Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

Suppressing 97% of indoor viruses and odors is not an idiotic dream, Baojian Air Purifier has done it!

“Pure natural zero formaldehyde”, “0 formaldehyde decoration is staying”…
There are more and more so-called “zero formaldehyde” home improvement products on the market.
There are more than formaldehyde companies, which claim to be able to remove formaldehyde at one time.
But is there really “zero formaldehyde” furniture?
In fact, “zero formaldehyde” is the psychology of some merchants using consumers’ fear of formaldehyde.
Marketing means

If you have a new house but don’t dare to live, how can you really prevent formaldehyde?
First of all, we need to recognize that the prevention and control of formaldehyde are not immediate.
And need long-term war

Because in theory
Furniture or various home improvement materials within 3-5 months of opening the package
The amount of formaldehyde released will reach a peak
After half a year, it will enter a slow, small release state.
However, the formaldehyde release cycle is long, and many factors affect its release.
So in real life
“The longer the time, the less the amount of formaldehyde” is not necessarily true.
There have been testing cases indicating
After 1 year of house decoration, the indoor formaldehyde content is higher than half a year ago.

So don’t feel that your house has lived for many years.
There is no need to pay attention to “indoor air quality”
Formaldehyde can be released for up to 3 to 10 years
Part of the best and cheap air purifier has a function of removing formaldehyde
But people who have bought know
In fact, the household air purifier can only act on local space.
Really want to radiate to the whole house, at least 2 to 3 units are enough

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Air purifier filter cleaning and maintenance guide, teach you how to save purification costs

Air purifier filter cleaning and maintenance guide, teach you how to save purification costs

The use of an air purifier is very simple, and the filter is installed and plugged in and used. But if you say it is not that simple. Perhaps you haven’t read the instructions yet, or the blind spots in some air purifiers have not been noticed. Several suggestions on how to use the air purifier correctly are summarized as follows in the form of question and answer, hoping to help everyone!

1. How to install the air purifier filter

Different models of air purifier filters are installed differently. However, the Xiaobian survey found that most of the air purifier filters on the market are packaged in waterproof bags and placed in the purifier filter drawer, as is the Stewart air purifier. Consumers only need to take out the filter and unpack the waterproof bag in the original order, which is simple and not necessary.

2, the position of the air purifier

Do not place the air purifier in the aisle, it should be placed in a room where family activities are concentrated. The air purifier needs a certain distance from the wall surface, and the distance of 30 cm is good so that the air inlet and the air outlet have better air circulation.

3. How long is the air purifier open?

In order to keep the indoor air clean, try to open it 24 hours, especially in the house that has just been renovated, the amount of formaldehyde volatilization is large. The power consumption of mainstream air purifier products generally does not exceed 70W, which is still very energy-saving. It is recommended to continue to use it for a long time.

4. Can a smoker play ash at the air inlet of the air purifier?

Some people have tested the purifying effect of the air purifier and directly shot the soot to the purifier, which is wrong. Even if the purifier has strong suction to absorb the soot, it is a burden on the filter element, and excessive suction of the dust causes the filter to have a reduced service life.

5, the air purifier air outlet as a wind tube

Although the purifier air outlet releases clean air, the purifier is so large that its air inlet is also close to the air outlet. Within 10-20 cm of the purifier, it is often the most polluted place.

6. Does the air purifier use the window or close the window?

In the event of continuous air pollution, the window should be closed first, and the door should be opened as little as possible to create a relatively closed space. In order to prevent no fresh air in the room, you can open the window intermittently or place some green plants indoors to absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and water, and adjust the indoor air quality.

7. Are the humidifier and air purifier used together?

When the weather is dry or the air conditioner is turned on, the indoor air will be very dry, so many consumers like to buy a humidifier or a humidifying air purifier. In fact, when the humidifier is used together with the purifier, the water mist will interfere with the air quality detector of the purifier. In addition, the use of the humidifier is not correct, it not only can not purify the air but will increase the possibility of respiratory diseases.

