative ion technology

Negative ion purification technology is to generate small-diameter air negative ions by artificial negative ion generation technology. The negative ions combine with soot and dust particles in the air to form molecular clusters by positive and negative ions to attract and collide, resulting in sedimentation.

Ultraviolet technology

Ultraviolet technology has a remarkable effect on sterilization and disinfection, and it can purify germs, bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the air. The principle is to ionize and decompose and lose activity by ionizing organic molecules, bacteria, viruses, etc. that are directly irradiated. However, ultraviolet rays cannot purify organic pollutants and dust, and there is radiation, which is easy to cause damage to the skin. The drawback of this technology is that human-machine coexistence cannot occur. Since oxygen in the air is photolyzed to form oxygen atoms under ultraviolet light, and the oxygen atoms further react with oxygen to form ozone, the technology also generates ozone, and ultraviolet light of different wavelengths has different effects.

to sum up

Ozone is not terrible, and the right amount of ozone is good for the human body. Ozone purification, flat electrostatic precipitator, negative ion, ultraviolet light and other air purification technologies may produce ozone. The commonality of these several technical paths is to make dust particles charged or positive and negative ions, which is easy to settle. The common technical difficulty is that ozone is easy to exceed the standard. Therefore, while ensuring that ozone is within safe limits, generating more electrons and positive and negative ions is a common goal pursued by these technologies.

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Is a home air purifier useful? How is the effect of the air purifier?

Is a home air purifier useful? How is the effect of the air purifier?

70-90% of a person’s life is spent indoors, showing how important indoor air quality affects human health. In the absence of a solution to the per capita living area, it is, of course, difficult to talk about improving indoor air quality. However, in today’s people’s living standards and living conditions continue to improve, improving indoor air quality to improve people’s health is inevitable.
It is understood that the market penetration rate of air purifiers in the United States has reached 20%-30%. In contrast, even though smog has caused a net increase in China’s net sales, in China, the market penetration rate of air purifiers is still low. Many families have insufficient understanding of air purifiers, so what about air purifiers?
Is a home air purifier useful?
Useful, its role is that the built-in air detection function can monitor the air quality in real-time, and the air quality can be easily evaluated without purchasing the service of a third-party air detection agency.
The second function is of course to purify the air. The air purifier filters and adsorbs air pollutants such as PM2.5, dust, formaldehyde, and allergens to achieve the purpose of purifying and purifying the air, and escorting the family health.
Is the air purifier good?
The purifying effect of the air purifier is determined by various factors, including CARD value, filtering technology, filter grade, etc. The air purifying effect of the air purifier is also mentioned in the foregoing. After years of development, the air purifier is currently removing PM2. .5, dust, formaldehyde and other air pollutants, the effect is still very good, the national large and small professional evaluation agencies have done scientific and rigorous air purification effect evaluation for the mainstream air purifier, and the evaluation results are satisfactory.
So, how can I buy a satisfactory air purifier?
From the brand’s point of view, it is generally recommended to choose the following two brands: First, the vertical brand that has long been deeply immersed in the field of air purification, such as the survival Senchen air purifier, which originated from Germany, as a globally famous empty net brand, in recent years. Strong development of the Chinese market, has a very strong technical strength and professional quality; the other is a well-known brand in the horizontal integrated field, from the brand guarantee Look, the quality will not be too bad.
In addition, it is to look at the performance, shape and other elements of the air purifier, such as CARD value, filtration technology, filter grade, shape design.
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It has the function of an air purifier, but its essence is still ventilation!

It has the function of an air purifier, but its essence is still ventilation!

