The air purifier is good, you can see the purification principle!

The air purifier is good, you can see the purification principle!

An online search for a search for air purifiers is not too much, all kinds of air purifiers are varied.
It is a technical activity to pick a good air purifier. A little understanding of the purification principle of the family air purifier can help us to purchase the most satisfactory air purifier.
What does China best air purifier use to purify the air?

Mechanical filtration

Generally, the particles are captured by the following four methods: direct interception, inertial collision, Brownian diffusion mechanism, screening effect, which has a good collection effect on fine particles but large wind resistance. In order to obtain high purification efficiency, the resistance of the filter is large, and the filter is filtered. The net needs to be dense, resulting in reduced life and needs to be replaced regularly, but efficient and environmentally friendly purification methods are used by best and cheap air purifiers.

High voltage electrostatic dust collection

A dust collecting method for ionizing a gas by using a high-voltage electrostatic field to electrically adsorb dust particles to an electrode, although the wind resistance is small, but the effect of trapping large particles and fibers is poor, causing discharge, and the cleaning is troublesome and time-consuming, and ozone is easily generated. Form secondary pollution.

“High-voltage electrostatic dust collection” is a way to ensure both air volume and fine particles. This is the way in which the particles are charged by a high voltage before the particles pass through the filter core so that the particles are “easy to adsorb” onto the filter element under the action of electricity.

Electrostatic electret filter

Relative mechanical filtration can only effectively remove particles larger than 10 microns, and when the particle size of the particles is divided into 5 microns, 2 microns or even sub-micron, efficient mechanical filtration systems become more expensive, and Wind resistance will increase significantly. Filtered by electrostatic electret air filter material, it can achieve high capture efficiency with low energy consumption and has the advantages of electrostatic dust removal and low wind resistance. However, it does not need an external voltage of 10,000 volts, so ozone is not generated, and Its composition is made of polypropylene, which is easy to dispose of.

Electrostatic precipitator

It can filter dust, smoke, and bacteria smaller than cells, and prevent diseases such as lung diseases and lung cancer. The most harmful to the human body in the air is dust less than 2.5 microns, which penetrates cells and enters the bloodstream. The ordinary purifier uses filter paper to filter the dust in the air, which is easy to block the filter hole. The dust not only has no sterilization effect but also easily causes secondary pollution.

Electrostatic sterilization

Using a high-voltage electrostatic field of about 6000 volts, it can instantly kill bacteria and viruses attached to dust and prevent diseases such as colds and infectious diseases. Its sterilization mechanism is to destroy the four polypeptide chains of the bacterial capsid protein and damage the RNA. However, the electrostatic series purification method is as easy to produce secondary pollution as the one described above, and the sterilization is still safe and effective with the enzyme-containing sterilization layer.

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