Do you really understand HEPA filter?

What is HEPA
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is the most recognized high-efficiency filter material in the world. The particles having a particle diameter of 0.3 μm can be filtered, and the filtration effect is about 99.97% or more. That is to say: only 3 particles per 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane.

How is the HEPA filter grade divided?
HEPA filters and the like are subdivided into G1-G4, F5-F9, H10-H14 and U15-U17 according to the current European scale. The best known H13 and H14 filters are high efficiency air filters.
The HEPA filter grade is subdivided according to the American ASHRAE rating. H11, H12, H13, and H14 are equivalent to the US M15, M16, M17, and M18 grades.
The unfolded area of ​​HEPA determines the quality of the filter, and its filtration efficiency is proportional to the expansion area. The smaller the unfolded area, the shorter the service life of the filter. On the contrary, if the area is too large, the wind pressure will increase and the air volume will be affected. Therefore, a HEPA filter that is more suitable for air purifiers must be accurately designed and adjusted several times to determine the final deployment area.

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At present, we have a special deodorizing filter that has passed the Korean KC and CA certification, which proves our ability in the production of filters.
The following is the internal test data of the 8 cubic meter test space provided by the supplier (for reference only).

hepa filter

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