The harm of smog has been deeply imprinted in people’s minds. It has a great impact on people’s lives and concepts. It makes people pay more attention to the quality of air and realizes the importance of air health. This also makes the fresh air system a best seller. Many people think that the fresh air system is born of smog. As the country increases its efforts to control air pollution, the smog seems to be less dangerous this year, but here I want to say a new style. The system is not born of smog, its essence is to ventilate the room!
The history of the fresh air system dates back to the 1970s. It was not originally called the fresh air system, but the ventilation fan. After five generations, it gradually evolved into a fresh air system that combines air purification and ventilation. The foreign fresh air system does not have the function of resisting smog. After being introduced into the country, it has gradually become the best ‘anti-smashing weapon’ after the domestic fresh air manufacturers combine the domestic environment. At this time, the country is suffering from severe smog weather, which is also the “new wind”. The system is the direct cause of smog. People’s understanding of the fresh air system is still in its infancy, and it always ignores its real role. In fact, whether it is a region with a severe haze or a region with slight or no fog. It all needs it.
Why do you say that? In modern life, ventilation and ventilation are not daily routines. In summer, the outdoor temperature is high. Coupled with the opening of household air conditioners, opening the windows will increase the energy consumption of the air conditioner. Air conditioning closes the door and window, which is inevitable, and long-term non-ventilation and ventilation can easily lead to the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases, which is extremely unfavorable to the elderly and children. Also in the winter, it is also necessary to consider the problem of energy consumption of the heater. Of course, opening the window will also let the cold and icy wind blowing in the air, making the room cold and not conducive to people’s lives. If the home is equipped with a fresh air system, it can not only keep the room clean and fresh but also continuously replenish the room with oxygen-rich fresh air to avoid air pollution and carbon dioxide. The Corotito fresh air system can also be based on indoor carbon dioxide concentration. Adjust the fan speed to achieve energy savings.
In most cities in China, urban construction is in full swing. Coupled with the increasing number of cars, it will inevitably be disturbed by noise, dust and car noise. It is better to open windows in the city than to open windows, and in the home where we live now, The formaldehyde and benzene emitted by the decoration materials, the carbon dioxide and odor emitted by human beings, and the kitchen fumes all infringe on our health.
This is how the fresh air purifier came into being. It not only purifies the air but also ventilates the air. When the outdoor air temperature is low in winter, it can turn on the auxiliary heat device and release it to the appropriate temperature in the room to improve the comfort of the air. It is worth mentioning that the heat exchange rate of the Corotito fresh air system is as high as 84%. With the concept of comfortable home gradually accepted by the public, good air is indispensable as the foundation of a comfortable home. In the future, the fresh air system will become the standard of architecture!