8. How often does the air purifier filter change?

Filter-type air purifier, some filter elements can not be cleaned to achieve repeated use, and the service life is generally about six months. Once the filter adsorption area reaches saturation, the machine work efficiency will decrease, and even the risk of secondary pollution, so consumption The filter element should be replaced in time according to the degree of indoor pollution and the product life cycle.

For fear of forgetting to replace the filter element, you can choose an air purifier with a filter reminder function.

9, the preservation of the air purifier

When the air quality is good, you don’t need to go to the purifier. You should remove the purifier filter and clean it. Place it in a cool, ventilated place with the air purifier.

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Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can an air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

Can a household air purifier remove formaldehyde in the room?

On a hot afternoon, Mr. Zhang, who was sweating, returned home from the outside. I was about to turn on the air conditioner. Suddenly, a pungent smell came over and it felt a bit like formaldehyde. Mr. Zhang wondered: The house has been renovated for a long time. At that time, it did not smell any special taste. Where did the smell come from now? Mr. Zhang decided to find the source of formaldehyde. I recalled that a friend bought a formaldehyde tester two days ago, so I immediately called to ask my friend to borrow and test it myself.

After getting the formaldehyde tester, Mr. Zhang hurriedly turned on the tester switch. The value on the tester instantly climbed to 0.15 mg/m3, and the maximum allowable concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air of residents was 0.08 mg/m3, which indicates that the formaldehyde content of Mr. Zhang’s home has exceeded the standard.

Unexpected Mr. Zhang held a formaldehyde tester and read the “seeking the entanglement of the dragon, the entanglement is a heavy pass”, and continued to search for the source of formaldehyde. When passing through a cabinet, the value was found. Suddenly increased – this is the cabinet he bought six months ago.

At the moment when the door of the cabinet came, Mr. Zhang, who had come to the smell of formaldehyde, burst into a cough and a heart. This cabinet is a display cabinet, usually not open very much, plus the indoor temperature in summer is high, the study does not often open air conditioning, a large amount of formaldehyde accumulates in the cabinet. Mr. Zhang pinched his nose and put the tester in the cupboard, and then carefully closed the door. A few minutes later, Mr. Zhang burst into tears and found that the formaldehyde reading on the instrument was stable at 1.76 mg/m3, and the reading was even as high as 2.08 mg/m3, which was a serious explosion. The cabinet that Mr. Zhang asked to come back half a year ago is a gas cabinet.

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Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

Understand the purification principle of air purifiers

With the deep understanding of air purifiers, many people began to pay attention to the purification principle of purifiers, product classification, filter maintenance, and other topics. Today, we will take an in-depth analysis of the purification and principle of air purifiers, so that everyone can buy products. It’s more convenient.

Two different purification principles for top 5 room air purifiers:

Active: Active purification means that the air purifier actively initiates an impact on the pollutants in the air through special devices and technologies, and purifies and purifies the pollutants in the air. At present, the technologies involved in active purification mainly include particle groups, electrostatic dust collection, and the like. The advantage is that there is no need to replace the filter screen, the product use cost is low, the disadvantage is that the product technology is not mature enough, it will produce secondary pollution, and the filtering range is small, and can only be purified for a small area indoor environment.

Passive: Passive purification means that the product draws air with harmful substances in the air into the product body, filters and decomposes the filter through a professional device, and then releases the filtered air into the air to gradually complete the cycle purification. The main device for passive purification is the filter screen. The better the filter effect, the stronger the purification strength. The advantage of this product is that the purification speed is fast, the product effect is better, the shortage is higher in the after-sales cost, and the filter screen needs to be replaced regularly.

In the industry, companies are now using a professional compound purification mode. This purification mode is based on passive purification. A professional ion generator is added to the product to enhance the purification effect of the product. The filter + particle group reaches The ideal aldehyde removal effect.

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Which is better for air purifiers? What kind of air purifier is good?

Which is better for air purifiers? What kind of air purifier is good?

Which is better for the air purifier? The filter level of air purifier is very important.

