green air purifier,green air machine,air cleaner filter

2019 indoor air pollution status

2019 indoor air pollution status

green air purifier,green air machine,air cleaner filter

The degree of indoor air pollution decreases as the number of renovations is completed! The office is the hardest hit by air pollution, with a failure rate of up to 90%. In the measurement of scenes such as homes, offices, schools, government and financial institutions, the proportion of office air quality is the highest, reaching 90%. The pass rate of the family is 35%; the pass rate of the government and financial institutions is 20%; the pass rate of the school is 23%.

The higher the temperature, the more harmful gases are released.

The indoor air quality is related to the ambient temperature. It can be seen from the qualification rate and the ambient temperature that the pass rate has a negative correlation with the temperature increase.

Choose environmentally friendly decorative materials

The selection of materials that meet national standards and low pollution is fundamental to reducing the amount of pollutants in indoor air. Use paints, glues and coatings produced by regular manufacturers; use non-polluting or less polluting water-based materials.

Choose a reasonable decoration design and construction process

Selecting a reasonable decoration design can maximize the use of space and indoor ventilation; choosing a reasonable construction process can also effectively prevent indoor pollution sources.

Effective ventilation is a more effective technical measure to control indoor pollution

It is a key measure to reduce pollution by using indoor air purifiers and new fans that have effective effects, increasing the frequency of indoor ventilation, always maintaining good ventilation conditions, and opening windows when outdoor air is good.

At present, indoor environmental pollution is also becoming more and more serious. About 300 kinds of pollutants can be detected indoors, and about 60% of human diseases are related to air pollution.

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