Air purifier humidifier,house air purifier,OEM air purifier

Let the air inside the car be fresher, recommend several car air purifiers

Let the air inside the car be fresher, recommend several car air purifiers

Air purifier humidifier,house air purifier,OEM air purifier

More and more people, more and more families plan to buy a car for themselves, new cars to start, people in the car who have bought the car or who have taken a new car should know. Because the new car has been decorated with various chemical substances and odors left by various decorative materials, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc., and the air inside the new car is closed, the new car will start to be unpleasant for a long time. The taste, and most of the cars will have the phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde, mainly the various substances in the car (such as leather holsters, decorative materials, etc.) will also affect the health of the body.

Therefore, many people will choose to consider some car cleaning products after purchasing a new car. One is the car air purifier, the other is the car vacuum cleaner, which can improve the air quality inside the car as soon as possible after the new car is started. The health of the rider.

The car air purifier is similar to the purification method of the household air purifier. Through multiple filters, it can filter PM2.5, various fine particles, decorative materials and various odors such as formaldehyde and toluene left in the decoration after use. The car air purifier can help users clean the air inside the car more quickly.

Olansi Healthcare  Industry  portable air purifier is willing to work with more families to further study and manage family indoor issues and contribute to more family health.

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What time period and what season is the highest concentration of PM2.5?

What time period and what season is the highest concentration of PM2.5?

oem air purifier,compact air purifier,carbon granule filter

The PM2.5 concentration level is affected by pollution source discharge and meteorological conditions, and there are obvious seasonal and time-course changes. The overall trend is generally high in autumn and winter, low in summer, high in morning and evening, and low in the afternoon.

The PM2.5 concentration level is affected by pollution source discharge and meteorological conditions, and there are obvious seasonal and time-course changes. Although the north and south are different in terms of humidity, temperature and seasonal variation, there will be differences in specific values, but the overall trend is roughly the same, showing high in autumn and winter, low in summer, high in morning and evening, and low in afternoon.

What time period is the highest density in a day?

In addition to the special weather, the PM2.5 concentration in the morning and evening is generally high, and the lowest in the afternoon. Generally speaking, every day from 8:00 to 10:00, from 6:00 to 8:00 in the afternoon, this is the peak of daily commute, and the amount of exhaust emissions from cars is large, which is the PM2.5 value in the air during these two periods. One of the highest reasons.

In addition, it depends on the weather and diffusion conditions of the day. Inversion is key in it. What is inversion? Under normal circumstances, the temperature decreases with the elevation, the lower air is hotter, the upper air is colder, the cold air sinks heavily, and the hot air floats up, forming convection. However, at certain times, such as autumn and winter nights, because the ground temperature drops sharply, the temperature of the lower atmosphere close to the ground is very low, and the upper air is not cooled as fast, but the temperature is higher than the lower layer, and the phenomenon of ‘reversal of temperature’ occurs. Once the inversion layer of the cold and hot is formed, the air cannot convect up and down, and the pollutants are difficult to diffuse.

Inversion temperatures generally occur at night and in the morning. As the sun rises, the ground temperature gradually rises, the inversion layer is broken, the pollutants begin to spread, and the night begins after the night. Therefore, the concentration of particulate matter in the middle of the night near the ground layer is generally higher than that in the first half of the night. Between 21:00 and 23:00, it is also affected by the warming layer, which is also a period of high concentration. And the low value of PM2.5 in the day often appears in the afternoon, because the temperature condition at this time is not easy to form the inversion layer.

What is the highest concentration in the season?

Some experts from the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences and the China Meteorological Administration have analyzed the composition characteristics and source of PM2.5 in Beijing. The results show that the concentration of PM2.5 is affected by different seasonal pollution sources such as emissions, precipitation, wind speed and other atmospheric diffusion conditions. High in winter and low in summer. The highest monthly concentration appeared in November, December and January in the autumn and winter, and the low values ​​appeared in July and August in summer.

What weather has the biggest impact?

Haze weather, autumn rainy days. Peng Yingdeng, director of the Institute of Atmospheric Research at the Beijing Municipal Academy of Environmental Sciences, said that gaseous pollutants such as dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air are easily converted into secondary particles under specific meteorological conditions such as haze and sky, resulting in PM2.5. increase. Compared with the heavy rain in summer, the rain in autumn is much shorter, the wind speed and wind are smaller, and the effect of airborne pollutants is not obvious, which can only increase the humidity of the air. The damp air ‘puts on’ a layer of  ‘water jacket’ for suspended pollutants, which is more likely to cause accumulation of pollutants. In addition, when it rains or rains or snow, the air quality can not be improved immediately; the windless weather without wind and rain will also cause more serious pollution caused by cold air.

