Home red light skincare machine,Eye and face lifting and tightening beauty instrument,RF beauty equipment

The truth behind the RF beauty instrument!

The truth behind the RF beauty instrument!

Home red light skincare machine,Eye and face lifting and tightening beauty instrument,RF beauty equipment

At present, there are many different types of beauty instruments throughout the beauty market. Although it may seem complicated, there are no more than three types: sound, light, and electricity. In the common beauty instrument technology, ultrasonic and ultrasonic knives belong to sound; laser, pulsed light (such as for hair removal), LED red and blue light belong to light; radio frequency, EMS, micro current, ion introduction and export are electricity.

What is RF technology?

Radio frequency, an abbreviation of Radio Frequency, is an abbreviation of electromagnetic wave with high frequency alternating current variation, and the frequency range is between 300KHz and 300GHz. This series of completely incomprehensible definitions is actually saying that the current and the direction change current (alternating current) between the positive and negative electrodes, the electric field generated by the current and the magnetic field generate electromagnetic waves, and the period of the electromagnetic wave fluctuation is 300,000 times. /second to 300,000,000,000 times / sec.

The main function of radiofrequency is to promote collagen regeneration. How to promote it? When radiofrequency is applied to the dermal layer of the skin tissue, the charged particles in the skin cells are displaced in the rapidly changing electromagnetic field (assuming that a ball bumps back and forth in the agitated water flow), generating heat under the impedance of the skin tissue. When the heat in the dermis accumulates to a certain extent, the existing collagen molecules contract and the fibroblasts (which are responsible for the production of collagen molecules) generate new collagen molecules. There are four main factors affecting the final effect: the highest temperature reached by the dermis, the duration of action, the skin water content, and the skin age.

Olansi RF Beauty Equipment

Eliminates wrinkles: deepens into the dermis of the skin, improves skin relaxation, diminishes crow’s feet, and lines

Lifting and tightening: Collagen regeneration, repairing aging collagen layer, tightening loose skin and improving skin firmness

Brighten skin tone: promotes adequate cells, collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, break down melanin, enhance skin tone

Shrink pores: The tip cools quickly, shrinks the pores, locks in moisture, calms and soothes

Sterilization and anti-acne: Blu-ray sterilization, soothes the skin and inhibits the growth of acne

Thin face shaping: RF penetrates the epidermis to reach the fat layer, the fat is dissolved and contracted by heat, and the fat is discharged in a liquid form to achieve a thin face shaping effect.

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