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Is it necessary to buy an air purifier?

Is it necessary to buy an air purifier?

air purifier,99.97 pure hepa  air purifier,pure hepa  air purifier

What is the environment in which we live? Do you remember the winter of 2013? The ash is shrouded, and people are groping in the process of groping, not only giving threats to the line, but also causing tremendous harm to the body. Hospital outpatient clinics are even more crowded, increasing the workload for medical workers.

Why? Isn’t this the foggy weather? How can it hurt health? This is not fog, but embarrassment. The threat posed by sputum is not only in the respiratory tract, it will penetrate into the bloodstream in compliance with the respiratory tract, and flow along the blood to various parts of the body. The disease is concentrated on respiratory diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. The air purifier was at this time, and the sales exceeded the new high several times. From 2013 to 2017, China’s atmospheric remediation has changed. The air purifier market, which is mainly based on the need to remove smog, has begun to shrink. In 2018, the market share of air purifiers has shrunk severely.

Now that the outdoor air quality is good, there is no need to buy an air purifier! Is this true?

According to research by the World Health Organization, the degree of indoor air pollution is far more than 5-10 times that of outdoor air pollution. ‘Scared the baby’, where are these pollutants coming from? Cooking fumes, odors from new home decoration materials, thousands of carcinogens released by cigarette burning, pet hair, bacterial viruses hidden in the corner, and so on. The long-term high concentration of these pollutants in contact with the human body poses a major threat to health, no less than or even higher than outdoor air pollutants.

In particular, the formaldehyde problem brought about by the renovation of new homes has always been a hot topic. The case of excessive levels of formaldehyde-induced leukemia has occurred too much, and the alarms have once again made the public pay more attention to indoor formaldehyde removal. Not only new homes, but also old houses will have excessive formaldehyde. This is because formaldehyde has a release cycle of 3-10 years, plus adding some new furniture to the house. Changing the wallpaper will lead to excessive formaldehyde in the old house.

New house in addition to formaldehyde air purifier

In CCTV’s ‘Health Road’ program, professional testing of formaldehyde in air purifiers is carried out, and formaldehyde is placed in a closed space. After three different time periods of formaldehyde detection, we will find the value. It is decreasing, which indicates that the air purifier is effective in addition to formaldehyde.

What brand of formaldehyde air purifier is good?

The quality of formaldehyde removal air purifier depends on the CAD value of formaldehyde. This is the basic standard of the new national standard for air purifier. The higher the CADR value of formaldehyde, the better the performance of formaldehyde removal. Secondly, the formaldehyde CMM value, air purifier CMM Representing its life, the F4 air purifier is the highest level. Formaldehyde has a volatility of up to 10 years, and there must be enough “strong” air purifiers to fight formaldehyde.

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