Olansi Healthcare  Industry  portable air purifier is willing to work with more families to further study and manage family indoor issues and contribute to more family health.

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Olansi new product ideas 2019 China suppliers air cooler without water ozone oem air purifier air cleaner for home use

Olansi new product ideas 2019 China suppliers air cooler without water ozone oem air purifier air cleaner for home use

Name Air Purifier K15AVoltage 220V/50Hz
Noise <=34.4dbCADR800m³/h
Anion 20 Million pcs/cm³MaterialABS
Gross Weight  16.0KGNet Weight 14.0KG
Dimension400*400*669mmPackage Size460*298*695mm
PM2.599%Application Area96 square meter
MotorBrushless DC motorPower 85W
Filter 1. Aluminum Filter (washable)air purifier air cleaner

2. Cold Catalyst Filter

3. Antibacterial Filter

4. Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter

5. High-Efficiency Hepa Filter

Function 1. Filter Replacement Reminder air purifier air clean

2. Children Lock

3. PM2.5 Display

4. Touch Screen

5. Intelligent sensor system

6. Wifi function

Control Operation 

Panel Buttons + Remote Control air purifier air cleaner


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Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

“Pure natural zero formaldehyde”, “0 formaldehyde decoration is staying”…
There are more and more so-called “zero formaldehyde” home improvement products on the market.
There are more than formaldehyde companies, which claim to be able to remove formaldehyde at one time.
But is there really “zero formaldehyde” furniture?
In fact, “zero formaldehyde” is the psychology of some merchants using consumers’ fear of formaldehyde.
Marketing means

If you have a new house but don’t dare to live, how can you really prevent formaldehyde?
First of all, we need to recognize that the prevention and control of formaldehyde are not immediate.
And need long-term war

Because in theory
Furniture or various home improvement materials within 3-5 months of opening the package
The amount of formaldehyde released will reach a peak
After half a year, it will enter a slow, small release state.
However, the formaldehyde release cycle is long, and many factors affect its release.
So in real life
“The longer the time, the less the amount of formaldehyde” is not necessarily true.
There have been testing cases indicating
After 1 year of house decoration, the indoor formaldehyde content is higher than half a year ago.

So don’t feel that your house has lived for many years.
There is no need to pay attention to “indoor air quality”
Formaldehyde can be released for up to 3 to 10 years
Part of the best and cheap air purifier has a function of removing formaldehyde
But people who have bought know
In fact, the household air purifier can only act on local space.
Really want to radiate to the whole house, at least 2 to 3 units are enough

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Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can a household air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

On a hot afternoon, Mr. Zhang, who was sweating, returned home from the outside. I was about to turn on the air conditioner. Suddenly, a pungent smell came over and it felt a bit like formaldehyde. Mr. Zhang wondered: The house has been renovated for a long time. At that time, it did not smell any special taste. Where did the smell come from now? Mr. Zhang decided to find the source of formaldehyde. I recalled that a friend bought a formaldehyde tester two days ago, so I immediately called to ask my friend to borrow and test it myself.

After getting the formaldehyde tester, Mr. Zhang hurriedly turned on the tester switch. The value on the tester instantly climbed to 0.15 mg/m3, and the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air of residents was 0.08 mg/m3, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of Mr. Zhang’s home has exceeded the standard.

Unexpected Mr. Zhang held a formaldehyde tester and read the “seeking the entanglement of the dragon, the entanglement is a heavy pass”, and continued to search for the source of formaldehyde. When passing through a cabinet, the value was found. Suddenly increased – this is the cabinet he bought six months ago.

At the moment when the door of the cabinet came, Mr. Zhang, who had come to the smell of formaldehyde, burst into a cough and a heart. This cabinet is a display cabinet, usually not open very much, plus the indoor temperature in summer is high, the study does not often open air conditioning, a large amount of formaldehyde accumulates in the cabinet. Mr. Zhang pinched his nose and put the tester in the cupboard, and then carefully closed the door. A few minutes later, Mr. Zhang burst into tears and found that the formaldehyde reading on the instrument was stable at 1.76 mg/m3, and the reading was even as high as 2.08 mg/m3, which was a serious explosion. The cabinet that Mr. Zhang asked to come back half a year ago is a gas cabinet.