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Multi-function air purifier

Multi-function air purifier

First, purify the air: four layers of filtration
1. Cold catalyst filter 2. High-efficiency activated carbon can adsorb chemical pollution such as formaldehyde and benzene.
3, HEPA purification technology, efficient filtration of particulate matter, dust mites, second-hand smoke, etc.
4, PP filter, can filter 20 microns of dust particles.
360-degree cycle strong suction, all-round purification without dead ends, suitable for various positions and angles of the room, warm, elegant and generous.
Second, the humidification function: This machine uses the patented technology “yang water temperature control humidification device” for humidification, it will automatically adjust the water temperature, naturally volatilize in the space to get different air humidity, (the temperature of the water being modulated is generally 20-28 degree)
Third, beautify the environment Pleasant mood: the spring state multi-function air purifier has a unique shape, it makes people feel heart-felt at a glance, the mood is cheerful, the environment is optimistic, the beach price is high, the environment and air are good, and the spring state multi-function air purifier is equal to Moved the house to the beach, moved into the natural oxygen bar, and breathed clean air for 365 days.
Fourth, it helps sleep – the fountain water is like the drizzle outside the window, listening to the spirit of relaxation, as if returning to childhood, lying in bed unconsciously into sleep.
Five, negative ion function
Negative ions can effectively expand the coronary arteries, adjust heart rate, and restore normal blood pressure.
The treatment of asthma has a unique advantage, with 3000 cases of asthma patients treated with negative ions, the effective rate of 97.4%.
Air negative ions are more effective in the treatment and care of pregnant women with pregnancy syndrome. It is one of the greenest and healthiest treatments.
Air negative ions can effectively increase the number of neuronal synapses, strengthen the strength of the joints, and expand the effective neural network, thereby improving children’s intelligence.
Negative ions have the functions of calming, hypnosis, analgesia, increasing appetite, lowering blood pressure and the like.
After the thunderstorm, people feel comfortable, that is, the increase of negative ions in the air. Air negative ions can reduce the harm of excessive active oxygen to the human body.
Sixth, purifiers improve feng shui – water is a symbol of wealth, there is a saying on the wind and water “mountain tube people”, stressing that the land is good for the water, and that water can bring wealth to people, in fact, All cities and towns along the coast and along the river have a higher level of economic development than inland. Most of the current real estate design considers the water factor, and the designer tries every means to create a variety of water features, which makes people feel refreshed and naturally enhances the value of the real estate. For buildings with natural landscapes – rivers, rivers, and lakes, it is even more valuable.
Building a pool at the door of the company is also a gathering of wealth. The flowing water is the wealth that our family continues to enter.
7. Water is a natural radiation barrier–the harmful rays of the sun directly reach the surface, and the seawater absorbs a large amount of radiation from the sun, propping up a protective umbrella for marine life.
Water is the best medium for absorbing electromagnetic waves. The radiation of computer TV in the home is very harmful to the body. The multi-function air purifier fountain water can absorb a lot of radiation and protect the health of the body.
Eight, water can increase the effectiveness of drug use – formaldehyde is a colorless, highly irritating smell of gas. Soluble in water, alcohol, and ether. 35~40% formaldehyde solution is called formalin
Studies have shown that the ability to absorb formaldehyde in soil and water is quite high. In addition to the plants, there are flowing waters that can increase the drug-absorbing effect. Many renovated gas chambers become natural oxygen bars, so the use of springs is more Functional air purifiers are your smartest choice.
The lungs are the only organs that are open to the outside world. They need to keep breathing for 24 hours. The pollution is getting worse and the lung cancer is increasing year by year. China is a big country with lung cancer. One patient died of lung cancer every 30 seconds.
Every year, 2.2 million children die from diseases related to air pollution. The pollution is invisible and the danger is even greater. The thief can’t see – it will steal things; the virus can’t see – it will take life.
We have to put a security door for our health. If there is no purifier, we can only use the lungs to filter the air. The filter element of the car: hundreds of thousands of dollars for one, how much is our lungs for one, you are willing to change Is the previous purifier still willing to change the lungs?
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Ministry of Environmental Protection will introduce air purifier green product standard in the second half of the year

Ministry of Environmental Protection will introduce air purifier green product standard in the second half of the year

With the development of China’s economy, environmental problems have become increasingly severe. The pollution of PM10, PM2.5, ozone, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides has caused serious smog in many cities across the country. The impact of indoor air pollution on human health cannot be ignored. Now, air purifiers have become standard at home. However, in the face of the various functions and intelligent configurations advertised by the “Purple Ion Group Air Purification Technology, Humidifying Air Purifier, Seven-Layer Purification…”, most consumers have a confusing purchase. feel.
However, this situation will not last long. The head of the internationally renowned brand Aiqisen Air Purifier China has learned from the Environmental Protection Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection that the first green product standard of the national air purifier industry will be officially launched and implemented in the second half of this year. It is reported that the standard is based on the new national standard of “Air Purifier” (GB/T18801-2015), which not only clarifies the requirements for the maximum purification index and noise of PM2.5 used in air purifiers used in rooms of different sizes. For the first time, the requirements for the purification of products in the mute state are specified. The introduction of this standard will provide a basis for consumers to choose the right air purifier products.
The staff of the Environmental Certification Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection pointed out that the first green product standard for air purifiers will be controlled from the design, production, and use of the products to the final disposal and recycling, in addition to the requirements for pollution control of electrical and electronic products in the production process. The required raw materials also set strict requirements for the purification of major pollutants in indoor air such as PM2.5, formaldehyde and benzene series during use.
Since the consumer is using the air purifier, in addition to focusing on the product’s strongest purification mode, it also focuses on the purification effect in the sleep mode. Therefore, the new standard not only focuses on the product’s maximum CADR (clean air volume) value but also on the product. The CADR value in the mute state imposes strict limits.
In recent years, the air purifier industry has been extremely violent, and even as an internationally renowned brand and industry leader, Aegis air purifiers are also under pressure. However, the reason for this situation is that the standardization of the Chinese market is not very high, and the phenomenon of “disordered money expelling good money” caused by the standard disorder and false propaganda is not uncommon. The new national standard for air purifiers, which began to be implemented on March 1, has begun to force some brands and products whose key technologies are not up to standard to exit the market. The green product standards to be introduced in the second half of the year will provide consumers with a systematic product selection standard. Consumers have a reliable standard to evaluate the excellent grades of air purifier products.