Different filter grades, the purification effect is very different. The higher the HEPA network grade, the smaller the diameter of the particles that can be filtered, and the better the filtration effect. At present, the common air purifiers on the market use H10H9 grade HEPA nets. The mid-to-high-end air purifiers generally use H12 grade HEPA nets. Very few high-end air purifiers use H13 grade HEPA nets. The H13 grade HEPA net is a top-grade imported medical-grade CleansingSoftHEPA filter with good filtration. Therefore, at least the air purifier with HEPA network-level above H12 should be selected, and the air purifier with the H13 level HEPA net should be selected as much as possible.

Which is better for the air purifier? The larger the amount of air cleaning, the larger the purification area.

The larger the air cleaning amount (CADR), the larger the purifying area of ​​the air purifier, and the more the number of purification cycles. The international standard is 5 times an hour. For example, there is an air purifier with a clean air volume of 450m?/h, which is calculated by the room height of 3 meters. The area of ​​the air purifier is 450÷5÷3=30 square meters. When purchasing, consider whether the clean area of ​​the air purifier matches the room area. If the clean area is smaller than the room area, the expected clean effect will not be achieved. Therefore, you should try to purchase an air purifier with a large amount of clean air.

Which is better to buy an air purifier – choose a quiet air purifier

The noise problem is a problem that is often encountered during the use of the air purifier. When purchasing, the noise problem should be considered mainly from the following three aspects: whether the sleep mode can really achieve ultra-quiet; when the maximum air volume is generated Whether the noise can be tolerated; whether the noise in the automatic mode is acceptable. Some purifiers use DC brushless ultra-quiet motor and additional silent cotton technology to effectively reduce noise. At the time of purchase, air purifiers with both mute techniques can be prioritized.

Which is better for the air purifier? The higher the purification efficiency, the better the best air purifier for dust.

In addition to considering the one-time purification efficiency, consumers should also consider the purification efficiency of the whole machine, that is, the air purification amount, otherwise it will easily fall into the trap of the merchant: for example, purifying the same volume of air, one-time purification of two purifiers The efficiency is 99%, but the purifier A takes 1 hour, the purifier B takes 2 hours, obviously the purification efficiency of A is higher than B, but the merchant does not mark the test parameters, you see all It is a 99% purification rate. In addition, the efficiency of the best cheap hepa air purifier in addition to PM2.5 and formaldehyde removal are different, and the value of both should be considered comprehensively at the time of purchase. Finally, it is necessary to consider that the values ​​of purification efficiency are all tested in a manufacturer-specific experimental environment. Since the indoor air environment is different from the laboratory environment, consumers should not blindly listen to the manufacturer’s virtual standard value when purchasing, but See if the effect is really effective.

Nowadays, many people wear masks for fear of inhaling the polluted air. If the air quality in the home is not up to standard, you may wish to purchase an air purifier to purify the air by using an air purifier. When considering various aspects, only the selection of high-quality air purifiers can help us to improve air quality quickly.

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The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The water purifier is a display? After reading you, you are silent!

The importance of water to human health, I am afraid everyone can say one or two. However, our daily tap water has experienced too many cruel flaws in the processing, rust, heavy metals, pesticides, dyes… and various viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, even after boiling, simple sterilization Chloride and heavy metals in the water will not decrease. Therefore, it is very important to filter the water and drink it.

However, the filter kettle is slow to filter, the RO water purifier is bulky, the installation is troublesome, the price is high, the faucet water purifier is more friendly, the purification is quick, the price is close to the people, the volume is still small… except that the purification effect is not known, everything looks They are perfect. In order to answer the doubts and confusion in everyone’s mind, today we will test and monitor the faucet water purifier.

The packaging looks very textured. The water purifier looks like a camera lens. At first glance, it is super technical, and the middle LED lights are very cool.

The fittings for all kinds of faucets are all in line, 3 internal thread adapters and 1 external thread adapter, which can match the various thread taps that are common in the market. There is also a separate monitor cover that can be attached to the adapter when the filter is removed.

Remove the bubbler of the faucet and gently rotate it up. It is more labor-saving than installing the bulb, it does not occupy the place, it is light and easy to carry, and it can be brought together on a business trip.

After opening the one-eye intelligent monitoring faucet water purifier, then turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the “One Eye” APP will automatically search and match.