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Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

With the deep understanding of air purifiers, many people began to pay attention to the purification principle of purifiers, product classification, filter maintenance, and other topics. Today, we will take an in-depth analysis of the purification and principle of air purifiers, so that everyone can buy products. It’s more convenient.

Two different purification principles for top 5 room air purifiers:

Active: Active purification means that the air purifier actively initiates an impact on the pollutants in the air through special devices and technologies, and purifies and purifies the pollutants in the air. At present, the technologies involved in active purification mainly include particle groups, electrostatic dust collection, and the like. The advantage is that there is no need to replace the filter screen, the product use cost is low, the disadvantage is that the product technology is not mature enough, it will produce secondary pollution, and the filtering range is small, and can only be purified for a small area indoor environment.

Passive: Passive purification means that the product draws air with harmful substances in the air into the product body, filters and decomposes the filter through a professional device, and then releases the filtered air into the air to gradually complete the cycle purification. The main device for passive purification is the filter screen. The better the filter effect, the stronger the purification strength. The advantage of this product is that the purification speed is fast, the product effect is better, the shortage is higher in the after-sales cost, and the filter screen needs to be replaced regularly.

In the industry, companies are now using a professional compound purification mode. This purification mode is based on passive purification. A professional ion generator is added to the product to enhance the purification effect of the product. The filter + particle group reaches The ideal aldehyde removal effect.

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New Model !! Olansi  K09 air purifier with TVOC + Temperature and Humidity sensor

New Model !! Olansi  K09 air purifier with TVOC + Temperature and Humidity sensor

Today,olansi has launched the new air purifier K09,and is ready for mass order. Pls see below unquire features,pls come to us for talking more.

High efficient purification

Particle CADR 600m3/h  formaldehyde CADR 200m3/h  Fast capture active purification

only 10 minutes to purify  a room with 36㎡  App. Area 42-72㎡ Multiple comprehensive purification  H11 Hepa filter

Imported coconut shell activated  carbon adsorption stronger  High concentration negative ion purification

Large air volume and low noise  Optimize the fold gap of

filter screenSilence of  plastic encapsulated  brushless  motor Tuyere  process upgrade noise

reduction Duct optimization design


WIFI remote control

Purification before arriving home  Filter life monitoring reminder  TVOC real time display  Real time display of temperature

and humidity  safe?and?humane  Child lock  smart mode purify auto  six level speed open lid power off  Universal casters move convenient

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Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

Air pollution is worrying, is the air purifier useful?

The air purifier can detect and control indoor air and formaldehyde pollution, bringing fresh air to our interior.
Which includes
1) Settling particles in the air to effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles in the air such as dust, coal dust, smoke, fiber impurities, shavings, pollen, etc., to avoid causing allergic diseases, eye diseases, and other diseases.
2) Remove microorganisms and pollutants from the air, effectively kill and destroy bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surface of objects, and remove dead dandruff and pollen from the air to reduce the spread of diseases in the air.
3) Effectively eliminate odor, effectively remove the strange smell and polluted air emitted from chemicals, animals, tobacco, oil smoke, cooking, decoration, garbage, etc., and replace indoor gas continuously for 24 hours to ensure a virtuous circulation of indoor air.
4) Rapidly neutralize chemical gases, effectively neutralize harmful gases emitted from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, insecticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, and paints, while at the same time reducing the discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases.
So, can the air purifier really eliminate pm2.5?
Air purifiers have become a must-have home appliance for many families. They have a small role in indoor air purification. They can detect and filter PM2.5 in the air and effectively protect the family’s respiratory health. In the smog weather, the indoor anti-mite air purifier can not be less.
Is the air purifier effective for removing formaldehyde?
First of all, we must understand that formaldehyde is produced by decoration and raw materials, and it cannot be removed for a long time. To solve the problem of formaldehyde permanently, it is necessary to remove the pollution source of the decoration or raw materials from the source. Otherwise, it can only be treated by formaldehyde, but if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, then the treatment can not be completed. The air purifier is an auxiliary means, it is recommended to open 24 hours, which has a certain elimination effect on formaldehyde.
So what is the best way to remove air purifiers?
Most of the air purifiers are composed of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. HEPA is mainly used to purify solid pollutants such as dust and PM2.5. The activated carbon filter is mainly used to adsorb volatile gases such as formaldehyde and odor.
There are two necessary conditions for indoor air quality to meet certain cleanliness standards.
First, it must be ensured that the indoor air reaches a certain number of air changes, that is, the fan built in the cleaner has a certain amount of air.
Second, the purification efficiency of the cleaner must be relatively high. Clean Air Volume (CADR) is the physical quantity that quantifies the two necessary conditions above the cleaner.
In general, the larger the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. That is the clean air output ratio, which directly affects the purification efficiency. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier and the larger the applicable area. It can be seen that CADR is an important indicator to measure the excellence of an air purifier, but note that this is not the only or dominant indicator.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing an air purifier?
The brand, function, performance, design, and price of the air purifier are very different and dazzling. Consumers are advised to purchase products according to their actual needs, not as many features as possible. For example, for consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to choose an air purifier with an outstanding PM2.5 purification capability. Newly renovated homes can focus on air purifiers that have outstanding formaldehyde and toluene capabilities.
At the same time, when purchasing, try to choose a big brand, the quality will be more secure.
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How to choose an air purifier?