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What is the relationship between air purifiers and indoor environmental safety?

What is the relationship between air purifiers and indoor environmental safety?

Indoor air pollution is a major health threat to modern humans. It has even replaced public air pollution as a health threat to human health. According to incomplete statistics, acute respiratory infections caused by indoor air pollution worldwide kill about 4 million children every year.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is 2 to 5 times more serious than outdoor air and can be more than 100 times in special cases. The annual direct economic loss caused by the poor indoor air quality in the United States is as high as $40 billion, and the number of people worldwide dying from indoor air pollution is about 24 million per year. In China, the number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution is more than 150,000 per year, and the number of people receiving treatment for health problems caused by indoor air pollution is nearly 5 million, resulting in economic losses of up to 10.7 billion US dollars. It can be said that solving indoor air problems is an urgent task.
At present, the world’s solutions for indoor air problems are mainly indoor air purifiers and other electrical products with air purification functions: air conditioner ventilators, fresh air ventilators, range hoods, and so on. Of course, as a professional product to solve air quality problems, air purifiers are the primary choice for people to purify the air and protect their health.
According to the shape, the air purifiers on the market can be divided into the main products such as establishment, desktop, and hanging. They are widely used in offices, hotels, residential houses, hospital wards, laboratories, computer rooms and other places where air purification is required. It can be divided into household, commercial, automotive and other major types.
The research of air purifiers has been nearly 200 years old, but it has officially entered the application field. It is a medical air purifier developed by Aegis in Germany in 1930, and the popularity of household air purifiers has to wait until the end of the 1970s. In the early 80s. However, the start of the air purifier is relatively late, and the development speed is very fast. According to market data, the penetration rate of household air purifiers in Europe and the United States is generally over 30%. The popularity of air purifiers in Korea, Germany, and other countries exceeds 60%. Even in Japan, where the greening rate is the highest, the popularity of household air purifiers The rate also exceeded 20%. Of course, the Chinese air purifier market entered the rapid development stage in 2008. At present, the household air purifier penetration rate is less than 2%, but the penetration rate is expected to exceed 50% by 2030.
It should be noted that due to the short development time of the Chinese air purifier market and the relatively small degree of market development, the brand structure has not yet been formally formed. Of course, given the huge potential of the Chinese air purifier market, the futures market pattern is unpredictable.

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In addition to formaldehyde, the air purifier is full of flicker!

In addition to formaldehyde, the air purifier is full of flicker!

Yesterday (26th), the results of the first performance evaluation of the first air purifier organized by the National Indoor Interior-Environment and Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center were released. The results showed that the function of “removing formaldehyde” of all air purifiers inspected was basically invalid.

In order to make the evaluation results universal, the staff purchased 10 best-selling brand purifiers according to the sales ranking of e-commerce self-operated products. After a month of various tests, the staff found that the air purifier can effectively purify the particulate matter in the indoor air, but it is basically ineffective for purifying the harmful chemical gases in the air.

