Eye radio frequency beauty instrument,Facial introduction instrument,RF beauty equipment,Facial massager

Home RF beauty instrument, reliable?

Home RF beauty instrument, reliable?

Eye radio frequency beauty instrument,Facial introduction instrument,RF beauty equipment,Facial massager

First, what is RF beauty?

Radio frequency (RF) is a high-frequency alternating-current electromagnetic wave with a frequency between 300KHz and 300GHz. Radio frequency can penetrate the epidermis to the deep tissue, and the water molecules in the tissue move (rotate) and rub the heat by rapidly alternating electromagnetic fields, so that the collagen fibers are heated to about 55-65 °C, and the heat can cause immediate collagen fiber shrinkage. In addition, radio frequency-induced thermal damage can initiate skin repair and regeneration, and continue to stimulate collagen repair and regeneration, thereby improving the skin aging problem caused by collagen loss.

Simply put, when radio frequency acts on the skin, the heat generated by electromagnetic waves can heat the dermis layer. After heating, the collagen cells under the skin will shrink and tighten, and promote the regeneration of collagen cells, so that the skin can be firm, full and elastic.

Second, the classification of radio frequency

RF can be divided into unipolar RF and bipolar (multipole) RF.

Monopolar RF is currently the mainstream in the medical and beauty market.

According to the technology, it can be subdivided into:

Quasi-unipolar: high energy, direct radiation to the skin, deep penetration, pain is also strong, a single effect is significant. The patient is connected to an electrode pad to form a circuit and a cryogen cooling device is provided. Representative: The first generation of hot Maggie thermage. With the advancement and advancement of technology, the third and fourth generation of Hotmaggi, which was introduced later, has been greatly improved in terms of pain relief and safety.

Wave phase monopole: Resonance heating with water molecules greatly enhances comfort and safety. Although the wave-phase unipolar RF is suitable for deep heating, it still cannot accurately control the penetration depth. Representative: Accent Deep Blue RF.

Focused monopolar: Focus directly on the subcutaneous SMAS fascia. It breaks through the heating mode of the traditional radio frequency from the surface and the inside, and solves the problem that the effect level is shallow and the fascia layer cannot be heated. Representative: ThermoLift Hot Lati.

Bipolar (multi-pole) RF: The bipolar RF contains positive and negative electrodes. The energy is distributed between the electrodes. The depth of action is shallow, the controllability is stronger, and it is safer. It is precisely because of the limitations of bipolar RF application to home RF beauty equipment, the brands have made different improvements based on the principle of bipolar radio frequency. Therefore, many manufacturers have said that the four poles and multi-poles are actually publicity gimmicks. The technical principle of multipole is similar to N positive and negative poles working in the same interface. To put it bluntly, it is “multiple sets of bipolar”, which is built on the basis of bipolar

Third, the difference between medical and home RF instruments

In fact, the biggest difference between home RF instruments and medical RF instruments is the effect of energy. The effect of medical radio frequency is remarkable, not only can be presented by taking pictures, but others can also see obvious changes in your skin type. The effect of home RF instruments is that their subjective feelings have changed, but this change can hardly be seen from the photos, and others are hard to find.

Fourth,can medical and home RF instruments be replaced by each other?

No, but it can be combined and superimposed. The home radio frequency beauty instrument is more suitable for daily maintenance of the skin or for prolonging the maintenance effect after the medical beauty project. If your skin is aging and slack, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor.

Fifth,will household radio frequency dissolve fat?

The home radio frequency beauty instrument is a household appliance product, mainly based on the use of safety, and the power is controlled within a safe range. Moreover, the energy of the home radio frequency beauty instrument can only be applied to the dermis layer at most, and the fat is located in the deeper part of the skin, and the fat layer cannot be effectively reached and heated.

Who is not suitable for RF beauty?

  • During pregnancy or lactation;
  • A patient implanted with an electronic device such as a pacemaker;
  • The treatment site has damage, inflammation, etc.;
  • The face has a filling;
  • Patients with severe heart disease, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.

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