deep pore facial cleansing brush,face brush facial cleansing,facial cleansing brush

What kind of beauty instrument is worth buying?

What kind of beauty instrument is worth buying?

deep pore facial cleansing brush,face brush facial cleansing,facial cleansing brush

At the moment of high efficiency and high quality of life, simply using skin care products can no longer satisfy our love of beauty! Have you ever experienced these scenes:

  • The acne facial cleanser is brushed one tube after another, and the acne is still one after another.
  • The mask is applied one by one, and the face is still dry like the Sahara Desert.
  • Picking up the eye cream and picking up the black circles of the eyes. After the wipe, there is no change.

This is really awesome. Is there any artifact that can help change the skin? However, when we turned our attention to a variety of high-end beauty instruments with a sense of technology, they felt confused: are they really so good? Or just some gimmicks? Among them, is there something that suits me?

Ultrasonic Cleansing Importer

Clean face: rhythmic silicone cleaning brush, deep cleaning; exercise facial muscle aerobic exercise; generate more collagen

Emolliency: Ultrasonic introduction; the essence is absorbed more fully; ablation and degreasing, thin and delicate face

Atomized micro-thermal vibration, the essence reaches the skin

Water molecule atomization technology, the macromolecular water of skin care essence is turned into small molecule water, while 42 ° constant temperature heat, open the skin channel, plus micro-vibration introduction technology, the skin care product essence is deeply promoted to the bottom layer of the skin, the inner layer nourishes , better absorption, let the skin drink water.

  • Faster absorption
  • Rejuvenation and hydration
  • Fine pores

High frequency pushes skin, thins out V face

The micro-current energy vibration acts on the facial muscles, and through the vibration massage, the muscles are driven to promote the fat ablation of the skin, maintain the cell activity, restore the elasticity of the skin, and thin out the delicate face.

UV sterilization cover

The cleansing guide is equipped with a UVC sterilization cover. After cleansing, clean the cleansing guide, cover the cover, and irradiate with UVC to achieve physical sterilization.

5 minutes a day, ‘charge the electricity’ for the skin

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