Of course, it is definitely not only because it is convenient, after all, but there are also many products of the same type on the market. I value its water purification technology and its own monitoring module. The two functions are two of its biggest highlights. It is said that after the filtration, the detection module of the palm of the hand can accurately detect various data in the water, and score the water quality so that you have a number before you drink.

Its filter element is also full of black technology. The activated carbon fiber + ion exchange fiber selected for the one-screen composite filter has a large micropore content, a narrow pore size distribution, and a surface area twice that of the ordinary filter element, which means that the filtration capacity is stronger and the purification effect is obtained. How to know it.

Turn on the faucet and in the original water state, the TOC, TDS, turbidity and temperature data in the water are detected in a few seconds, and the four-color LED lamp is used to indicate the quality of the water. Turn the switch to the side and turn on the clean water. The tap water comes out of the faucet and is filtered through a multi-brand composite filter. Then it is clean and healthy water. The LED light turns green instantly. This purification effect is obvious~

Raw water, clean water status LED light display

Moreover, these detailed water quality data are uploaded to the mobile app, and the water quality is intelligently scored by the AI ​​big data algorithm. You can see the filtering effect and the quality of the water at a glance based on the monitoring results.

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How to choose an air purifier? Remember that these six points are king!

How to choose an air purifier? Remember that these six points are king!

Choose products with formal logos and complete information
When consumers buy air purifiers
Pay attention to the following

▲ Pay attention to whether the product packaging has a formal logo, including company name, product name, product model, implementation standard, after-sales hotline, and certification mark;
▲ Pay attention to the air purifier CADR (purification efficiency) and CCM (cumulative purification) indicators, such as CADR (particulate matter), CADR (formaldehyde), CCM (particulate matter), CCM (formaldehyde), and energy consumption, noise (maximum air volume) , applicable areas and other important indicators, and pay attention to whether the above indicators are fully marked;

▲ Also, pay attention to the product manual or its body, whether it is marked with the start-up operation guide, use safety tips and filter replacement operation instructions, etc., to avoid the impact of the air purifier due to incomplete information.

Choose products that meet the actual needs of the home
When consumers purchase air purifiers, they should pay attention to and consider the “CADR (purification efficiency)” index. Just as buying air conditioners should choose the number of horses according to the size of the space, different space areas should match the air purifiers with different CADR values. . For example, a 30 square meter room and a “CADR” 450 air purifier will have a better purification experience.

In addition, for particulate matter, formaldehyde (gaseous pollutants), allergens and other different pollutants, it is best to purchase products with corresponding purification functions.
Choose products with high quality and good price
At present, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the price difference is large. Consumers should not argue about quality.

Low-cost products such as “100 yuan machines” have low cost, often with poor quality and high noise. They not only fail to achieve the desired purification effect, but also bring noise pollution to the home, and the high price is not completely equal to high quality, some high-priced products, In fact, it contains a lot of marketing costs. Some of the features in the product belong to the business exaggeration of publicity, play with the concept, and some of the functional indicators are directly marked by the merchants to maximize the eyelashes.
At the same time, consumers should not blindly pursue foreign brands and high-end brands, because each country has different national conditions. For example, some countries in foreign countries have milder levels of formaldehyde and smog. The corresponding brands of Olansi air purifiers mainly filter pollen and large. Particulate matter is not entirely suitable for the needs of Chinese consumers.
Choose pre-sale and after-sales guaranteed products
Whether buying products online or offline, consumers should purchase through formal channels. Do not blindly believe in channels such as mergers, sales, membership, etc., and avoid buying counterfeit and shoddy products.

At the same time, as a high-consumption product, the air purifier is particularly important for after-sales service. Some air purifiers sold through third-party platforms or dealers have a short warranty period, and subsequent maintenance services have defects, which greatly shorten the product life cycle, so consumers When purchasing an air purifier, you should carefully understand the after-sales service, warranty terms, and restrictions of the product to avoid unnecessary troubles in the after-sales process. In addition, after the consumer purchases the product, he must keep the invoice and other shopping vouchers for future use.
Choose a product certified by a third-party certification body
When consumers purchase an air purifier, they can pay attention to whether the product has a “star certification” from a third-party certification body.