Not the higher the amount of clean air, the better

△ Purify PM2.5 and formaldehyde gas results

The amount of clean air should be selected according to the size of the room and the cost performance. The clean air volume is more than 100 cubic meters per hour. It is suitable for rooms of 15-20 square meters. It can reduce the PM2.5 in indoor air by 90 hours after starting up. %the above. Therefore, the blind pursuit of clean air is meaningless.

Purifier PM2.5 removal rate is up to standard

From the test results, the high-efficiency filter to purify PM2.5 technology in indoor air is very mature. From the purification technology of the ten air purifiers involved in the test, it is basically high-efficiency filtration technology and the clean air volume of nine sets. Both are above 100 cubic meters per hour, indicating that the air purifier is effective in purifying particulate matter in the indoor air.

The function of removing formaldehyde is basically invalid

Seven of the ten purifiers evaluated this time have the function of purifying formaldehyde. According to the results of the clean air removal of formaldehyde, the seven purifiers have basically no significant effect in removing formaldehyde.

What is the purification performance?
The purifying performance of an air purifier refers to the ability of an air purifier to remove a certain pollutant in indoor air. Specifically, it refers to the amount of clean air of the pollutants that can be removed by the air purifier, that is, the magnitude of the CADR value.

The best effect of a purifier, CADR value of 29m3 / h, according to this data, in a 15 square meter room, boot for 1 hour, in theory, the formaldehyde in the air is also reduced by less than 50%, formaldehyde release indoors In the case of the actual use will be even worse, most of the air purifiers on the market claim that the effect of removing formaldehyde is only a selling point.
In addition, the assessment also found that the purification capacity of the best air purifier is not directly proportional to its price, and the purifier below 1,000 yuan is more cost-effective.

Purifier life is still under test

The purifying life of the air purifier determines the use effect of the purifier and the cost of the consumer, but since the purifying life test is a relatively complicated process, the relevant tests of the National Central Laboratory are still in progress, and the results will be released in time.

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Air Purifier Selection Guide that Everyone Should Know

Air Purifier Selection Guide that Everyone Should Know

A hotel is a place with a large flow of people, and the air environment of the hotel rooms is complicated. With the improvement of the hotel accommodation environment, whether the hotel room air environment is fresh and healthy has become an important factor affecting the hotel guest experience.
More and more hotels are beginning to deploy air purifiers in their rooms, but the quality and purification effects of air purifiers on the market are mixed. Conventional home air purifiers often cannot meet the complex air purification requirements of hotel rooms.
So, how do you choose an air purifier that can be highly purified? Before buying a suitable air purifier, first, understand what is the knowledge of the air purifier?
The working principle of most air purifiers is to use the fan to extract air, obtain a certain wind pressure through the fan, and then pass through the heavy filter to remove the particulate matter, harmful gases and bacteria in the air, and finally get clean air;
The air purifier can be selected to select the most suitable air purifier with the CADR and CMM values ​​of the air purifier as a reference. The CADR value, the Chinese name is the clean air output ratio, and the national standard unit is m3/h. From a literal point of view, the higher the CADR value, the better the purification effect. The approximate applicable area of ​​the purifier can be measured by the CADR value.
The CADR value of the inspection by the authority is more valuable.
The air purifier market has been very confusing for a long time because there is no clear standard. The new national standard clearly stipulates the key parameters of the air purifier (the most important one is CADR). After the official implementation, most manufacturers will issue test reports according to the new national standard, but they are not enforced, and there is no designated detection mechanism for the purifier. Therefore, a more authoritative third-party testing agency is required to give a credible test report.
The CADR was developed by AHAM (American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers), so the value of the AHAM-certified CADR value is the most reliable. However, domestic air purifiers are too troublesome to detect in the United States, so the current domestic industry is more authoritative testing institutions such as China Household Appliances Testing Institute, Shanghai Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, and Guangzhou Industrial Microbiology Testing Center.

