Air purifiers for those things | Are you really using air purifiers?

Air purifiers for those things | Are you really using air purifiers?

Don’t make common sense mistakes

Do you dare to remove the filter packaging?!

Generally speaking, the newly purchased best room air purifier should have the strongest purifying effect, but some people even complained to me that her new purchase of empty-net has no purifying effect. After reading the instructions several times, I have not found the problem. Already ready to return with the manufacturer.

Slow down slowly, are you really sure that it is empty? Sure enough, when I asked her if she had removed the packaging of the filter, she said that she was awkward and asked me if there was a package to be removed. I really cried out… Don’t think that this kind of thing will not happen to you. My friend is also smart and lively and cute, but in the end, it falls on the small thing of the filter.

There is no doubt that if the filter package is not removed, the best portable room air purifier will be the same as the “waste device”.

Finishing the wrong order

If the probability of not disassembling the filter package is not high, after all, many filters are installed directly in the air purifier without disassembling the package. Whether the filter needs to be installed in order, or how to put it all out, there should be a lot of doubts about this problem.

In response to this problem, we found a Sharp KI-BC608-W air purifier with multiple filters. From the schematic diagram of the official website, the correct installation sequence of the air purifier filter from the outside to the inside should be a rear panel (pre-filter), deodorization/formaldehyde removal integrated filter, formaldehyde removal filter, high-efficiency HEPA filter.

We disrupted the installation sequence by placing the deodorizing/deodorizing integrated filter in the innermost part, then placing the formaldehyde removal filter and the high-efficiency HEPA filter. A cigarette is lit in a house with a closed door and a window of about 10 square meters. It is measured by an air quality measuring instrument. We can see that the air quality in the initial environment is as follows: the formaldehyde value is 0.11 mg/m3, PM2.5. The value was 556 μg/m 3 and the pollution index was 500.

When we started the air purifier that disrupted the installation sequence, after 10 minutes of use, the air quality was 0.001 mg/m3, the PM2.5 was 257 μg/m3, and the pollution index was 307. The pollution situation has eased, but it is clearly still in a state of explosion.

Therefore, we adjusted the filter to the normal installation sequence. After ten minutes of opening, the value was 0.11 mg/m3, the PM2.5 value was 38 μg/m3, and the pollution index was 91. Although the formaldehyde value did not decrease, both PM2.5 and the overall pollution index showed a significant downward trend. It can be seen that the correct installation order of the filter does affect the purification effect of the air purifier. To say the loss, the incorrect installation sequence must be greater than the correct safety loss, and the effect is still poor.

So, if you bought an air purifier that needs to install multiple filters, you really have to look carefully at the filter installation sequence.

Do you have to do this with an empty net?

Empty net + humidifier ≠ double insurance

Sometimes we feel that an air purifier can’t solve the problem of indoor air quality (then buy two), so we will look for ways that seem to be able to “snap” with the air purifier. For example, if someone puts a humidifier next to the air purifier, can this really do more with less? Still, let the data speak.

This time we chose the Dustie DAC500Plus air purifier, which still ignited a cigarette. In the closed window environment of the same 10 square meters, the measured index is: formaldehyde value is 0.09mg/m3, PM2.5 value is 235μg. /m3, the pollution index is 285. Ten minutes later, the index was: formaldehyde value of 0.05 mg/m3, PM2.5 value of 16 μg/m3, and pollution index of 41. It was obvious that the indoor air environment quickly returned to the ideal state by itself.

If you have a humidifier next to it? So we put another cigarette, the measured index is formaldehyde value of 0.10mg / m3, PM2.5 value of 197μg / m3, pollution index of 247. After turning on the air purifier and humidifier, wait for 10 minutes. The measured index is: formaldehyde value is 0.05mg/m3, PM2.5 value is 42μg/m3, pollution index is 58, the data performance is also good, but if you If the room is not particularly dry, just to purify the air purely, there is no need to open a humidifier at the same time.

Open the net and open the window?

Undoubtedly, if the quality of the outdoor air is very bad now, then you open the air purifier and open the window is undoubtedly a chronic suicide. But if the outdoor air quality is good, and I also need certain window ventilation, will the indoor air be better when the purifier is turned on? Let’s try it out.

The Dustie DAC500Plus air purifier was used. The air quality on the day of the test was good, the blue sky and white clouds, and the weather forecast did not show any pollution problems such as foggy weather. This time we did not deliberately smoke, because we should test in a normal indoor environment, open the air, the measured data after ten minutes is formaldehyde value of 0.10mg / m3, PM2.5 value of 9μg / m3, pollution index It is 83.

Subsequently, the indoor window was directly opened and waited for 10 minutes. The data showed a formaldehyde value of 0.07 mg/m3, a PM2.5 value of 2 μg/m3, and a pollution index of 58. It can be seen that after opening the window, the values ​​of formaldehyde and PM2.5 have decreased, but the overall pollution index has not changed. This shows that air circulation still has certain benefits, but the premise is that the weather must be good. The weather is not good, anyone knows that opening the window is dead.

Put the same air purifier

It is said that the air quality in the central part of the air purifier is the best, and the empty net placed on the side of the wall or on the side of the furniture is compared with the empty net placed without any obstructions around it. At the same time, the purification effect will be Not the same? We still try the Dustie DAC500Plus air purifier.

When we placed the purifier on the wall and turned on the purifier for 10 minutes, the test data showed a formaldehyde value of 0.08 mg/m3, a PM2.5 value of 30 μg/m3, and a pollution index of 66.

After that, the air purifier was removed from the wall and placed in a place where there was no obvious obstruction around it. It was opened for ten minutes. The test data showed a formaldehyde value of 0.08 mg/m3 and a PM2.5 value of 19 μg/m3. The index is 66. Obviously, except for the decrease in the PM2.5 value, the other values ​​have not changed. It can be seen that it is placed on the edge of the wall and does not have much influence on the purification effect of the air purifier.

Do not make mistakes is the right way to open the empty net

To maximize the effectiveness of the air purifier, the first can not make common sense mistakes, such as the filter packaging has not been opened to start using the purifier. In addition, when you use the empty net correctly, you must believe that it must be used without a purifier. But the air purifier is not a perpetual motion machine, nor is it an artifact that will not be broken, so how to maintain it, how to maintain it is also important for the air purifier. Later, the maintenance article on air purification will show you how to maintain it. Empty net can make it last longer, so stay tuned~~

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