“Star certification” is based on the requirements of the industry group standard “Filtering Air Purifier Particle Control Performance Grading”, and the removal of energy efficiency, cumulative purification, and noise of “particles, formaldehyde, microorganisms, allergens” and other pollutants. The grading evaluation of the indicators is “9 stars”. “Star certification” puts higher requirements on the quality of air purifiers. Consumers can directly judge the quality of air purifiers by means of “number of stars”.
Master the correct use of the product
At present, the air purifiers currently on the market mainly use filter type. The filter element can not be used repeatedly by cleaning, and the service life is generally about six months. Once the filter adsorption area reaches saturation, the machine work efficiency will decrease. There is even a risk of secondary pollution, so consumers should replace the filter element in time according to the degree of indoor pollution and product use cycle.

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Which brand of air purifier is good?

Which brand of air purifier is good?

In daily life, formaldehyde, smog, second-hand smoke, dust particles, etc., are harmful to everyone’s health every day. As a place where you need to work long hours in a day, the breathing environment of the office should not be underestimated.

As people pay more and more attention to the impact of indoor air on human health, air purifiers are also well known and become essential home appliances for home life. However, the main function of most air purifiers on the market is still to eliminate cockroaches. When faced with indoor formaldehyde that is more harmful to the human body, these products are mostly unable to do so. In response to the above situation, the Olansi air purifier came into being and became a must-have appliance for many families. However, there are still many people in the wait-and-see state. Do you wonder if the air purifier is really useful? For this reason, Xiaobian especially collected relevant materials and studied them together!

First, the working principle of the air purifier

With the continuous improvement of technology, the purification efficiency of air purifiers is also significantly improved, which mainly purifies the air by means of adsorption, generation of negative ions, catalysis and photocatalyst. After the air purifier starts to work, the first thing is to inhale the dirty air into the machine, and then purify the air through multiple purification systems, which can specifically filter the complex and diverse pollutants in the air, so it is certain to purify the air. Effective. Of course, in addition to the use of air purifiers, do not forget to open the doors and windows for ventilation, usually less air pollution in the morning, you can choose to ventilate the room for a period of time.

Second, what is the filter of the air purifier?

At present, the mainstream air purifiers on the market are composite filters that use multiple filters, mainly using HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. Among them, the activated carbon filter of each brand has a small gap, but the HEPA filter has a big difference in purification efficiency according to the grade. Generally, the higher the level of the HEPA filter, the better the filtration effect.

Taking the air purifier as an example, the Olansi air purifier adopts the HEPA filter of the European standard H13. Currently, only a few brands of china air purifiers on the market adopt the EU standard H13 HEPA filter. In addition, the air purifier filter is made of HEPA and activated carbon and sterilized cotton composite filter. The expansion area of ​​the filter is 10 times larger than that of the ordinary air purifier. Therefore, the contact area of ​​the filter element and the polluted air is more, so the smog is blocked. Second-hand smoke and dust and other harmful substances are more efficient, and the multiple purification devices including the PLASMA inhibitor can efficiently filter out small particles such as odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, pollen, catkin, dust mites, hair, and PM2.5. Purify the indoor air and specifically protect the health of sensitive people.

Any product has a long life, and the filter is no exception. To ensure better air purification, the filter needs to be replaced regularly, and different filter replacement cycles are different. The life of HEPA filters is generally 3-6 months. In the case of more serious indoor air pollution, the service life is even shorter and needs to be replaced in time. The activated carbon filter can be taken out regularly and placed in the sun to expose life. It can be used for 1~2 years.

All in all, the air purifier can effectively purify the air, but in the purchase process, the high-efficiency filter should be recognized, and the effect of purifying the air will be more prominent.

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Air Purifier, are you right?

Air Purifier, are you right?

In recent years, with the outbreak of environmental air pollution in China, people are paying more and more attention to the air quality of their environment. Bacteria, viruses, odors, chemical gases, etc. suspended in the air can threaten human health.

In particular, new homes that have just been renovated are even more harmful to vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, and pregnant women. As the most effective product to improve air quality, air purifiers have become the standard for many families.