The higher the CADR value is, the better the performance is.
The CADR value is affected by two factors, one is the primary purification rate and the other is the air volume.

The former represents how clean the air can be filtered inside the purifier, while the latter means that a fixed volume of air can be filtered several times in a certain period of time.
The ideal state is to filter the air almost every time and then filter it many times in a short period of time. But this is actually a contradiction: the higher the purification rate, the higher the filter grade of the purifier, the denser the filter is placed, and the thicker the filter, which makes the resistance of the air through the filter much larger. , resulting in a significant drop in air volume.
Therefore, the middle and low-end purifiers generally “quantify”, that is, use high air volume and more cycles to compensate for the lack of single purification efficiency. The side effect is that the filter life is very low, usually 3-6 months. replace.
The high-end purifier is “stable”, with a focus on the pursuit of ultra-high purification rate and longer filter life.

The CADR values ​​of PM2.5 and formaldehyde are separate
The CADR value is how many cubic meters of clean air can be output per hour. It should be noted that the clean air here refers to the air that does not contain certain harmful substances. For example, clean air without formaldehyde can be expressed by [CADR formaldehyde]. As for PM2.5, it does not matter. Similarly, clean air without particles is represented by [CADR particles], as for whether there is formaldehyde in it. It doesn’t matter. Therefore, there are two types of CADR specified in the new national standard for air purifiers: CADR (PM2.5, dust, etc.) and formaldehyde CADR. The two parameters represent two aspects, which are also presented separately in the test report.

What are the standards for an excellent air purifier?
For the air purifier, although the CADR value can directly reflect the purifying effect of the purifier, which machine filter can be used for a longer time, the working noise is loud, and what kind of working principle is used is also a good purifier. It should be noted at the time.

1 long-term effective
CCM (cumulative purification, in mg) is another important parameter in the new national standard for air purifiers, which specifies the amount of particulate matter or formaldehyde that can be eliminated before the filter is “discarded”. Like CADR values, CCM is also divided into particulate CCM and formaldehyde CCM, and each CCM is divided into 4 grades. The larger the CCM value, the better, indicating the longer the filter life.

2 have a clear authority inspection report

This is the strongest evidence to prove that a purifier is excellent. The published report must show the CADR and CCM test data for particulate matter and formaldehyde, respectively. The key information that should be included in the report meeting the new national standard is particulate CADR value, formaldehyde CADR value, and particulate matter CCM grade.

(Wulian commercial grade hotel dedicated air purifier – V5s, V3 model parameters)

3 running noise is small
A good purifier with a minimum working noise of 25-35db (and the higher the CADR of the minimum file is better), the maximum working noise cannot exceed 70db. High CADR values ​​are inseparable from high air volumes, but the greater the air volume, the greater the noise. A good purifier can reduce noise by using a better fan and a more reasonable internal air duct, which makes us more comfortable.
The minimum gear of the purifier is usually used when we are resting. At this time, the purifier needs to be quiet. 25-35db is the equivalent of the sound we hear when we are quiet at night, and it hardly affects our rest. The highest 70db is the national new national standard. Any qualified household air purifier, no matter how high the CADR value, should not exceed it.

4PM2.5 numerical real-time display
Many air purifiers cannot display specific values, only roughly use different colors or use “excellent, good, medium, and poor” to display, and look ambiguous. An excellent purifier can display the value of PM2.5 in the air in real-time so that we can see the changes in indoor air quality very intuitively.

(Walian commercial grade hotel dedicated air purifier – function display panel)5 remote control
The purifier with remote control allows us to master the room air quality in real-time. When the air quality is not good, it can be driven to the maximum position before returning to the room. When you return to the room, the air quality has become better, you can adjust to the gear with less air volume, and the working noise is smaller.

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