blue star alkaline water purifier

Why is the RO water purifier also known as the reverse osmosis water purifier?

Why is the RO water purifier also known as the reverse osmosis water purifier?

blue star alkaline water purifier

The RO water purifier is a water purifier that uses the principle of reverse osmosis technology for water filtration. RO reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation filtration technology that utilizes osmotic pressure difference as power. The RO reverse osmosis membrane has a pore size as small as nanometer (1 nanometer = 10 minus 9 square meters). Under a certain pressure, water molecules can pass through the RO membrane, while inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria in the source water. Impurities such as viruses and viruses cannot pass through the RO membrane, so that the permeable pure water and the impervious concentrated water are strictly distinguished, and the part of the water that passes through the RO membrane is pure water.

The RO water purifier market is commonly used as a three- or five-stage filtration system, with five-level filtration as an example:

The first grade PP cotton: preliminary filtration of raw water to remove coarser particulate impurities, sludge, colloids, suspended matter, etc. in the water.

Second-stage granular activated carbon: adsorption of odor, color, residual chlorine, organic matter, and part of heavy metals in water.

Third-stage PP cotton: deep purification, further removal of impurities.

The fourth-stage RO membrane: removes heavy metal ions from water, has opportunities, bacteria and other impurities.

The fifth stage of the rear activated carbon filter: to improve the taste.

Since the RO water purifier has a slow filtration water production, it is usually equipped with a water storage tank for water storage.

RO reverse osmosis membrane has ultra-high precision water purification capacity, which can not only remove the residual chlorine, sand, bacteria and other magazines in the water, but also attach some beneficial trace elements in the water to absorb the health of people. Play a helping role. However, compared with the ultrafiltration water purifier, the water quality of the RO pure water machine is more clean and safe, and the qualified RO pure water machine can be used for direct drinking.

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