At present, there are many kinds of air purifiers on the market. But how do you really choose a high-performance, high-quality air purifier?

At the just-concluded Olansi “Winning the Future – Healthy Breathing into the First Anniversary of Wanjia and New Products”, how to choose an air purifier, a professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, an expert in air purification industry, “the first person in China’s air purification”, China Professor Wu Jixiang, an expert in the Indoor Environmental Purification Management Committee, said that a truly effective air purifier = high CADR value + high CCM value + high energy efficiency value + low noise.

Professor Wu Jixiang, the first person in China’s air purification, explained at the Olansi Air Purifier New Product Launch Conference
“Three highs and one low”, the four indicators of the Olansi air purifier are all better than the new international highest standards.

What kind of effects can these indicators play in daily use?
CADR value: air purification capacity of up to 800m3 / h, the industry-leading, air in 15 square meters of space, only 2 minutes and 45 seconds, can be completely purified. Easy to get all kinds of apartment types, a home office is suitable!
CCM value: It represents the purification ability of pollutants. The continuous purification ability of the Olansi Air Purifier is higher than the highest international standard and has good performance.
Energy efficiency rating: It represents the clean volume produced by one-degree electricity consumption. It is a measure of the energy consumption of an empty net. The higher the grade, the better the effect. The energy efficiency rating of the Olansi air purifier is higher than the highest international standard, and it is more energy-efficient to use. Electricity.
Noise: The noise in the maximum wind speed mode is only 68dB, which is lower than the ambient sound in the discussion. The noise in the sleep mode is only 34dB, which is lower than the ambient sound of the baby’s sleep.

In addition, the Olansi air purifier also has negative ion purification, 2-layer filter 3 mesh and 4 heavy filtrations, precision sensor, low energy consumption, long life, 360 degree no dead angle purification, thoughtful design, worry-free and so on…

Olansi Air Purifier is a leading producer of the Olansi company that combines the spirit of artisans and experts at home and abroad to create a higher-quality product than the national standard. It is also a star new product that Olansi launched in the second half of this year. Select the right pair, please see the Nashen air purification use strategy

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How to use the air purifier correctly? How long is it suitable for each day?

In the air-conditioned rooms in the summer, we often feel that the air is cloudy and occasionally feels chest tightness and dizziness. This is because the contaminants in the confined space are increasing, and the oxygen is gradually consumed by the human body, so the above conditions occur. Adding to the organic pollutants volatilized by interior decoration materials and furniture, bacteria floating in the air aggravate this situation.

The health of the family is threatened by the quality of the polluted air, and the function of the air purifier to clean the air is a good solution to this problem. How long does it take to keep the indoor air at a healthy level?

First, the living scene

Newly renovated houses should be opened as much as possible before the check-in. Because formaldehyde is a continuous release of decorative pollutants, the newly-renovated houses are released in large quantities, and the release of formaldehyde slowly decreases over time. After the check-in, if you can’t open the window, you should rely on the air purifier. At this time, the use of time should be extended appropriately, at least 4 hours per day. If there is an obvious smell in the room, it is recommended to open for more than 8 hours.

Second, the local environment

Because of the different geographical environments, the sources of pollution are different, and the air pollutant content varies from place to place. If the ambient air quality is excellent or good, you can choose to use it one hour before going to bed. But the most important thing about sleep is quietness, and mature products such as Senchen and Philips are doing very well in this respect. When adjusting to the small windshield, they only hear their breathing sounds quiet, and suggest that the machine should be placed away. The farther bed position reduces the risk of radiation.

Third, the weather conditions and space size

If the air quality of the day is not very good, depending on the size of the space, the living space is generally 4-8 hours. If space is large, it is delayed. On the other day, the concentration of pollutants will be higher in the morning and evening. It is recommended that air purifiers should also be used during these two periods.

In the rainy days, the dust in the rain and the suspended matter in the air will also drop. The air quality at this time is relatively good. However, in the “fine rain” weather, when you need to close the doors and windows, you should also use an air purifier to remove bacteria from the room.

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