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A survey on e-cigarettes at the March 15 party this year has aroused concern. Many people feel that e-cigarettes do not harm their bodies as much as real cigarettes, even as a substitute for quitting smoking. But is using electronic cigarettes really as safe as everyone thinks?

In fact, most of the electronic cigarette liquids contain nicotine, the World Health Organization and other authoritative agencies believe that the harm of electronic cigarettes is not lower than that of traditional cigarettes, especially second-hand cigarettes.

According to an article published by the World Health Organization, the second-hand aerosol (the second-hand smoke of electronic smoke) produced by the heating solution of electronic smoke is a new source of air pollution.

Compared with smokeless fresh air, second-hand aerosols can cause PM1.0 value to be 14-40 times higher, PM2.5 value to be 6-86 times higher, nicotine content to be 10-115 times higher, formaldehyde content to be 20% higher, and some metal content to be even higher than the second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes!

Therefore, friends who like to smoke electronic cigarettes at home should also pay attention to air purification. They need to keep a large air volume and fast purification air purifier – OLANSI K15B air purifier with PM1.0 PM2.5 display.


It is a new national standard test, the purification of particulate matter and formaldehyde energy efficiency to achieve high-level products, one can solve 50-85 of the home area, easily cover the living room bedroom and other space purification needs, reduce the harm of second-hand smoke to family members.


OLANSI K15B air purifier has 710.3 m/h of particulate clean air volume (CADR), high-efficiency P4 of cumulative particulate matter purity (CCM), 427.6 m/h of formaldehyde clean air volume (CADR), and high-efficiency F4 of cumulative purity (CCM).


OLANSI K15B air purifier uses three sets of filter equipment, three-dimensional air intake, double-duct design, which can rapidly purify formaldehyde, PM2.5 and other particulate matter in secondhand electronic smoke in an all-round way, and protect your and your family’s breathing clean.


OLANSI K15B air purifier is equipped with a 50 mm thick filter for dust collection and deodorization, which can effectively filter small particles and purify the particulate matter in second-hand electronic smoke. The activated carbon layer added can also absorb odor, reduce odor caused by second-hand smoke, and make the air more fresh.

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