Is the air purifier really right? How many purchases are most effective?

In recent years, the state supervision and random inspection and consumer associations have repeatedly conducted spot checks on the air purifiers in the market, resulting in a drop in glasses. All major brands have different products that have been named for quality problems. Friends have said that the routine is too deep! We are not allowed to enter these pits, begging the old drivers to lead the way.

Myth 1: The air quality detector on the air purifier can accurately tell us the air quality in the room.
Truth: formaldehyde and PM2.5 concentration detection is not as easy as imagined

The search for air quality detectors on the Internet, the price from tens of dollars to more than 10,000 yuan, thousands of air quality detectors. A thousand yuan air purifier has to be cleaned and tested, and reliability is questionable.

Misunderstanding 2: Just look at CADR, the higher the value, the better the effect will be.
Truth: Harvesting clean air, long-term purification is the key

Laboratory testing of CADR values, in a closed laboratory, actually takes only 20 minutes. Household air purifiers require long-term start-up, and only CADR cannot measure the capacity of the entire purifier. According to the new national standard of air purifier, it is judged whether an air purifier is of high quality, CADR, CCM, noise, energy efficiency, and one step can not be less.

Misunderstanding 3: As long as HEPA is a good filter
Truth: Different filter technologies and grades, the effect is large

Air purifier, the main core technology: filter + fan. For the dust particles of 0.1 to 0.3 micron such as PM2.5, mites, and dust, HEPA high-efficiency filters will be used. However, countries all over the world have their own standards for HEPA, and the most authoritative is the European EN1822 standard.

Misunderstanding 4: Active technology such as negative ions and electrostatic dust collection, fewer consumables, saving money and convenience
Truth: The purification efficiency of ionization technology will decrease with time of use

Although the active air purifier is free from the limitation of the fan and the filter, by releasing electrons to the air, the particles in the air are charged, hitting the filter net and being adsorbed, and some will agglomerate and fall off the ground, and the dust falling on the ground is when it is windy, because it is re-contaminated, it is simply a cure for the symptoms. And ionization technology requires ozone to be generated under high-pressure electrostatic pressure. Many brands claim to be “international ozone-free certification”, but in fact, ozone is still unavoidable, but the content is within the certification standards.

In addition, the purification efficiency of the ionization technique will decrease with the use time, and the particulate matter will not be easily released into the room when it is completely absorbed.

Myth 5: Humidifying air purifier can purify and humidify, killing two birds with one stone
Truth: Keep the air purifier away from the humidifying environment

At present, high-end air purifiers on the market are basically pure physical purifiers + catalytic purifiers, such as HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and photocatalysts (nano-sized titanium dioxide) are all afraid of humidification. Activated carbon and HEPA filter elements will absorb moisture and cause odor, which not only greatly reduces the effect, but also easily leads to the growth of bacteria and secondary pollution.

Misunderstanding 6: Negative ion purifier can remove formaldehyde
Truth: Negative ion purifiers remove formaldehyde, just comfort

Studies have shown that small particle size negative oxygen ions undergo Brownian motion under airflow, which can have excellent purification, dust removal, and disinfection, but a single performance negative ion air purifier will derivate ozone to severe haze, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC. If the carcinogen is loaded with pollutants, the simple negative ion purifier will not play any role. At present, the internationally recognized safe aldehyde removal technologies are pure physics (activated carbon, ore crystal), and chemical catalysis (nano-sized titanium dioxide).

China’s indoor air pollution is diversified, and the purchase of air purifiers is a guarantee for health. Once the air purifier purification effect is not efficient, then the selected air purifier is meaningless.

In addition, the whole family only uses one air purifier, the purification effect is also greatly discounted; therefore, the whole master suggested: want to completely remove indoor harmful gases, or the professional management of the best professional institutions, air purifiers as Auxiliary dust removal, in addition to PM2.5 is better!

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