How to choose an air purifier?

How to choose the right air purifier?

The first step is to clarify the large classification of net products.

the first sort
HEPA filter type
HEPA – Abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, which means a high-efficiency air filter. When filtered with HEPA, the air can pass completely, but fine particles in the air are quickly intercepted.

Achieving HEPA standards means that this filter is effective at intercepting 0.3-micron particles at least 99.99%. By using HEPA combined with activated carbon to make a composite filter, it is possible to simultaneously adsorb particulate matter and formaldehyde gas.

H14 HEPA filter used by Miwei

Of course, some manufacturers will add sterilizing cloth, primary filter, negative ion, cold catalyst, ultraviolet lamp, etc. to assist in purification in order to increase product function. However, all purification is mainly based on HEPA filters and activated carbon. Therefore, 90% of manufacturers have chosen this purification method.

in conclusion
Advantages: mature technology, high purification efficiency, high CADR value of formaldehyde and particulate matter.
Disadvantages: The filter needs to be replaced regularly, and the wind resistance will generate noise.

The second type of electrostatic dust collection
The high-pressure discharge allows the particles to be charged, and the built-in dust box releases the opposite-charge to absorb the particles. For the principle, please read the third-grade physics textbook. Purification of formaldehyde is also the oxidative decomposition of formaldehyde molecules by ion discharge

in conclusion
Advantages: no need to replace consumables, but regular high-frequency cleaning.
Disadvantages: It can remove the dust, can not remove the poisonous gas, the efficiency is lower than the mechanical type, slow, easy to produce ozone, and is rated as the worst purifier by the US market.

Understand the most important indicators of buying empty net products
The current empty net market can basically be divided into four major factions: Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China, and the new generation. A total of 306 brands, large and small, have been gathered, including many domestic and foreign traditional home appliance giants such as Sharp, Panasonic, Haier, and Midea.

How to choose so many brands? Of course, you must first understand the most powerful reference data. The new national standard “GB/T18801-2015” for air purifiers re-regulates the four parameters of the air net industry.

Understand those key core “buy” points
Core buy point:

Purification effect
The main pollutants that need to be purified this year are smog PM2.5, pollen, haze, soot and so on. The purification effect mainly depends on the CADR value of the machine’s particulate matter, which is currently concentrated in the market at 200-500m3/h. The time required for the purification of various particulate matter CADR values ​​is completely different for different areas. (Test room height is set to 2.5m)

It can be seen that if the 20m2 bedroom needs to be cleaned, an air purifier with a CADR value of 300-400m3/h can be fully satisfied. If the 50-flat living room wants to be quickly cleaned, it may be necessary to choose a CADR value of 500 or more.

Miwei’s CADR value of 728 is much higher than the purifiers of various brands on the market.

In addition, if you mainly want to purify formaldehyde, you must check the formaldehyde CADR value of the purifier. At present, the common CAD value of formaldehyde is 100-300 m3/h. Since the amount of formaldehyde released in each space is different, the best way to quickly remove aldehydes for new homes is to open windows for long periods of time.

l core buy point:
The CCM, which has been standardized by the new national standard, also intuitively reflects the endurance of an empty net product. According to the requirements of GB/T18801-2015, the empty net is placed in a 20m2 room. Under the moderate pollution condition with a pollutant concentration of 150μg/m3, the daily processing capacity is 25mg. Different levels of CCM can How many days are you using?

That is to say, in the case of ensuring the CADR value, the life of a filter is of course as long as possible.

Miwei’s CCM value is greater than 12,400, which is equivalent to 10 times P4, which is far more than other brands on the market.

Value-added buy points:
Dehumidification function
In short, the function of adding a humidifier to the air purifier is to use ultrasonic waves to turn the tap water in the water tank into water vapor. This feature is very practical in the winter in the north, but there are more security risks.

Value-added buy points:
Negative ion
Unlike the electrostatic air purifier, the negative ion function is only used as an added value function. Scientific research has shown that negative ions do have a positive effect on health. But no one can accurately say exactly how much it works.

l Value-added buy points:
APP function
In the era of Internet promotion of big data, more and more brands are willing to develop an APP to make tough products more intelligent and more practical. For example, as long as the mobile phone can remotely control the home’s empty-net products, it can achieve a series of functions such as early purification. At the same time, this app can also reflect the outdoor air quality in real-time, and even record the daily purification.

Value-added buy points:
Numerical display
This function depends on whether the purifier is an infrared sensor or a laser sensor. The cost and effectiveness of the two are very different.

in conclusion:

Value-added buying points will not affect the purification ability of the air purifier. However, in the actual use process, there is a machine that can be visually displayed, which is still very powerful. And the most easily overlooked but extremely important point, the cost of consumables in the later period – the unit price of the filter and the frequency of replacement.

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Air purifier market enters the iteration period

Air purifier market enters the iteration period


There are multiple reasons for the “favored” air purifier products in the Chinese market. There are both internal factors of air pollution problems and media external factors that focus on air quality, and internal and external factors have contributed to the Chinese air purifier market. In 2013, there was explosive growth. The long-term tracking and research findings of Zhongyikang in the industry also confirm this point. The core appeal of Chinese consumers to air purifiers is to remove PM2.5. It can be said that the purification ability is the most popular when Chinese consumers purchase air purifiers. Concerned indicators, large purification (CADR) products are popular with the market in line with this logic.

A reality that cannot be ignored: China is already at the key node of economic development, and is no longer blindly pursuing GDP growth, but also paying more attention to the quality of economic development. In such a large background, the public’s breathing air quality, which is closely related to physical health, is placed in a more prominent position. The “satisfying the people’s need for a better life” mentioned by the Chinese government several times in the 19th National Congress is precisely the manifestation of the popularization and popularization of the Chinese government’s governance of the country, linking the people’s livelihood with the goals and vision of national development. In 2017, we saw the determination and will of the Chinese government to control air pollution. The public also really felt the result – “the sky has turned blue.” This achievement is hard-won and is the result of the joint efforts of many parties. The air purification industry, which is committed to improving the health of the Chinese people, has also made its own contribution.

Another problem has arisen. The air quality is good. Should the air purifier industry withdraw from the stage?

From the historical experience of foreign air quality, the process of air pollution control is a long-term process, which is 20 to 30 years short and 50 or 60 years long. The long-term optimism of the air purification industry is a reference to historical development experience. With the increase of public health awareness, the improvement of air quality requirements is an inevitable trend. The development of product functions in the depth direction has its inherent driving force. In the past, the public paid more attention to PM2.5, and now the pollution sources are more extensive, such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Bacteria, pollen, odor, etc., special populations with serious respiratory diseases, are the driving force behind the development of the industry.

From the development trend of China’s consumer market, with the income growth and the rejuvenation of the main consumer groups, closely tracking and grasping the trends of these consumer groups is a topic of intensive research by brand manufacturers. Air purifiers are also imperative in reducing the image positioning of PM2.5. To meet the needs of different segments of the population, not only need to break through the needs of product design but also need to do more homework in product marketing. Air purifiers are not only for the existence of functional goods but also for the existence of engineering artworks that satisfy their individual demands. This needs to start with the scene design of consumers using products, Chinese consumers need to be guided, their needs can be stimulated, especially in the era of mobile Internet, we are optimistic about the iterative upgrade of the air purification industry, the market development space must Will be further opened. Contact us for more products and discounted prices
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